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As of Jan 27, 2024, 40 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Fontan Architecture's customer reviews analysis

Analysis of client testimonials reveals that Fontan Architecture PLLC generally garners a favorable reputation across a spectrum of architectural services. Customers frequently praise the firm's responsiveness, expertise in navigating city approvals and permits, and professional approach to project management. Moreover, the consistently highlighted attributes of knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and a thorough understanding of zoning regulations and design suggest that the firm delivers a high level of expertise and reliability in its services. Notably, there is significant commendation regarding the lead architect, Jorge Fontan's personal involvement, imparting confidence in his clientele. However, there is an instance of severe dissatisfaction due to a missed appointment, hinting at a possible lapse in communication or scheduling protocols that tarnishes the overall positive impression made by the firm.

Positive Feedback

Fontan Architecture PLLC is routinely commended for its responsiveness and attention to detail, contributing to its strong positive reception among clients. The firm's adeptness in handling complex city regulations, such as obtaining approvals from the Department of Buildings and condo associations, is frequently acknowledged. This, coupled with their swift and efficient approach, facilitates a smooth process for clients undergoing renovations and construction. Satisfaction also extends to the firm’s design sensibilities, timely delivery of drawings, and provision of clear, actionable advice. The personalized engagement by Jorge Fontan, including his dedication to customer service and insightful blog, further boosts client confidence and trust in the firm’s commitment to excellence and innovation in architecture.

Concerns and Threads

One prominent negative aspect noted in customer feedback pertains to a missed meeting by Jorge Fontan, where the client experienced considerable inconvenience and frustration due to the no-show, compounded by a lack of timely communication from the firm's office. This isolated incident suggests that while the firm generally demonstrates high professional standards, there can be gaps in its scheduling and communication practices that have the potential to negatively impact its reputation. Additionally, such lapses could contribute to an impression of unreliability and a lack of respect for clients’ time, particularly in a fast-paced environment like New York.

Frequently asked questions about Fontan Architecture

What kind of experience does Fontan Architecture PLLC have with navigating New York City's building regulations?

Fontan Architecture PLLC is noted for its expertise in handling complex city regulations. This includes obtaining necessary approvals from condo associations and the NY Building Department, demonstrating a deep understanding of permitting processes and zoning regulations.

Is the firm's lead architect, Jorge Fontan, actively involved in the projects?

Yes, Jorge Fontan takes an active role in projects and is frequently mentioned for his direct involvement, personalized attention, and responsiveness to clients, which enhances the overall service experience.

How do clients view Fontan Architecture PLLC's approach to project management and design?

Clients regard Fontan Architecture PLLC's project management approach as professional, efficient, and responsive. The firm’s design capabilities are praised for being detail-oriented, innovative, and compliant with all necessary codes and requirements.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Fontan Architecture

Fontan Architecture
Kazim Karaismailoglu (Kaz)
5 months ago
He didn’t show up to his meeting, waited for an hour, left a message to their office, nada. Highly frustrating when you live in New York and make time for an architect to see your apartment and they don’t show up? Super unprofessional. I called your office multiple times and told them to call me when you get there or they could tell me you're there, there are three different constructions happening in the building, hard to hear anything.
Fontan Architecture
Matthew Righetti
7 months ago
Jorge and his team at Fontana Architecture are terrific. We bought a condo in Chelsea and needed assistance with the renovation. They navigated us swiftly and effectively thru the condo HOA approval process, the NY Building Dept. permitting and then bidding. We went with their contractor recommendation, and we could not be happier. Jorge and Katie were responsive, helpful and knowledgeable during every stage of the process. Five stars -- only b/c they don't have six!
Fontan Architecture
waldy Corniel
a year ago
We worked on several projects with Jorge Fontan , He is knowledgeable, responsive and a problem solving. I would definitely recommend His firm for Your next project as he offers A one stop service. You will need An architect with experience filing all the paperwork in NYC and I don't know anyone better Than Jorge.
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About Fontan Architecture


Fontan Architecture is a New York architecture firm located in Manhattan, NYC. The owner Jorge Fontan is an architect focusing on the balance of architectural design, sustainability, construction, and development. Fontan Architecture works on new buildings, new homes, and interior renovations for commercial and residential projects.