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What do customers say about Hillside Veterinary Clinic?

As of Apr 01, 2024, 1835 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Hillside Veterinary Clinic's customer reviews analysis

Hillside Veterinary Clinic appears to have a robust reputation built on compassionate, attentive, and professional care, particularly in urgent situations. Most customers express heartfelt gratitude for the care given to their pets during emergency visits, highlighting the staff's kindness and the high quality of veterinary services provided. References to genuine concern, informative communication, and emotional support are recurrent in the positive reviews. Despite these strong endorsements, there is an indication of recent challenges related to service consistency with mention of a decline in overall service and the departure of veteran staff members. A few customers have voiced dissatisfaction with diagnostic oversights and administrative decisions that affected the continuity of care for their pets.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Hillside Veterinary Clinic frequently emphasizes the clinic's compassionate approach and exceptional emergency care. Several reviewers have praised the staff's ability to address health crises with empathy and professionalism. The clinic's round-the-clock availability and their willingness to go above and beyond in customer service, such as providing detailed recovery instructions and timely follow-up calls, receive specific appreciation. The emotional support offered to pet owners during challenging times is highly regarded, as is the staff's dedication to treating each pet with individualized care as though they were their own.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, Hillside Veterinary Clinic has received criticism pertaining to service inconsistencies and perceived diagnostic inaccuracies. Some customers have recounted experiences where the clinic's service was described as declining over time, coupled with the loss of longstanding, trusted veterinarians. This led at least one client to seek veterinary care elsewhere. Additionally, a critical lapse in diagnosis was reported by a pet owner whose cat was misdiagnosed as overweight due to tapeworms when, in fact, the cat was pregnant. Such instances have marred the clinic's otherwise strong reputation and have raised concerns about the clinic's current quality of care and attention to detail.

Frequently asked questions about Hillside Veterinary Clinic

Is Hillside Veterinary Clinic available for emergency pet care?

Yes, Hillside Veterinary Clinic offers emergency services and is open 24/7 to handle urgent care needs for your pets.

How do clients rate the staff's communication and compassion at Hillside Veterinary Clinic?

Clients frequently praise the staff's effective communication and compassion. Many reviews highlight the detail and care with which information is provided to pet owners, as well as the emotional support offered during difficult visits.

Have there been any recent concerns about the quality of care at Hillside Veterinary Clinic?

Some recent reviews have indicated a decline in the quality of service and a departure of long-time veterinarians. There are also isolated reports of diagnostic oversights. However, these concerns are relatively few compared to the overall positive feedback.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hillside Veterinary Clinic

Hillside Veterinary Clinic
Mary Lutz
a month ago
Dr. Matricardi, Brianna and all the staff at Hillside took great care on a Sunday night when my sweet pup ingested inappropriate substance. Little did they know we were also dealing with a death in the family and other issues. They took good care of our pup (now fully recovered). Their kindness and compassion is beyond appreciated!
Hillside Veterinary Clinic
Mayan Meza tovar
5 days ago
Took our pup in late due to a broken tooth and the care we received was beyond our wildest dreams. From the check in, examination, and procedure, the staff made sure we were fully informed about prices, and answered all of our questions judge free. Kristi was especially helpful with ensuring our pup was as comfortable as possible and explained in detail steps to ensure a speedy recovery. Will absolutely return.
Hillside Veterinary Clinic
Crystal Fuller
2 months ago
Just got home from a late evening emergency visit with my pit mix, Nebula. It was so scary and I was so worried; I had never seen her get sick like this is 5yrs. Staff was so so kind and compassionate with Nebula and I both. I will be forever thankful to y'alls night staff, thank you thank you thank you (pic of Nebula and her best friend, Clementine just because)
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About Hillside Veterinary Clinic

Hillside Veterinary Clinic is a full-service companion animal hospital providing a broad spectrum of treatments and procedures. Its entire staff is committed to superior veterinary care throughout the life of your pet and quality client satisfaction to you, the pet owner. Our entire team of professionals is grounded in the belief of preventive care in order to avoid disease, or early detection and diagnosis. Our veterinarians and staff strive to offer not only sound medical advice, but animal education as well.