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What do customers say about Este Medical Group?

As of Mar 15, 2024, 1420 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 15, 2024

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Este Medical Group's customer reviews analysis

Este Medical Group's Hair & Skin Clinic in Birmingham has garnered a mixed reputation, as evidenced by an array of patient testimonials. Overall, the feedback indicates satisfaction with the technical aspects of the treatments provided, with a specific emphasis on the efficacy of their laser hair removal and positive outcomes regarding skin treatments. Notably, multiple reviews highlight the professionalism, patience, and courteous demeanor of certain staff members, which enhances the customer experience. Despite these affirmative accounts, there are significant concerns regarding initial consultations and interpersonal interactions with some personnel. A few customers reported feeling rushed and undervalued, overshadowing the quality of the clinical offerings. In sum, while Este Medical Group appears competent in delivering aesthetic results, the inconsistency in customer service represents a critical factor impacting the clinic's image.

Positive Feedback

Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic receives considerable praise for the success of its hair removal and skin treatments. The effectiveness of the Candela laser in achieving desired hair reduction and the satisfactory progress after chemical peels are particularly emphasized in several reviews. Therapists are frequently commended for their excellent service, demonstrating thoroughness, patience, and empathy which contribute positively to the treatment experience. The welcoming demeanor of reception staff and the considerateness of therapists, such as Saba, Farishta, and Dal, have further solidified the establishment's reputation for providing a comfortable and caring environment. Moreover, the clinic's environment itself, praised for its hygiene, cleanliness, and ambience, alongside its no-hidden-charges policy, has been a recurring point of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While many patients have had positive experiences at Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic, a subset of reviews indicates critical shortcomings in the clinic's customer service. Issues raised include unprofessional behavior during consultations, with reports of staff being dismissive, appearing disengaged by using phones during appointments, and failing to create welcoming, informative experiences for clients. These negative interactions, characterized by a perceived rudeness and haste, create a dissonance between the high-quality treatments provided and the poor customer service experienced, thus potentially deterring prospective clients who value a holistic approach to patient care.

Frequently asked questions about Este Medical Group

What types of treatments are successful at Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic?

Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic has been successful in providing laser hair removal treatments using the Candela machine and skin treatments such as chemical peels. Customers report noticeable hair reduction and improved skin condition.

How is the customer service at Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic?

Customer service experiences have been mixed. While there are commendations for welcoming, professional, and helpful staff, some clients have reported rushed consultations and instances of perceived rudeness from certain staff members.

Can I expect hidden charges for my treatments at Este Medical Group?

According to customer reviews, Este Medical Group's Birmingham clinic operates with transparency regarding treatment costs. There are no hidden charges; the price discussed at the consultation is what the patient is expected to pay.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Este Medical Group

Este Medical Group
Aesha Macwan
a week ago
So after reading all reviews I booked my free consultation. Receptionist lady was very welcoming and helpful. She approached me with good smile. So I got good impression at first. I waited in waiting area and lady came i really don't remember her name but she called my name and I followed her in her room. So she didn't even bothered to say please have sit and that's okay I didn't mind but she was scrolling her phone I was waiting for her to sit so we can do our consultation. She was in such hurry that she just finished my consultation in not more than two minutes. No examination of my skin she told me two treatments for my problem and I said can you please make note for me so I can check it out later on. There was notepad and pen in front of her but she said you can make note in your phone which was in rude tone. Overall I felt like she just wanted me to shut my mouth and leave. It wasn't good experience .
Este Medical Group
S Hussain
2 months ago
Recently I had a laser on underarms and beard line with candela machine at Este Medical Group at Birmingham branch. My therapist were Fereshteh and Joanna, and they’ve been amazing. Today I’ve completed my 5th session and literally I can’t see any hair growth. I am so happy with results and definitely I recommend Este Medical Group to whoever seeking for a nice place to get nice results
Este Medical Group
It'z James
2 weeks ago
I've consulted with a representative from Este Medical Group regarding a hair transplant. They provided thorough explanations, addressing all my queries, and I'm highly content with their service. The consultant answered my questions accurately and comprehensively. I am getting myself prepared for hair transplant, from their clinic in Istanbul. Based on my experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Este Medical Centres without any external influence.
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