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What do customers say about Coogan Architects?

As of Apr 23, 2024, 19 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

transformed our home into the space of our dreams

extremely happy with the service provided

plans back that surpassed our expectations

very happy with the service provided

simply first class

always been professional, responsive, proactive

provided a great design

Extremely efficient, streamlined and helpful service

no hesitation in recommending

very impressed with the fast, efficient service

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April 23, 2024
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April 23, 2024

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Coogan Architects's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Coogan Architects is reflected positively in the combination of customer reviews. Clients consistently praise their ability to transform spaces, focusing on maximizing light and practicality, while surpassing expectations. A pattern of thorough involvement in the entire design and construction process is evident, with Coogan's team offering professional guidance from preliminary discussions to finalizing details. Their knowledge of planning requirements and network of reputable subcontractors add to the comprehensive service offered. Efficient communication, responsiveness, and a smooth process for planning permissions are highlighted. Recurring themes include a high level of satisfaction with both the design outcomes and the customer service experience.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from customer feedback include the skilful realization of clients' ideas into elegant, functional designs, which often exceeded what clients envisioned. This demonstrates Coogan Architects' capacity for understanding and translating client desires into tangible outcomes. The willingness to engage in a two-way exchange of ideas and their competence at navigating the complexities of planning permissions indicate a receptive and customer-centric approach. With the firm's expertise in optimizing space and light, customers report their final spaces to be 'light and airy contemporary' places they dreamed of. Clients also emphasize Coogan Architects' professionalism and proactive nature, along with their responsiveness and effectiveness at communication, which exemplify their commitment to smooth project delivery. The firm's deep knowledge of planning requirements, further underpinned by repeat business from satisfied clients, solidifies the positive image portrayed by their clientele.

Concerns and Threads

The reviews provided do not highlight any significant negative aspects of customer feedback for Coogan Architects. All clients appear satisfied with their experience and outcomes. However, potential clients should consider that these reviews may not represent all possible experiences with the firm, and it is beneficial to consult a diverse range of feedback sources for a fully informed decision. The absence of any expressed concerns or dissatisfaction raises the possibility that only clients with positive experiences have chosen to provide feedback. As every architectural project can present unique challenges and circumstances, prospective clients might want to inquire directly about the firm's strategies for handling potential difficulties should they arise.

Frequently asked questions about Coogan Architects

What type of architecture services do Coogan Architects provide?

Coogan Architects offer a comprehensive list of services including initial design discussions, drafting sketches, obtaining planning permission, and assisting with building warrants. They guide the renovation and building process from conception through to completion.

Can Coogan Architects assist with choosing builders and managing construction?

Yes, Coogan Architects can provide advice on builder selection, take care of contracts, and have a network of reputable subcontractors, ensuring a smooth construction or renovation experience.

What is the client experience like with Coogan Architects?

Clients report a very positive experience with Coogan Architects, highlighting the firm's professional, responsive, and proactive approach. From design to warrant applications, clear and efficient communication is stressed, along with their ability to exceed expectations in achieving practical and beautiful spaces.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Coogan Architects

Coogan Architects
John Macleod
5 months ago
Beautiful and practical design that has transformed our home into the space of our dreams. The attention to detail to maximise space and light has been incredible. Coogan architects understood perfectly what we were hoping to achieve and in the end far exceeded our expectations.
Coogan Architects
Andrew Thomson
3 months ago
We are extremely happy with the service provided to us by Coogan Architects in the design of our house renovation – from the initial discussions and draft sketches to warrant drawings. It was the first time I have used an architect. Barry and his team guided me through the process professionally and provided advice on builder selection, took care of planning permission, building warrants, contracts etc. and most invaluable was having Barry’s input and suggestions. Thanks to Barry and all of the team at Coogan Architects in helping us plan our new light and airy contemporary space.
Coogan Architects
Amy Curran
2 months ago
I can't thank Barry & his team at Coogan enough. We explained from the beginning what we wanted to achieve from our build and we got plans back that surpassed our expectations and considered things we hadn't (adequate storage being one). We also used sub contractors recommended by Coogan for structural engineer drawings & a pit hole dig and both were brilliant too. Thanks again for all your help. Our build is nearly finished and it's looking amazing!
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About Coogan Architects

Coogan Architects are an architectural practice that specialise in residential and domestic projects including new build houses, extensions, conversions and alterations.