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As of Apr 12, 2024, 49 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Design Everest's customer reviews analysis

The evaluation of Design Everest's reputation, based on recent customer reviews, reveals a mixed customer experience. Positive impressions frequently mention professionalism, responsiveness, and effectiveness in handling complex situations and city requirements. Clients appreciate the availability and communication presented by project managers, like Lokesh and Shrey, alongside the ability to cater to urgent needs and accommodate adjustments swiftly. Conversely, alarming negative feedback includes serious allegations such as taking clients' money without providing services, potential bankruptcy, and ineffectiveness in dealing with local compliance requirements. The negative reviews raise concerns about the company's reliability, internal management, and their choice of subcontracted professionals. Recurring positive themes include quality of service, responsiveness, and expertise in managing revisions and city interactions, while recurring negative themes highlight potential issues with transparency, financial stability, and outsourcing strategies.

Positive Feedback

Reviewers consistently highlight several key positive aspects of their experiences with Design Everest. The company is commended for its professional demeanor, responsiveness, and ability to navigate complex projects efficiently. Clients like the direct and effective communication with project managers who are noted for understanding urgency and prioritizing customer needs. The quality of work is often described as high, with no or few iterations required by cities, indicating strong technical competence. The ability to quickly handle change orders and provide comprehensive, quick turnarounds on plans to meet customer deadlines are also frequently praised elements. Design Everest, especially through representatives like Lokesh, Shrey, and Darshika, displays a strong customer service ethic by coordinating closely with clients and providing clarity on the technicalities of engineering and architectural challenges.

Concerns and Threads

However, serious reservations about Design Everest emerge in reviews that mention very negative experiences. Some clients report the company accepting payments without delivering services and even suggest the possibility of bankruptcy. These clients express frustration over lost money and the need for legal action. There are instances of customers feeling misled regarding the company's expertise, particularly in navigating local compliance issues, which led to additional costs and delays. Others mention outsourcing to external consultants who may not have the required local knowledge, resulting in dissatisfaction with the technical work. Such feedback calls into question the company's internal management practices, legitimacy, and overall trustworthiness, suggesting that the experience can vary widely between clients.

Frequently asked questions about Design Everest

Can Design Everest handle urgent engineering or architectural projects?

Yes, according to several reviews, Design Everest is experienced in managing urgent projects, with project managers known for prioritizing client deadlines and efficiently progressing through necessary city iterations and changes.

Does Design Everest have a reliable in-house team for projects?

While positive reviews commend the professional work from certain members of the team, some negative reviews suggest that the company outsources to external consultants, which may impact the reliability and local compliance knowledge for certain projects.

What should I do if I am concerned about potential financial instability or bankruptcy mentioned in some reviews?

Customers are advised to discuss any financial concerns with Design Everest directly, inquire about measures in place to protect their payments, and perhaps seek references or evidence of recent successful project completions before engaging in their services.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Design Everest

Design Everest
Sumeet Pannu
4 weeks ago
Walked away with 1000s of dollars, had no idea how to file for adu in sf, had to bring in another architect to get sign off from city, brought in an Engineer who lives in Columbia and couldn't figure out any of the compliance work the city had. I'm not sure how they could be worse.
Design Everest
Bien Thach
2 months ago
These thieves basically filed for bankruptcy and didn't provide the services I paid for. I am still waiting to get my money back, (contact me please and make it right) just want my fair share that was not provided. Talked to a few of their consultants since they don't really have any engineers in house, they just outsource it... Yup they ripped them off too and owe quite a bit to the on site/inspection SF Bay engineer. The project manager was quite nasty to me knowing I couldn't do much except sue them. Stay away, or try to get your money back as they are in the process of filing bankruptcy.
Design Everest
Sijie Huang (Charlotte)
5 months ago
I remodeled my new house. They helped me with a structural plan to submit to the city. Jessica and Shrey helped me with the pricing and the project management. Lokesh was the engineer who helped with the plan. They were all very professional and responsive which was important to me. I was in a hurry to submit the plan and they understood the emergency. The city had some comments and questions after receiving the plan. Lokesh always quickly helped me answer those. I highly appreciate. The permit has been finalized recently. I will definitely use their service again when needed. Highly recommend!
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About Design Everest

DESIGN EVEREST HUB Design Everest is a leading technology-enabled Architecture and Engineering firm in California. Since 2005, we have successfully completed over 8000+ residential, commercial, and industrial projects for end-customers and industry-partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. Whether you're a homeowner, investor, developer, architect, general contractor, or City, Design Everest can help you. We offer experienced local Architects and Engineers (Civil, Structural) to work on your project from many of our regional centers across California and have the experience of delivering quality design and engineering plans/permit sets in almost every city in California.