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As of Apr 25, 2024, 628 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

food truly exceeded my expectation

food and the service is impeccable

excellent and friendly experience

food has been consistently excellent

Amazing latte

Brunch was nice

food was excellent

struggled with space

didn't really work for me

disappointed with our visit

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April 25, 2024

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House Of Koko's customer reviews analysis

House of Koko - Chapel Allerton receives largely positive reviews, which indicate a strong overall reputation within the community. Customers consistently praise the quality of food, with particular acclaim for unique offerings like Turkish eggs and notably high-quality coffee. The establishment is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere and appealing ambience. However, there are mentions of operational challenges during peak times, such as longer waits for seating and service, and instances of mixed-up orders. These points of contention, while relatively minor, highlight areas where the customer experience may be improved. The range of responses suggests that while House of Koko excels in its culinary offerings and creates a positive environment, attention to customer service and order accuracy will be beneficial.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects noted in customer feedback for House of Koko - Chapel Allerton include the quality and uniqueness of the menu items, with specific praise for dishes such as Turkish eggs and fluffy sourdough bread. The coffee, described as first-class, is also highlighted by self-professed 'coffee snobs', suggesting that the establishment is a hit among discerning coffee drinkers. Additionally, the welcoming environment, credited with having a cool and chilled out ambience, and the inviting decor, contribute to the positive impressions held by customers. Patrons also value the dog-friendly attitude, illustrating the cafe's inclusivity and consideration for a variety of customers' needs.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive outlook, customer feedback for House of Koko - Chapel Allerton reveals some areas of criticism. Some customers have experienced operational issues such as crowdedness leading to seating delays, and table size inadequacies impacting their dining comfort. A few reviews mention problems with order accuracy, such as an incorrect milk choice in coffee and cold main dishes following soup servings. Additionally, lengthy waits for service, particularly for takeaway orders, and responses to customer feedback, perceived as less than hospitable, were also noted. Furthermore, the quality of some dishes, like overcooked eggs with a strong taste of vinegar, and inconsistent meal presentation, have also been subjects of discontent.

Frequently asked questions about House Of Koko

Is House of Koko suitable for customers with dietary restrictions?

While specific dietary options are not explicitly mentioned in the reviews, the variety in the menu such as offering Turkish eggs and oat milk for coffee suggests that House of Koko may cater to certain dietary needs. It is recommended to inquire directly with the cafe for detailed dietary accommodation.

Are reservations required or recommended at House of Koko - Chapel Allerton?

The reviews indicate that House of Koko can get very busy, especially during peak times. While reservations are not mentioned, it is advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment due to the potential wait for a table.

Is House of Koko welcoming to all customers, including families with children and pet owners?

Yes, House of Koko is described as dog-friendly and welcomes children, implying it is conducive to family outings and pet owners looking for a hospitable environment to enjoy a meal or coffee.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for House Of Koko

House Of Koko
A Chiew
a month ago
First time today with my daughter. I must say the food truly exceeded my expectation. It was very busy at the time and we were told to wait outside with the outdoor heating on. We were given a table inside fairly quickly. Not many cafes would do Turkish eggs and I’ve tried this at 3 different cafes and by far House of Koko is by far the best. The bread came with it was thick and fluffy. We’ll definitely be back again!
House Of Koko
Jay M
4 months ago
We absolutely love this place! The food and the service is impeccable with a really cool and chilled out ambience. I would advise getting here early to avoid disappointment and you may have to wait for a table at peak times. Great work team House of Koko 👏🏻
House Of Koko
Nadia Bounhar
a week ago
Always an excellent and friendly experience! My go to coffee locally, but the food is also brilliant- whether you want sweet bakery items or a good breakfast or lunch. The pancakes are my favourite!!
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