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Published on
February 9, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Johnsons The Cleaners?

Based on the consumer feedback gathered, Johnsons The Cleaners displays a range of experiences that, collectively, provide a mixed view of their reputation. Customers frequently commend staff members, particularly Anisha and Kristy, for their exceptional service, responsiveness, and ability to handle urgent requests effectively. Services such as clothes pressing, passport photo taking, and dry cleaning requests, especially those requiring special attention, are often met with positive reactions, especially when expedited or handled with palpable care and patience. However, the company has also faced criticism, most notably regarding mishaps with garment care, such as ineffective stain removal, overlooked items, or damage, including missing buttons. The inconsistency in service quality, as well as the heat discomfort in store premises, suggest opportunities for improvement. The pricing is generally considered reasonable, although dissatisfaction emerges when the results do not meet expectations.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with Johnsons The Cleaners are primarily related to the staff's service quality and individual performance. Customers appreciate the swift and efficient handling of emergency situations, demonstrated by an instance of same-day clothes pressing. Personalized attention and patience from staff members, Anisha and Kristy, have made services like passport photo taking and complicated dry cleaning tasks enjoyable and successful. Kristy's proactive approach in fulfilling the service earlier than expected, even amid staff shortages, has earned praise. The friendly and helpful disposition of the staff appears to make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction, overshadowing some negative experiences.

Concerns and Threads

Various negative aspects have been noted in the customer feedback for Johnsons The Cleaners. There have been incidents of service failures, such as an inability to locate items, inadequate removal of stains, loss of garment buttons during cleaning, and the return of items with an unclean smell, all of which undermine customer trust. Additionally, customers have expressed frustration at the informality regarding care instructions, as seen in the instance of mixed lights and darks resulting in stained clothing. This points to a need for clearer communication and stricter adherence to best practices. Furthermore, environmental factors within the store, like the absence of air conditioning, have adversely affected both customers' and presumably employees' comfort.

Frequently asked questions about Johnsons The Cleaners

Can I expect same-day service for pressing or other urgent cleaning needs?

While same-day service is occasionally possible and has been successfully provided in some cases, it largely depends on the current workload and staffing. It is best to contact the store directly to inquire about the feasibility of same-day service for your item.

Does Johnsons The Cleaners provide specialized dry cleaning for items with no care label?

Yes, the company has experience handling specialized dry cleaning requests, even for items without care labels. However, discuss the item with staff in advance to ensure the appropriate care and manage expectations.

What kind of quality control measures does Johnsons The Cleaners have in place?

While reviews indicate occasional lapses in quality control, such as ineffective stain removal or garment damage, the company has shown willingness to re-attempt cleaning at no extra charge in certain instances. It remains unclear the extent of formal quality control measures, and customers are encouraged to provide detailed instructions and discuss concerns with staff beforehand.

What are customers saying about Johnsons The Cleaners

Johnsons The Cleaners
Phoebe Moore
3 months ago
Had a dress emergency and needed it pressing on the same day , it was finished by lunchtime after I brought it in at 8:30… really pleased that they made time to fit it in for me and the result is great! Thank you so much ! Service: Clothes pressing
Johnsons The Cleaners
aya sh
a month ago
Amazing service from Anisha , made sure my passport pictures meets the standard requirement and was super nice and patient with me to get the perfect shot l!
Johnsons The Cleaners
7 months ago
Took a Blazer for a dry cleaning. The first time that I went to collect it, the person working there couldn't find it so she ask me to come to collect it another day. I went 3 days later and the blazer had the exact same stains like it hasn't been cleaned so the woman working there told me that they could try clean it "again". I went to collect it 2 days ago and the blazer looked more cleaning, the stains where still there but a little more faded and 3 buttons of the sleeve missing. Almost a month since I left the blazer there and now it is worst that it was before.
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