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What do customers say about 1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds?

As of Mar 02, 2024, 367 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the customer reviews for 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds reveals a positive reputation for the company, underscored by repeat patronage and strong recommendations. The testimonials consistently highlight Ben's punctuality, reliability, expertise in the field, and the transparent way he conducts business. Customers appreciate being guided through the service process as Ben explains the work comprehensively. Feedback suggests that the company offers fair pricing and doesn't pressure the clientele towards more expensive options. Instead, Ben presents various solutions and allows customers to make informed decisions. Additionally, tidiness and attention to detail, such as matching hardware colors and cleaning up post-service, contribute to customer satisfaction. The provision of free additional services, such as advice on key protection and lock maintenance, is also mentioned as a valued bonus.

Positive Feedback

1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds is synonmous with reliability and professionalism. Customers repeatedly commend Ben for his punctual arrival and informative approach to service delivery. They note his ability to communicate effectively, breaking down complex issues and ensuring clients understand the scope of work. The reviews speak to Ben's adherence to providing an honest assessment of the situation, offering cost-effective alternatives alongside more permanent solutions. Notably, there's an emphasis on the professionalism and politeness of the staff, the efficiency of the service rendered, and satisfaction with the end results. Personal touches, such as fixing related issues without additional charges and ensuring aesthetic consistency in hardware, echo the company's commitment to going above and beyond for their clients.

Concerns and Threads

While negative experiences with 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds are not readily apparent from the recent reviews provided, it is essential to note the absence of criticism does not necessarily equate to a flawless record of service. However, without explicit customer feedback detailing negative aspects, an objective analysis is not possible from the current dataset. If any negative trends or concerns were present, recognizing and addressing such feedback would be crucial for the ongoing improvement and trust in the company's services.

Frequently asked questions about 1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds

Can I trust 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds for urgent locksmith needs?

Based on reviews, the company is praised for its swift response to call outs, with same-day replacements often being possible, implying reliability for urgent needs.

Does 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds offer transparent pricing?

Yes, customers consistently report upfront communication about costs, with Ben providing ballpark figures in advance and discussing different price options for repairs.

Will I be educated about my lock issues and maintenance by the locksmith?

Certainly, as per client feedback, Ben is noted for explaining problems in detail and advising on future lock care, indicating a commitment to customer empowerment.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for 1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds

1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds
Vicky Hardwick
a week ago
I am a returning customer. I have always found Ben to be reliable, honest & his costs are very reasonable. He takes you through every step of the job & answers all questions you may have.I wouldn’t use any other company & can’t recommend him highly enough!
1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds
3 weeks ago
Called up on Monday as our backdoor had completely stopped opening/unlocking. Ben advised he could be over the next evening and gave us a ballpark figure of the cost. Ben arrived the next day bang on time, fixed our door up and advised us on what he'd fixed and what we could do in future to improve the lock. Super helpful, super friendly and extremely efficient. Would absolutely recommend. Cheers!
1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds
Sharon McLean
4 months ago
Fantastic service from start to finish. Ben was very polite , friendly and very experienced in his work.Having been unable to lock and unlock my door,Ben explained the problem and sorted it out in no time! Would recommend 100% and would definitely use his services again.
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About 1St Defence Locksmiths Leeds


1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds are a family run locksmith company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We have over 15 years experience in the locksmith industry. This means we are one of the most experienced locksmith companys in Leeds. In this time we have served thousands of customers across the city of Leeds.1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds is built on old fashioned values, we are an honest, reliable and punctual locksmith company. This really shines through in our exceptional reviews both on Google and all across the Web. Customer satisfaction is our number one aim and we strive for perfection with every job we carry out. We have no call out fee and we don't charge VAT, making us exceptional value for money when compared to competitors.