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What do customers say about Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 2255 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

great atmosphere

Staff friendly and helpful

loved the vintage interior

freshly cooked pancakes

stylish cozy decor

great location and experience

very relaxing atmosphere

great place to have some drinks and food

Really enjoyable lunch

food was poor

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Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar's customer reviews analysis

Cherry Red's Cafe Bar is frequently commended for its extensive menu offerings, particularly noting the variety of vegan and vegetarian options which cater to dietary restrictions. Customers have expressed satisfaction regarding the quality and taste of the food, highlighting items such as the hash with goat cheese, fish finger roll, and homemade soups. Notably, the cafe is praised for its atmosphere, described as great and relaxing, with the inclusion of a cozy vintage interior. The service quality has generally been described positively, with staff characterized as friendly and accommodating. However, some concerns have been raised about the wait time for food, which can reach up to 45 minutes during busy periods, and discrepancies in portion sizes between vegan and non-vegan meals have been reported.

Positive Feedback

The reviews for Cherry Red's Cafe Bar showcase several positive aspects. The ambiance of the cafe is consistently praised, with specific mentions of its pleasant music, cozy decor, and vintage interior contributing to a great atmosphere. The food receives high marks for its quality and taste, with vegetarian and vegan options earning notable appreciation. Accessibility of seating, particularly the additional upstairs area, enhances the customer experience. Furthermore, the variety of events such as jazz sessions, the inclusion of board games, and the availability of rooms for private gatherings are perceived as value-adds by customers. Friendliness and helpfulness of the staff are other strengths consistently highlighted by reviewers.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive feedback, Cherry Red's Cafe Bar faces some criticisms. The chief complaint among customers is the prolonged wait time for food, reaching 45 minutes, which could detract from the dining experience, especially when the cafe isn't fully packed. There's also dissatisfaction expressed over the disparity in portion sizes between vegan breakfasts and their meat-based equivalents, leading to underwhelming experiences for some vegan customers. Moreover, the inconveniences associated with ordering at the bar, particularly when seated upstairs, can be seen as a service design flaw that affects the convenience for customers.

Frequently asked questions about Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar

Does Cherry Red's Cafe Bar offer options for dietary restrictions?

Yes, Cherry Red's Cafe Bar offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, catering to customers with dietary restrictions.

Can I make a reservation for a private gathering at Cherry Red's Cafe Bar?

Yes, Cherry Red's Cafe Bar accepts reservations for private gatherings in their rooms available for booking.

Is there any entertainment provided at Cherry Red's Cafe Bar?

Cherry Red's Cafe Bar hosts entertainment events such as jazz sessions and offers board games for customers to enjoy.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar

Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar
5 months ago
Excellent food at affordable prices! A surprising amount of seating upstairs and a great atmosphere. We had the hash (with goat cheese), a fish finger roll, the day's homemade soup (leek and potato) with a roll, and a triple stack of pancakes with added bacon and egg. The rolls were seriously yummy as they seemed to have toasted/fried them in butter or something 🤤 I'd also recommend the Mexican hot chocolate
Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar
Sonya Milton
2 days ago
Really enjoyed it here. Sat outside so you have to order at the bar. Lots of vegan options… fry up and pancakes for brekkie/brunch, vegan lunch options and also vegan sweet treats too! Staff friendly and helpful. One star off because the wait for food was quite long (45 mins) and though it was fairly busy, it wasn’t packed. Recommended going when you have some time to spare. It’s lovely sitting outside with a coffee and watching the world go by! Vegetarian options: Lora of vegan options Dietary restrictions: Lots of veggie/vegan options
Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar
Anthony Bosworth
2 months ago
I have came to this cafe a few times in the past. However, i thought i would write a review to show my opinion on Cherry Red’s Cafe bar. I personally loved the vintage interior of the cafe and the variety of food and drinks they provide due to being a Cafe bar. They include a full breakfast which lasts all day and other varieties of food like wraps and more! One of my favourite breakfast/Brunch locations.
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About Cherry Red'S Cafe Bar

Full English breakfast to halloumi and nachos in a funky, red-accented cafe and bar with live music.