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Glazer Design & Construction, Llc

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Published on
February 21, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Glazer Design & Construction, Llc?

Glazer Design & Construction has established a highly commendable reputation based on customer reviews, demonstrating consistency in quality, professionalism, and customer service. Clients consistently praise the company for its punctuality, politeness, and exceptional communication. The meticulous attention to keeping construction sites clean and safeguarding the client's home during projects is repeatedly highlighted, enhancing the company's image for trustworthiness and respect for clients' properties. Moreover, the reviews suggest that project manager Lowell, and other team members, excel in problem-solving and providing updates throughout the renovation process, reaffirming their commitment to transparency. Challenges such as navigating condo renovation restrictions and resolving unforeseen issues, like the height of showerheads, were handled satisfactorily. Additionally, the technical expertise of the team, led by Randy, is lauded, alongside their aptitude for managing complex projects, such as basement remodels and modernistic redesigns, with creativity and resourcefulness.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Glazer Design & Construction are prominently featured in customer reviews, wherein clients commend the exceptional quality of work and superior customer service. The professionalism of the crew, timely project completion, and the practice of leaving construction sites impeccably clean are frequently noted. Randy and his team receive high praise for their excellent communication skills, responsive office staff, and willingness to go beyond the call of duty to protect clients' homes during renovation. Clients express satisfaction with the company's ability to address issues promptly and without additional charges, as well as the flexibility to accommodate specific requests, such as custom dimmer switches. The company's successful collaboration with architects and the ability to translate complex visions into reality further demonstrate their commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that meet individual client needs.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, the reviews reveal a few areas where Glazer Design & Construction faced challenges. On rare occasions, modifications were necessary post-completion, such as the adjustment of improperly placed shower heads. These incidents, however, were resolved amicably and without extra charges, which prevents such negatives from severely impacting the company's reputation. A concern raised was the company's navigation of condo association regulations and managing relations with property managers, which demanded additional diplomacy and flexibility. However, the problems encountered appear to be isolated and were effectively managed by the project team, with Lowell taking commendable action in coordinating with various stakeholders.

Frequently asked questions about Glazer Design & Construction, Llc

What types of renovation projects does Glazer Design & Construction specialize in?

Glazer Design & Construction specializes in a wide range of renovation projects, including kitchen and bathroom remodels, home renovations, basement refurbishments, general building construction, and custom home building. Based on customer feedback, they are adept at both complex and modernistic redesigns.

How does Glazer Design & Construction handle project management and communication?

The company is noted for its effective project management and communication. Customers cite project managers like Lowell keeping them well-informed with regular updates, providing various solutions for challenges encountered, and working collaboratively with all parties involved, including architects and property managers.

What measures does Glazer Design & Construction take to protect my property during renovation?

Glazer Design & Construction is recognized for taking extra precautions to protect clients' properties throughout the renovation process. This includes maintaining a clean construction area daily and implementing protective measures to prevent damage during construction.

What are customers saying about Glazer Design & Construction, Llc

Glazer Design & Construction, Llc
Sheila Schwartz
6 months ago
Randy and his wonderful crew did an amazing job building us an incredible screened-in porch and extension of our main bedroom!!! They were always on time, so polite, left the construction area clean EVERY day and a pleasure to have at our home. You cannot find a better general contractor than Randy and his crew and office staff are also phenomenal....they are so responsive with whatever questions you may have and I would rate their communication skills as the best I have ever experienced with workers at our home. We are so impressed with Randy that he is now remodeling our kitchen and main bath. Another impressive thing about Randy and his crew is that they go above and beyond to protect your home during the process so that you are not concerned with what may happen to your beautiful home while it is undergoing construction. I could not be happier with all the work Randy has done in our home:)) Simply stated, Glazer Construction is just THE BEST!!!!!
Glazer Design & Construction, Llc
Payal Desai
7 years ago
After meeting with several contractors and talking to a lot of companies (many people don’t want to work in condos) we decided to go with Glazer Design and Construction for a complete renovation of our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo. Throughout the project Lowell (our project manager) was great about keeping us informed about the progress and what was coming up next in the schedule. We ran into a couple problems, as can be expected in any major renovation, where he would provide a few different options for how we could proceed which was great. Additionally, despite our property manager being somewhat unreasonable at times, Lowell was great about working with her. During the project, the only major issue was an oversight on the height of the shower heads. After talking to Lowell he had no issue fixing it at no additional charge. Lowell also had no problem accommodating very specific dimmer switches instead of what they normally used so that we could automate our home. We have loved showing off our “brand new” condo to friends and family. Lowell and his team did an amazing job with our unit and we would highly recommend them to everyone.
Glazer Design & Construction, Llc
Josip Kukucka
5 months ago
Randy remodeled my kitchen and bathroom. Did an amazing job. A lot of knowledge between him and his team. It Al ways felt like you had the boss there to answer questions. Will definitely hire him to finish my basement. 5 stars
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