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Published on
January 30, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Jeeves?

Jeeves New York has established a robust reputation for quality, detail-oriented cleaning, and restoration services. Numerous reviews praised their exceptional handling of high-end garments and difficult stain removals, highlighting their proficiency with materials such as silks, cashmeres, and delicate wedding dresses. Their bespoke approach to each task is repeatedly mentioned, with specific commendation for their ability to revive vintage items to their original luster. The depth of knowledge and educational resources offered by Jeeves, especially through platforms like Instagram, adds a layer of value that customers appreciate. Trustworthiness and the willingness to stand behind their work is a recurring theme, aiding in cultivating customer loyalty and respect. However, this high level of service comes at a premium cost, which is noted across the feedback. The price point is often justified by customers due to the specialized care and successful outcomes.

Positive Feedback

Analyzing customer feedback reveals several compelling positive aspects of Jeeves New York. Chief amongst these are their exceptional service quality and attention to detail. Customers report that high-value items and luxury garments are handled with utmost care, bringing life back to delicate fabrics and removing tough stains that other cleaners could not. They are also recognized for their prompt and effective tailoring services. The professional and friendly attitude of the staff contributes significantly to a satisfactory customer experience. Complementing the practical services, Jeeves is commended for its outreach efforts, providing valuable education through social media and articles. The consistency of supreme service over several decades, from their time in London to their current presence in New York, underscores their long-standing commitment to excellence.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many accolades, Jeeves New York's service comes with a notable downside: cost. The premium pricing is a central concern for customers, though it often seems to align with the quality of service provided. Another potential issue is the time constraint for certain services. In one instance, the stain removal process exceeded the customer's available timeframe, albeit Jeeves managed to address it more quickly than initially promised. Despite the high prices and occasional timing challenges, the lack of substantial complaints underscores the company's ability to meet - or exceed - expectations on most fronts, leading to a paucity of negative feedback.

Frequently asked questions about Jeeves

Are the cleaning services at Jeeves New York suitable for luxury and high-end garments?

Yes, Jeeves New York specializes in handling luxury and high-end garments, with specific expertise in cleaning and restoring delicate fabrics such as silks, cashmeres, and wedding gowns.

Is Jeeves New York more expensive than other cleaning services?

Jeeves New York is known for premium pricing. Customers identify it as a high-cost service provider, which is often justified by the specialized care and successful outcomes they deliver, particularly for valuable items that require expert handling.

Does Jeeves New York offer any educational resources or guidance on garment care?

Yes, in addition to their cleaning services, Jeeves New York provides educational content through various platforms, such as Instagram and blog articles, offering advice on stain removal, detergents, and overall garment care.

What are customers saying about Jeeves

Kurt Flamer-Caldera
4 days ago
You can tell the character of a business by how they handle a situation that doesn't go as perfectly as expected. Jeeves stood behind their work 100% and made it right in the end. I have great respect for that and appreciate their honesty and honor. Oh, and they are fabulous cleaners! They made my original Eames Compact sofa look like it did in the 50s!
Austin Oliver
7 months ago
If you, like me, are new to owning high-end clothing and have been searching for someone to take care of it, look no further. In short, I am astounded by the quality of the work done by the team here at Jeeves. I’ve had countless pieces ruined by standard dry cleaners who don’t know how to properly clean delicate fabrics such as silks and cashmeres from Giorgio Armani, etc. Beyond standard cleanings, they have also been able to remove stains I never expected to get out! While it may be hard to tell from the quality of this photo, They were able to make this discolored Dior shirt look brand new again! I am beyond impressed and grateful! I wouldn’t consider bringing my garments anywhere else! Service: Special care fabric cleaning
Dylan Leitner
6 months ago
I had a great experience at Jeeves. I needed my suit fitted and tailored for a wedding and waited last minute to look into this. After arriving, the staff was extremely helpful and the entire process took 15-20 minutes. The owner came over and offered his expertise. The results were great and I was so happy with how the suit turned out.
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Established in London over fifty years ago, we are renowned for delivering the finest dry cleaning, laundry, alteration and restoration services in New York and internationally. Exacting quality, peerless services and reducing environmental impact at the heart of our philosophy. We have one Manhattan location, with complimentary pick-up and delivery service covering most of Manhattan, select locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Northern New Jersey.