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Published on
January 28, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Grind?

Grind has solidified its reputation for excellent coffee and food offerings, while customer service has, for the most part, received high praise, particularly noted through individuals like Roda and Deniz who were mentioned for their exceptional service. The atmosphere within Grind's London locations is often described as vibrant, and the bar area comes recommended for its high-quality espresso martinis and overall chill environment. Nonetheless, there was a mention of some experiences tainted by nearby construction noise, suggesting situational disruptions beyond the company's immediate control. Concerns were raised regarding the high prices, especially when reflected against the overall value offered during what some patrons expected to be standard dining experiences. Service received mixed reviews, with highlights on friendly and accommodating staff, yet at times overshadowed by reports of overwhelmed servers and a perceived lack of organization during peak hours.

Positive Feedback

Positive customers' experiences at Grind are frequently associated with the high-quality beverages, particularly coffee and espresso martinis, lauded for their superior taste. The food receives similar acclaims, with specific mentions of delectable breakfast dishes like the sweet potato hash, mushrooms, and breakfast burrito. Customers are also fond of Grind’s location convenience, particularly its proximity to tube stations, endorsing ease of access. The service staff like Roda and Deniz earn high marks for friendliness and accommodating non-menu requests, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that encourages loyalty and repeat visits over several years. The ambiance and interior design of the spaces contribute to an enjoyable dining experience, highlighted by the 'fun atmosphere' and 'super chill' setting.

Concerns and Threads

Customer critiques primarily focus on the pricing structure, which some feel is too high for the value received, and this is exacerbated by additional service charges that are seen as excessive. The noisy and polluted surroundings due to external construction work around the Old Street location can significantly detract from the ambiance and, consequently, the overall dining experience. Additionally, service consistency appears to suffer during busy periods; customers report delays in receiving items like cutlery and extra plates, indicative of staff being overwhelmed and a need for improved service organization. Although there are some concerns with unfriendly service, these seem to be less common and may represent isolated incidents rather than a trend.

Frequently asked questions about Grind

Are there options for customizing food orders at Grind?

Grind does offer customization for orders, but some pre-made items like the breakfast burrito might be harder to personalize. However, staff have been noted to be accommodating, so it is recommended to ask and see if they can meet your preferences.

Is there outdoor seating available, and is it affected by nearby construction?

Outdoor seating is available at Grind, with many customers enjoying the option to dine outside, especially during sunny weather. However, patrons should note that, particularly at the Old Street location, ongoing roundabout works can cause noise and pollution that might affect the outdoor dining experience.

What are the peak hours at Grind, and is it necessary to queue?

Peak hours typically result in busy periods for Grind, where customers can expect to queue. Planning your visit outside these times, if possible, or being prepared for a short wait during busy periods, is advisable.

What are customers saying about Grind

Zairah Khurshid
a month ago
Great coffee and food. I’ve loved this place since I moved here 10 years ago but what was exceptional was the service from our waitress Roda who was incredibly kind, friendly and attentive when we needed to customize our orders. She’s probably the best server I’ve ever had- she made our visit on this occasion extra special :) I would highly recommend the grilled cheese, I had the breakfast burrito which was also delicious but it was premade so hard to customize. It gets busy at peak hours so expect to queue. Hope to come back soon and try more things on the menu!
a month ago
Had an hour to kill in the early evening so popped in for a drink. Good atmosphere inside with lots of people enjoying great looking cocktails. We ended up sitting under a head lamp outside and had delicious hot chocolate with complimentary nibbles to snack on. The person serving us was very friendly and it was a lovely, if somewhat quirky, visit.
Ouija Bournemouth
4 months ago
Really good experience! Coffee is good food is amazing and it's literally outside the tube station! They staff super friendly they even fill our refillable water bottles for our day ahead. 5 stars all round!
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