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What do customers say about Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center?

As of Apr 06, 2024, 21 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 6, 2024
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April 6, 2024

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Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center's customer reviews analysis

Expro Auto Collision appears to hold a generally positive reputation among its clients, showcasing an array of satisfactory experiences with regard to vehicle repair services. A significant number of reviews praise the company for the quality of work performed, indicating an ability to return vehicles to a condition perceived as 'as good as new'. Clients commend the detailed and transparent communication during the repair process, as well as the attentive customer service, particularly from individuals like Amir. The business is noted for being readily available and for their professional conduct. However, there are criticisms related to service speed, with reports of repairs taking longer than initially estimated, potentially pointing to workload management issues. A noteworthy negative experience describes dissatisfaction with the handling of specific repair details and follow-up service, suggesting that quality control and customer service consistency may need attention.

Positive Feedback

The prevalent positive aspects from customer feedback highlight Expro Auto Collision's ability to deliver high-quality repair work and present a strong customer service ethos in several facets. Customers praise the workmanship, often describing the repairs as excellent and indicative of a high standard. The professional demeanor exhibited by the staff, especially the commendations for individual employees like Amir, suggest a personalized touch to their service, fostering customer loyalty and recommendations. Another common thread of positivity is the thorough and clear communication, where customers appreciate being kept informed of their vehicle's progress. This level of engagement, paired with the business's readiness to assist and transparency with paperwork and process, contributes to an overall satisfactory customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Amidst the many favorable remarks, Expro Auto Collision's reviews reveal certain areas of concern that could impinge on their reputation. Time management appears to be a recurrent issue. Some customers report longer than anticipated wait times for repairs to be completed. Such delays could reflect either an optimistic estimation of work completion times by the company or a potential underestimation of the necessary workload. Additionally, there's an account of customer aftercare falling short, with specific references to a lack of follow-through on commitments, such as updating clients about parts exchange or denying customer requests for a courtesy drop-off. An experience highlighting incorrect repair work—such as the use of a wrong-colored grill—speaks to possible lapses in quality control. These instances imply that while Expro Auto Collision often gets it right, there are moments where their service delivery could benefit from added consistency and attentiveness to customer needs beyond the workshop.

Frequently asked questions about Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center

Can I expect regular updates on my vehicle's repair progress at Expro Auto Collision?

Yes, according to customer reviews, Expro Auto Collision maintains good communication with clients, providing regular updates on the repair status of vehicles.

Are the repairs performed at Expro Auto Collision up to a high standard?

The majority of customer feedback suggests that the repairs performed by Expro Auto Collision are of high quality, with many clients noting that their vehicles looked as good as new post-repair.

Does Expro Auto Collision offer a courtesy pick-up or drop-off service?

Based on the reviews, Expro Auto Collision may not consistently offer courtesy pick-up or drop-off services, as there have been instances where such requests were denied.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center

Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center
Gil Guzman
5 months ago
Did a great job. Very forthcoming with the progress of my vehicle. Amir was great. Highly recommend.,
Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center
Fariya Kazi
2 weeks ago
expro auto care really took care of me and my vehicle! car looks as good as new!
Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center
naitik manakwade
4 months ago
Nice place to fix your vehicle. They are always available on call. Thank you expro 😊😊😊😊
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About Expro Auto Collision And Repair Center

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Collision repair center centrally located to service Houston, Katy, Richmond, and other surrounding areas. We have been serving Houston area for over 15 years. Our collision center is certified by Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Fiat, Ford, GM, Infinity, Jeep, Kia, Honda and Acura, as well as ASE and I-Car. However , we do work on all makes and models. We are direct repair facility for Geico, Hartford, MetLife, Kemper, and Infinity insurance companies; although we work with all insurance companies.