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What do customers say about Hero Locksmith?

As of Apr 15, 2024, 193 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 15, 2024

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Hero Locksmith's customer reviews analysis

Hero Locksmith, spearheaded by Richard, has established a commendable reputation based on the recent customer reviews. These reviews consistently praise the company's responsive emergency services as well as routine appointment availability. Richard, the primary locksmith mentioned, is repeatedly lauded for his promptness, effectiveness, and reasonable pricing. His interactions aren't just transactional but seem to embody a genuine concern for the customers' circumstances, reflected in personal anecdotes of his friendliness and willingness to engage in informative conversation. The recurring narrative in the reviews centers around the technical skill, the trustworthiness, and the user-friendly nature of the service. Customers feel reassured by their choice due to Hero Locksmith’s certification and public endorsement by initiatives such as Edinburgh Council's 'Trusted Trader'. There's also an evident pattern in customers sharing their experiences right after service delivery, indicating high satisfaction levels that prompt immediate positive feedback.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of customer feedback for Hero Locksmith pivot around three key elements: rapid and efficient service, customer-centric approach, and transparent pricing. The speed at which Richard responds to emergencies, often arriving within hours and sometimes minutes, is crucial in fostering customer trust and relieving stress. This timely service is complemented by his affable nature, where he not only resolves the issue at hand but goes the extra mile in engaging with customers, such as chatting with a client's husband or allowing a child to assist in the task, further personalizing the experience. The transparency in pricing is also a notable positive, where Richard breaks down costs and options upfront, ensuring customers are informed and satisfied with the value for the service they receive. Hero Locksmith's vast five-star reviews suggest that the company consistently delivers a high-quality customer experience across different scenarios.

Concerns and Threads

Upon review of the customer feedback provided, there appears to be an absence of explicit negative experiences or dissatisfaction among the clients of Hero Locksmith. While this could speak to the quality of service being rendered, it should be noted that the absence of negative comments does not necessarily signify that all customer experiences are without issues. Customers might be less inclined to publish their grievances online or may have resolved any issues directly with the company. Nonetheless, the provided data does not present any specific aspects of customer feedback that criticize or highlight deficiencies in the service provided by Hero Locksmith.

Frequently asked questions about Hero Locksmith

How quickly can I expect Hero Locksmith to respond to an emergency callout?

Based on customer reviews, Hero Locksmith, operated by Richard, has a reputation for extremely rapid response to emergency situations, oftentimes arriving within a couple of hours and in some cases in as little as 30 minutes.

Does Hero Locksmith provide transparent pricing and value for their services?

Yes, customers report that Richard from Hero Locksmith is upfront about the costs involved. He explains the available options and their respective prices, ensuring that customers are well-informed and receive good value for their money.

Is Hero Locksmith recognized by any official trade or government bodies?

Hero Locksmith is listed on the Edinburgh Council's 'Trusted Trader' initiative, which requires vetting and extensive checks, providing customers with an additional layer of confidence in the trustworthiness and credibility of their services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Hero Locksmith

Hero Locksmith
kathleen temple
2 months ago
Called Hero Locksmith and Richard came the same morning and fixed two doors for me at a very reasonable price . He explained everything he did and I was delighted with the service . He is a lovely person and chatted away to my husband who is wheelchair bound after a stroke . Highly recommend.
Hero Locksmith
Kirsty Ann Mary McAdam
3 months ago
Richard responded straight away to emergency and was there within a couple of hours. The job was quick and efficient and a very good price for same day call out. The cat was so happy to see me and be rescued from certain starvation! (3 hours without food).
Hero Locksmith
Kathy Muir
6 years ago
Looking on Edinburgh Council's website I came across 'Trusted Trader' (Edinburgh.gov.uk/trustedtrader). This is a great initiative that seeks to increase our confidence around selecting tradesmen. All those listed are vetoed and undergo extensive checks. It was here I discovered Hero Locksmith. Clicking on their website I was pleasantly surprised: Up to date, with regular blogs about new standards, educational aspects and new initiatives. I called Hero Locksmith and spoke to Richard. I liked his friendliness and openness. Although Hero Locksmiths deals with emergencies night or day, they offer regular appointments. The next day I had a visit. Richard not only checked my balcony lock but also advised on my main front door being out of scope for home insurance (the lock is very old). He also noticed that our main external door (this is a house converted into 3 flats) had screws loose, was rattling and would at some point come off. He was right. Aside from his obvious skill as a certified locksmith, he is friendly, engaging and an all round nice person you feel comfortable welcoming into your home. Having moved back to Edinburgh after many years overseas, I wanted to build up a network of tradesmen. Hero Locksmith is top of the list.
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About Hero Locksmith

I am a local locksmith, working in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. As a fully trained locksmith, I am an expert in all kinds of locks and door mechanisms, so when you call me I can usually give you a pretty accurate price for the whole job over the phone and you won't be left guessing until I arrive at your property. Unlike large national locksmiths I am a sole trader which means I have very low overheads. This allows me to offer my customers very low prices (plus I don't charge a call out fee or VAT). However, my reputation as an honest, fair locksmith is very important to me, so I will never cut corners by fitting cheap locks. I only ever fit good quality tried and tested locks that I know are up to the job.