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March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Jared?

Jared has established a reputation for excellent customer service and professionalism as evinced by recent customer reviews. The store consistently receives praise for its knowledgeable and helpful staff, with several specific employees like Jeremy, Derek, Diego, and Robert (Uncle Bob) mentioned by name for their outstanding service. Customers have highlighted their positive experiences during significant purchase occasions, such as engagement ring selection and customization, as well as during routine services like watch repair and jewelry cleaning. The staff’s ability to connect with clients on a personal level and the added value of recommendations for third-party services when needed were particularly noted. Additionally, Jared’s willingness to provide services for items not originally purchased at their stores and the offer of lifetime warranties have also contributed to the positive perception of the brand. Overall, customers seem to leave the store feeling satisfied and cared for, which suggests a strong customer-centric culture within Jared.

Positive Feedback

The reviews portray Jared as a preferred destination for jewelry purchases and repairs, thanks to the store's dedication to customer satisfaction and exceptional service. Customers celebrate employees like Jeremy, Derek, and Robert, who exhibit friendliness, expertise, and efficiency, enhancing the shopping experience. The creation of custom engagement rings, in particular, receives considerable praise, with jewelers praised for their craftsmanship, thorough updates, and willingness to see customers as people rather than transactions. The store's accommodating nature, even towards non-Jared purchased items, along with the offer of lifetime warranties, reinforces the sense of trust and reliability. The actions of personnel who go above and beyond, such as making referrals to specialized services, attest to Jared's commitment to customer needs. Furthermore, the personal engagement and supportive roles played by staff, including those in sales support like Luis, suggests that Jared values personalized customer interaction, which leaves a lasting and positive impact.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, some minor areas for improvement can be inferred from the reviews. While the reviews largely lacked direct criticism, there is an implicit suggestion that the impressive service provided by certain staff members should be the standard across the entire company. The high praise for individuals like Luis, who was not in a primary sales role, suggests that customers may find varying levels of engagement and service throughout their shopping experience. This reveals an opportunity for Jared to ensure consistency in training and customer service standards, to ensure all employees perform at the same high level as the lauded individuals. Moreover, the need for referral to external services for tasks like specialized engraving indicates that Jared might enhance its own range of services to offer a more comprehensive in-house experience, thus reducing the need for customers to seek assistance elsewhere.

Frequently asked questions about Jared

Can Jared staff create custom-designed engagement rings?

Yes, Jared staff can assist with creating custom-designed engagement rings. Customer reviews highly praise this service, noting the helpfulness and craftsmanship of the jewelers.

Will Jared provide services for jewelry items not originally purchased from their stores?

Yes, Jared offers services for jewelry items not originally purchased from their stores. They are known to be accommodating and even offer lifetime warranties on repairs for such items.

Are there any services that Jared does not offer in-house?

While Jared provides a wide range of in-house services, certain specialized tasks like some engraving work may need to be referred to external service providers. However, staff is typically able to recommend reliable third-party services for these needs.

What are customers saying about Jared

Lizza Kulcar
5 months ago
Jared at memorial is my favorite store and has the best customer service. I have been shopping at Jared’s since 2012 and I have never had any issues. I recommend asking for Jeremy, he is awesome and always so friendly. Every time we shop there we leave happy and satisfied 🙂.
Jeremy S.
7 months ago
Derek and Diego were the jewelers for me and my fiancée! They were incredibly helpful throughout the process of creating a custom engagement ring for my fiancée and have done beautifully! Derek was so friendly and was prompt in giving me updates on the process of the ring and really simplified the process. He made us feel like people! And Diego did a masterful work with the engagement ring! I will most definitely be recommending them to my peers and coworkers looking for engagement rings at Jared's!
Jared Mills
a month ago
Robert at the service desk (known as Uncle Bob) did an amazing job reshaping my wife’s ring that was bent I thought it was scrapped. Then he cleaned it to a point where it was better than knew..in about 2 minutes I was in and out. Heck of a dude with a smile on his face and a great handshake! You need jewelry fixed, go see Uncle Bob!!!
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