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What do customers say about Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners?

As of Jan 14, 2024, 544 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 14, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the reviews for Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners reveals a generally favorable reputation, underscored by customer experiences that illustrate the company's proficiency in tailoring and cleaning services. The feedback frequently praises the craftsmanship of alterations, particularly for individuals with unique body shapes, where off-the-rack clothing often fails to fit well. Customers have highlighted the business's ability to handle complex alterations, including slimming down jackets and shirts, and adept handling of different materials. The dry cleaning services are lauded for delivering items that look refreshed and pristine, meeting, if not exceeding, customer expectations. However, a noteworthy point of dissatisfaction among a few reviews relates to customer service issues, particularly around punctuality and responsiveness to unexpected events, which negatively impact the convenience and overall customer experience.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners is indicative of their highly regarded alteration services, with customers reporting great satisfaction with the fit and look of their adjusted garments. The business appears to possess a significant level of skill in tailoring, managing to deliver a tailored fit for various clothing items, from casual jeans to formal wear. In addition, the dry cleaning services provided by the company have consistently achieved results that impress customers, with items returned in an exceptionally clean and rejuvenated state. Patrons are appreciative of the efficient service and swift turnaround times, recognizing the company as a reliable choice for both routine and urgent cleaning and alteration needs.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of the customer feedback for Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners center around customer service issues related to reliability and communication. Specifically, an incident involving a significant delay and poor handling of a dress collection showcased potential gaps in the company's commitment to service. Despite the high-quality alterations and cleaning capabilities, these isolated experiences with inconvenient and inconsiderate responses to customer predicaments reflect an area for improvement in terms of operational execution and maintaining trust with clients.

Frequently asked questions about Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners

Can Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners handle complex alterations for unique body shapes?

Yes, reviewers have consistently praised Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners for their ability to perform intricate alterations, especially for customers with athletic or unique body shapes. They can adjust various clothing items including jackets, shirts, and overcoats to fit well.

Is the turnaround time for dry cleaning and alterations services at Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners fast?

Yes, many customers have noted the fast and efficient service provided by Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners, often highlighting their ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver cleaned or altered items promptly.

Has there been any feedback regarding the customer service at Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners?

While many reviews are positive, there have been instances where customers expressed disappointment with the punctuality and responsiveness, especially in situations requiring coordination for pick-up and delivery. However, these seem to be less common compared to the overarching positive experiences.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners

Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners
Paul Chelarescu
2 months ago
After more than a dozen jackets, a dozen coats and half a dozen shirts, this has been an incredible alteration service for my wardrobe. I have an athletic body with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, off the rack nearly never fits me well so I need to alter almost everything I buy. I've had my suit jackets taken in from the side seams and the back seam, sleeves slimmed and shortened (from the shoulder seam nonetheless) and had upper back seam crease removal (after slimming down a coat very much, there is a crease forming on the top which requires the entire shoulder to be taken apart to remove). I've had this done on jackets with both full lining and half lining, the latter being more difficult because of the lack of slack given by the extra seam delineating the half lining. After a jacket couldn't be slimmed further, I've even had its pair of buttons moved slightly and seamlessly more inward to create a more snug fit on the waist. For my overcoats I've had slimming done on wool, with and without lining. I've had my sleeves slimmed on a few as well. My shirts received slimming on the side seams and darts made on the back to further create a more tapered look. All in all, incredible craftsmanship, given that I've had to take in quite a bit of material from all of these. My measurements are a 39 inch chest and a 30 inch waist, most clothing made for my chest assumes I have a 36-38 inch chest, meaning there is nearly always 6-8 extra inches of material on my waist. Proper fitting of clothes means that you should have 4 inches of extra material on your waist on shirts and about 6 inches on jackets and coats. When a coat made for a 39 inch chest has 42 inches of material on its chest but 38 inches of material on its waist and you have a waist like mine, you're going to end up looking baggy. Alterations are a must in that case and I've found Diamond's service to be reliable and well crafted.
Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners
Паулина Прилуцкая
2 months ago
I recently used the dry cleaning service for my shoes, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. The staff was friendly and professional, and my shoes came back looking brand new. The attention to detail and the quality of the cleaning exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this dry cleaning service for anyone looking to restore the shine and cleanliness of their shoes. Thank you for a fantastic job!
Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners
2 months ago
I am extremely shocked and disappointed by the service I have received from Diamond Tailors and Dry Cleaners. My item was ready to collect so I made my way to the shop on Friday morning (1 hour journey) to arrive at their opening time of 8am to discover that no one was there and the shutters were down. I waited 15 minutes, I tired calling and emailing with no response and then had to leave as I was starting work at 9am and was going to be late. I spent over two hours going there and back and was not able to collect my wedding dress. I spoke to them on the phone at 8.30am and expressed how upset I was and they said they were stuck in traffic and would email me to arrange a home delivery. I then received an email at 9.21am asking me to come back and collect the dress at a "convenient time"!? (I had already gone at my only convenient time and spent hours doing so). As a courtesy, they should have offered a complimentary delivery to my home address for the inconvenience caused but even after politely asking for this, they said no. My fiancé then had to go and pick up the wedding dress and bring it back home which was hugely inconvenient for him. Considering I already spent £200 for this service I really expected more from them - I understand it is not their fault if they are stuck in unexpected traffic but it is also not my fault either and customer service should come first. I would advise that you look elsewhere for dry cleaning and alterations as the way they treat their customers is a disgrace and I sincerely hope that no one else has the same awful experience that I have had. Service: Special care fabric cleaning
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Diamond Tailors & Dry Cleaners (Diamond TDC) is a family-run business established in 1999. Quality is the main focus at Diamond TDC. We take great care of all items handed over to us and we maintain the value of your garments. Being family-run ensures that quality is always the main focus. All services are carried out on the premises and items are not passed on to other unknown dry cleaners or tailors, which ensures that all items are treated with care at all times.