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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Edinburgh Larder?

The Edinburgh Larder appears to maintain a notable reputation for its food and cozy ambiance, particularly during brunch. Multiple reviews highlight the high quality and taste of its offerings, specifically the traditional Scottish breakfast, vegetarian options, and porridge. There is consistent praise for the locally sourced ingredients and the ample portion sizes. The establishment's location in Old Town and the necessity for reservations indicate its popularity. Service speed and staff friendliness are mostly commended, though there is a mixed perspective on value for money. Some customers believe the experience justifies the premium price, while others express reservations about the cost. A few logistical criticisms suggest a compromise in customer experience, such as tight seating, limited condiments, and a strict one-hour reservation limit. A notable disappointment from a service standpoint involves instances of perceived neglect and unprofessional behavior from the staff, although such experiences are not reported by all patrons.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for The Edinburgh Larder is highly favorable regarding the quality of food, with many visitors describing it as outstanding, delicious, and reflective of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Particularly, traditional Scottish breakfast items such as haggis, black pudding, veggie breakfasts, and porridge receive ample praise. The warm and inviting atmosphere is reinforced by comments on the cozy and welcoming ambiance of the place. Staff are frequently acknowledged for their friendly and efficient service, contributing to a positive dining experience. The strategic location in Old Town and the necessity of reservations underscore the cafe's popularity and demand. Overall, the positive aspects revolve around the food quality, service, and ambiance which seem to create a compelling dining experience at The Edinburgh Larder.

Concerns and Threads

While The Edinburgh Larder receives much acclaim, several concerns detract from the experience for some customers. Service inconsistencies stand out, with one customer recounting a situation of feeling ignored and receiving a delayed response when requesting the bill, further marred by a staff member's dismissive attitude. The pricing of the meals occasionally becomes a point of contention, with some guests finding the cost of brunch, including drinks and a cocktail, higher than their expectations. Limited seating and the policy of booking time slots, typically for one hour, contribute to a feeling of being rushed. Limited condiments and tight seating conditions also highlight certain practical discomforts that could affect the overall enjoyment and perception of value. These aspects of customer feedback suggest room for improvement in service management and consideration of the dining comfort and expectations of the clientele.

Frequently asked questions about Edinburgh Larder

Is it necessary to book a reservation at The Edinburgh Larder?

Yes, reservations are strongly recommended, especially on weekends or for brunch, to avoid disappointment due to limited seating and high demand.

Does The Edinburgh Larder accommodate dietary preferences?

Yes, The Edinburgh Larder offers options like the veggie breakfast and uses locally sourced ingredients, catering to various dietary needs and preferences.

What is the price range for a brunch at The Edinburgh Larder?

Brunch pricing can be considered on the higher end, with some guests reporting approximate costs around £50 for brunch with drinks and a cocktail. The perception of value varies among customers.

What are customers saying about Edinburgh Larder

Edinburgh Larder
Jason Bridgford
2 months ago
A very busy brunch experience. Outstanding food and plentiful portions make it a must visit. Reserved a table over a month in advance as this was listed on many 'must dine' lists for Edinburgh. On a Saturday morning there was a queue of almost 20 people waiting to enter the 'Little Larder' so definitely book here in advance. We were seated on a small table wedged between two other groups of two. The restaurant itself is quite compact so this was both unfortunate and necessary. I ordered the veggie breakfast which was outstanding. When something as small as the tomatoes and mushrooms makes you smile you know you're in for a treat. All of the food was delicious. My wife loved her 'hash'. The food was honestly faultless. The cons would be the thimbles they deliver your brown sauce and ketchup in - come on, when we're paying £50 for brunch give us the whole bottle. Reservations also only guarantee you a 1hr time slot - food comes out quickly but I personally found that as we were apologetically handed our bill and told our table was needed for the next guests the experience was soured somewhat.The final con is the aforementioned £50. I'm personally not sold on £50 being an appropriate price for a brunch with coffees and one cocktail but this seems to be the norm these days. Otherwise definitely worth the hype.
Edinburgh Larder
Abroad with Ash
a day ago
Love this spot for breakfast. The best porridge in the city! The hash is also very good as is the coffee/tea. Highly recommend. The location in Old Town couldn’t be better. Reservations are a must as it’s quite small.
Edinburgh Larder
Ipek Yağcıoğulları (Alumni)
a week ago
Very cozy environment. We went to the little larder next to the original restaurant. They cook next door and serve to this part of restaurant so it’s taking a while for service. But not too much. The portions were quite big and delicious. I think its good value for money.
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