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As of Apr 25, 2024, 2383 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

lovely breakfast sharing platter.

soothing smell of fresh coffee

food tastes very good and fresh

food was amazing

amazing dishes

absolute gem of an establishment

Beautiful food and drink

food was superb

definitely satisfied our plate

gorgeous food

service was slower than expected

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Damascena's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the assortment of reviews for Damascena Moseley, the overall company reputation appears quite favorable. The praised dimensions include a varied menu, delightful tastes, and exceptional customer service, which seem to have left a strong positive impression on patrons. Notably, the atmosphere is repeatedly described as relaxing, welcoming, and soothing—a consistent theme that enhances the dining experience. While the restaurant seems to cope adequately during busy periods, there are isolated mentions of slightly delayed service, suggesting that operational efficiency might be challenged during peak moments. However, such instances have not detracted significantly from the generally commendable perception of the establishment. Accessibility features, such as wheelchair access, are noted and appreciated. The establishment's variety in food options, which cater to different dietary preferences and its consistent performance over time, contributes to the high regard in which it appears to be held.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects mentioned by customers of Damascena Moseley revolve around the establishment's varied menu that includes Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese, and Persian cuisine, as well as its commendable vegetarian and vegan options. The food is frequently lauded for its taste and freshness, while the extensive and delicious drink offerings, including mint green tea and fresh coffee, further accentuate the dining experience. Customer service is a standout positive, described as amazing, friendly, and welcoming, contributing significantly to a cozy ambiance suitable for both single visits and family outings. The quality of the food remains consistently praised over time, which along with the reasonable pricing structure, fosters a strong loyalty among patrons. Additionally, the accessibility features, including wheelchair access and accommodating transit for larger chairs, have been positively highlighted.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the majority of feedback being overwhelmingly affirmative, a few negative aspects appear in customer reviews of Damascena Moseley. Some guests have experienced slower than desired service, which might be a result of operational strains during busy periods. In a few isolated cases, dishes arrived with a slight delay, indicating potential room for improvement in meal coordination. Parking constraints in the vicinity of the restaurant have been mentioned as a minor inconvenience, possibly affecting the ease with which customers can visit the establishment. It is also noted that the space within the restaurant can be compact, including the dimensions of the accessible toilet, signifying some physical limitations in the infrastructure that may affect certain guests.

Frequently asked questions about Damascena

Does Damascena Moseley offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Yes, Damascena Moseley offers an extensive variety of vegetarian and some vegan options, satisfying a range of dietary preferences.

Is there parking available near the restaurant?

There is a large car park behind the shops opposite the restaurant which is relatively inexpensive. However, some customers have mentioned that parking might be a bit of an issue due to space constraints.

Is Damascena Moseley wheelchair accessible?

Damascena Moseley is accessible for wheelchair users. The entrance is accommodating, and the accessible toilet provides good grab rails. While it may be snug for larger chairs, standard chairs are likely to find the space manageable.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Damascena

Gill Talbot
a month ago
Had a lovely breakfast sharing platter. Varied menu, good service and atmosphere. Lara and her colleague were lovely, very pleasant and attentive (maybe a little rushed off their feet as it was quite busy). Would highly recommend and we will certainly visit again!!
The Traveller
6 months ago
This restaurant gives a feel of a quite hide away when you enter its hidden eat in area at the back. The soothing smell of fresh coffee hits you when you enter and a comforting feel welcomes you when you are seated in the restaurant, further in the building. Service was amazing, food arrived in good time and was tasty. Definitely recommended for a relaxing eat out experience 👌
Fiona Rose Joseph
2 months ago
I love the Birmingham Damascena, so when I found out the original one started in Moseley, I had to go and try. The food tastes very good and fresh and there were good vegetarian options, however service was slower than expected but not concerning.
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Popular cafe featuring espresso drinks, classic Lebanese meals & desserts in a comfortable setting.