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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Landis Architects | Builders?

The collective customer experience with Landis Architects | Builders, as gleaned from the recent reviews, reflects a uniformly high regard for the company's professionalism, quality, and reliability. Customers specifically praise the transformational impact of Landis on their kitchens, bathrooms, and additional projects, noting the successful enhancement in both aesthetics and value. Project managers like Dana Kaminsky, Maurice Brown, Joe Caw, Ethan Landis, Carlos Marin, Andrew Kerr, and Carlos Rodriguez receive commendations for their responsiveness, care, and attention to detail. Moreover, the ability of Landis to strictly adhere to schedules and budgets—even under the challenging conditions of a pandemic—is a recurring theme that positions the company favorably in the market. One notable distinction is the aftercare service, with Landis standing by its work and taking corrective actions when necessary. Importantly, the company's construction teams are recognized for their organization, courtesy, and efficiency, factors that contribute significantly to their positive neighborhood interactions.

Positive Feedback

Landis Architects | Builders is frequently lauded for its successful project outcomes ranging from small renovations to complex, large-scale additions, often in historical homes. The customers highlight exceptional transformations that considerably raise property values such as stylish, modern kitchens and fully renovated living spaces. From the design phase through to execution, Landis evidently thrives with a collaborative approach, and puts strong emphasis on clear communication, including project updates with photos and regular reports. Commendable problem-solving aptitudes, professional skilled crews, and their ability to meet deadlines are also highly appreciated. Moreover, the proactive measures Landis takes in community relations—like notifying neighbors in advance of construction—demonstrate a conscientious approach to their work. The professionalism and skill of the project managers as well as the entire design and construction teams contribute remarkably to the positive experiences recounted by clients.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided neither explicitly mention nor suggest any consistent negative experiences or themes associated with Landis Architects | Builders. While it is typical for a range of feedback in customer reviews, in this instance, any dissatisfaction is either absent or not prominently expressed in the reviews shared. However, it's important to consider that these testimonials focus mainly on the successful outcomes and might not fully account for broader customer experiences. Critique, if any, might require a more nuanced reading between the lines or a broader set of reviews to ascertain.

Frequently asked questions about Landis Architects | Builders

How does Landis ensure project deadlines are met, especially under challenging conditions?

Landis prioritizes strict adherence to schedules by maintaining efficient project management, transparent communication, a skilled team, and problem-solving strategies even in challenging conditions such as during the pandemic. Regular updates and strict oversight are key elements in their approach to meeting deadlines.

Can Landis handle complex renovations on historic properties?

Yes, Landis has been praised for their work on historic properties, including retaining the architectural charm while providing modern upgrades. They come highly recommended for complex projects such as full-house renovations, major additions, and working with the unique quirks of older homes.

What kind of post-completion support does Landis offer?

Landis stands by their work and offers aftercare services. Should any issues arise post-completion, as in the case of a leaning retaining wall, the company has demonstrated their commitment to returning and resolving the problem.

What are customers saying about Landis Architects | Builders

Landis Architects | Builders
Uzma Malik-Dorman
6 months ago
Landis transformed our kitchen to make it look stylish and modern. The design and layout of the kitchen completely changed, and it looks absolutely amazing! The value of our house has significantly increased. Dana Kaminsky, the team leader, was a pleasure to work with. She has a great personality, cares about her clients, and brings a tremendous amount of value to her projects. Maurice Brown, the project manager, was very responsive and ensured the quality of the work met Landis standards. I felt that all the employees that worked on the project were professional, respectful and dedicated to doing quality work.
Landis Architects | Builders
Nicholas Shultz
6 months ago
Landis has my highest recommendation for Design/Build firms in the DC area. We trusted Landis with the renovation of the second floor of our home - a roughly 150-year-old row house in Capitol Hill (with all sorts of quirks) - and Landis did an amazing job keeping the project on schedule and within budget. The design process was a joy, and they kept us updated with photos and regular reports throughout construction. Keeping the project on schedule was especially important for us, as my wife was expecting a baby to be born within a month or so of the project completion. And to top it off - we started construction right at the onset of the pandemic - and Landis still found a way to make it work! Dana Kaminsky with Landis orchestrated the entire project, and we were amazed with her level of support and the professionalism of the entire design and construction teams. The outcome was spectacular - even better than we had hoped! We were absolutely delighted by the experience. Services: Tile work installation, Site master planning, Home renovations, Bathroom remodeling, Interior design, Drywall installation, Plumbing fixture installation, Architectural design services
Landis Architects | Builders
Amy Rutt (Ciracom Cloud)
9 months ago
As a vendor partner to Landis Construction for roughly 10 years, I can attest to their quality team. The team at Landis Construction is collaborative and solutions-driven. Every staff member with whom we engage exudes the pride and commitment to excellence that has built a great culture. Simply put : it’s a terrific team that delivers for their customers.
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