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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

What do customers think about John Moore Services?

Analyses of recent customer reviews reveal that John Moore Services has cultivated a strong reputation for timely and professional service. Technicians like Jonathan and Jose demonstrate efficiency and expertise, addressing issues quickly and thoroughly. Clients commend the prompt scheduling, which accommodates their work commitments, indicating a high level of customer care and customization of service. The response to urgent and diverse problems, including plumbing and pest control, suggests a wide-ranging proficiency within the company. However, there is a significant discrepancy in pricing for services, as highlighted by a review citing a steep bid for electrical work. This inconsistency in pricing, compared to competitors, casts a shadow on the overall company image, prompting customers to advise others to seek multiple estimates to ensure fair pricing.

Positive Feedback

John Moore Services is noted for its timely and efficient service, with technicians often arriving promptly to resolve issues swiftly. Customers appreciate the professional demeanor and knowledge displayed by the service providers, particularly technicians like Jonathan and Jose, who receive explicit praise for their workmanship and ability to provide comprehensive evaluations. Convenience is a strong suit for John Moore Services, with clients mentioning the flexibility in scheduling and swift response times that minimize the disruption to their daily lives. Repeat customers expressed loyalty stemming from consistently positive experiences, and there is strong advocacy for recommending their services to others.

Concerns and Threads

A critical area of concern for John Moore Services is the aspect of pricing. In the reviews compiled, there is a stark disparity highlighted in a review that complained about an electrical work bid being significantly higher than competitors'. The quoted price of $30,000 was notably steep in comparison to other bids ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, which reflected poorly on the company's pricing transparency and value proposition. The experience left the customer advising others to seek multiple estimates, suggesting that while work quality may be satisfactory, the pricing strategy could lead to loss of trust and potential customers. This dissatisfaction may influence the company’s reputation negatively, as prospective clients could become wary of overpaying for services.

Frequently asked questions about John Moore Services

How prompt is John Moore Services in responding to service calls?

John Moore Services is known for its prompt response to service calls, with some customers reporting technicians arriving in less than an hour to address their issues, and often accommodating scheduling around clients' commitments.

Do technicians from John Moore Services provide comprehensive evaluations and explain the work to customers?

Yes, customers have reported that technicians from John Moore Services offer comprehensive evaluations and are knowledgeable, discussing options thoroughly and explaining the issues and process in detail.

Is there a risk of overpaying for services with John Moore Services?

Some reviews suggest that there might be a risk of overpaying for certain services. It is recommended to obtain multiple bids for significant work to ensure the pricing is competitive and fair.

What are customers saying about John Moore Services

John Moore Services
Paige Coleman-Rodriguez
a month ago
Johnathan was efficient and professional. Quickly highlighted potential issues (common shut off valve being the main one), had the water back on in under 10 minutes, mopped up the water caused when a neighbor stopped him to complain (!) installed 2 new inlet valves, replaced the outside pipe insulation and texted me the photo so I can let the management company know it needs replacing. He literally ran to get the job done.
John Moore Services
Victoria Jezic
a week ago
John Moore has come to my rescue twice this week and were timely, professional and fairly priced. I called another large Houston company and after two days of waiting, I decided to give John Moore a call. They came out immediately and fixed the issue the next day. When I had another plumbing problem a few days later they came out in less than an hour and fixed that issue. I will forever be a loyal customer.
John Moore Services
Phillip Anz-Meador
a week ago
Prompt, comprehensive evaluation provided. Options were identified and discussed thoroughly. Action was scheduled around work schedule. Overall great experience. Jose did an outstanding job. Knowledgeable both generally (pest control) and specifically (our house, penetrations, signs of infestation, squirrel damage, etc.).
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