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What do customers say about Big City Window Cleaners?

As of Apr 06, 2024, 359 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 6, 2024

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Big City Window Cleaners's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Big City Window Cleaners appears quite commendable based on recent customer reviews. The feedback uniformly highlights a high degree of professionalism, thoroughness, and quality customer service. Customers emphasize the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning crews, engaging in detailed and extensive cleaning tasks such as tackling 20 ft tall glass domes, working on solar panels, and handling interior/exterior window cleaning with completeness, including the removal, washing, and replacement of window screens. Client interactions start from the initial contact, continuing a trend of clear communication and straightforward booking processes. The company's respect for client premises and the mindfulness of their employees, notably removing shoes and wiping down surfaces without prompting, is uniquely praised, reflecting a culture of attentiveness. The uniform positive nature of the reviews suggests a strong overall customer satisfaction trend and significantly contributes to the company's favorable reputation.

Positive Feedback

Clients have a consistent appreciation for the exceptional quality of service delivered by Big City Window Cleaners. Key positive aspects highlighted in customer feedback include the professionalism and friendliness of the cleaning staff, efficient and timely service, and commitment to excellence in their cleaning work. A strong emphasis on respectful interaction with the client's environment is evident, exemplified by staff behavior such as voluntarily removing shoes. Furthermore, customers are pleased with the ease of scheduling services and clear pricing structures. The transformative effect of the cleaning service on the appearance of buildings, alongside the non-disruptive presence of the cleaning crew, even during significant community events, have also received specific commendation. The ability of the company to deliver remarkable results, as reflected in drone footage and the sparkling condition of windows and screens, is a notable point of client satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Upon review of the client feedback provided, there appear to be no explicitly stated negative aspects concerning the services of Big City Window Cleaners. All customers shared experiences that range from satisfaction to high praise, with repeated compliments on service quality, employee demeanor, and cleanliness outcomes. Due to no negative experiences being reported in the shared reviews, it is difficult to provide an objective assessment of any areas where Big City Window Cleaners may require improvement. It must be noted that the lack of criticism may be indicative of a consistent quality of service or a possible lack of reports on negative experiences among the reviewers.

Frequently asked questions about Big City Window Cleaners

What services do Big City Window Cleaners offer?

Big City Window Cleaners offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services that include interior and exterior window cleaning, glass and mirror cleaning, skylight cleaning, and maintaining solar panel systems.

How do clients describe the process of scheduling a service with Big City Window Cleaners?

Clients report that scheduling a service with Big City Window Cleaners is an easy and streamlined process with clear communication and pricing information.

Does Big City Window Cleaners accommodate special requirements, such as respectful behavior in sensitive environments?

Yes, reviewers specifically highlight that Big City Window Cleaners' staff are respectful and mindful of the environment they work in, such as removing shoes and cleaning up after the service without being prompted, making them suitable for sensitive spaces.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Big City Window Cleaners

Big City Window Cleaners
Payam Ayazi
3 years ago
Big City Window Cleaners are AMAZING!!! I don't write reviews very often but I feel that this is definitely worthy of one. I volunteer at a spiritual center in the valley and we used to struggle to keep the windows, solar panels and even the HUGE glass dome clean. So we shopped around and found Big City Window Cleaners. From the initial phone call, to email correspondence, to the cleaners themselves, we have all been super impressed! Everyone was so kind and friendly, profession and did a wonderful job! We have a big building. The dome is about 20 ft tall and about 60 ft across. They were able to do this spotlessly. They had a solid crew working around the building, some on the dome, others cleaning windows, others cleaning our 144 solar panel car port. They cleaned the tall windows all around, the 2nd story windows were cleaned inside and out, and they even removed the screens, washed and dried them and put them back. That was seriously top notch service! Lastly, we are a spiritual center. So it is imperative that whoever we have coming to do any work be mindful and respectful. Dave, Stanley and everyone else was so attentive that they took off their shoes without being asked, wiped all the surfaces and left things sparkling. All the volunteers here were really impressed with this solid crew that came and worked so well without being intrusive in any way. We had an event a couple days later at the center and we took drone footage which looked phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend Big City Window Cleaners. Thank you! Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Glass & mirror cleaning, Rooftop/skylight cleaning
Big City Window Cleaners
Geren Lockhart
a year ago
Super eazy to book. Clear communications and pricing. Wonderful extensive yet efficient service and a great value for what they do. The house looks as good as new and there are walls of windows! Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Rooftop/skylight cleaning, Window washing
Big City Window Cleaners
Dennisha Pratt
7 months ago
Alex and Geo did an amazing job! My windows have never looked better. They were kind, professional and quick. Will definitely be telling people about this company and how excellent they are! Thanks again, Alex and Geo!
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About Big City Window Cleaners

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Big City Window Cleaners is a family owned and operated window cleaning company based in Los Angeles, California. We are proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area from Brentwood to Pacific Palisades to Beverly Hills to Hollywood to Pasadena and everywhere in-between. We've been recognized for our professional staff, highly skilled technicians and outstanding customer service. Our team of experienced technicians provides window cleaning, gutter and solar panel cleaning to keep your home looking and functioning at its absolute best. All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.