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East Dallas Veterinary Clinic

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Published on
March 1, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about East Dallas Veterinary Clinic?

The overall reputation of East Dallas Veterinary Clinic appears to be mixed based on the recent reviews. Positive experiences highlight the ease of scheduling, cozy clinic environment, friendly and caring staff, and a high level of satisfaction with various services ranging from routine checkups to surgical procedures. However, there are significant concerns about customer service with descriptions of declining experiences over time, inadequate follow-up communications, and unsatisfactory encounters with some staff members who are perceived as making clients feel unwelcome. Instances of purported miscommunication and unmet expectations for comprehensive care have been noted, casting doubt on the consistency of service delivery. A highlighted serious allegation involves perceived mistreatment of a pet and professional missteps, which if true, could significantly tarnish the clinic's reputation. These contrasting narratives suggest that while some clients have had excellent interactions with the clinic, there are systemic issues that need attention.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for East Dallas Veterinary Clinic is rooted in the responsive and caring nature of its staff and the satisfaction with services performed. Customers have expressed appreciation for the ease of booking appointments and the warm, cozy atmosphere of the clinic, which contributes positively to their overall experience. Reviewers have praised the kindness and compassion exhibited by both the staff and veterinarians and are particularly satisfied with personal, intentional care over many years, including for a range of services from vaccinations to euthanasia. The grooming services are also commended, and the professionalism displayed in performing surgeries and handling emergency situations is acknowledged, fostering trust and loyalty towards the clinic.

Concerns and Threads

The clinic is criticized for lapses in its customer service and client communication. Some reviews convey dissatisfaction with the perceived brevity and superficial nature of appointments as well as alleged inconsistencies in caring for pets, including serious claims of animal mistreatment. Customer experiences point out a decline in the quality of service over time and a lack of proper follow-up, which indicates potential issues with clinic management and staff training. Clients have reported feeling unheard and unappreciated, manifesting in a desire to find alternative care providers. The negative feedback suggests the clinic may struggle with maintaining reliable communication channels and delivering on promises, detracting from its ability to establish dependable client relationships.

Frequently asked questions about East Dallas Veterinary Clinic

Does East Dallas Veterinary Clinic offer comprehensive pet care services?

Yes, the clinic offers a range of pet care services including vaccinations, annual checkups, grooming, and surgeries. However, some reviewers suggest that experiences with these services can vary.

Can clients expect consistent follow-up communication after appointments at East Dallas Veterinary Clinic?

While follow-up communication is part of the clinic's procedures, some customers have expressed concerns about inadequate follow-ups, suggesting possible inconsistencies in the clinic's communication practices.

How does East Dallas Veterinary Clinic handle emergency cases or surgeries?

The clinic is equipped to handle emergency cases and performs surgeries, with some customer reviews highlighting successful outcomes and satisfaction with the care provided during these critical situations.

What are customers saying about East Dallas Veterinary Clinic

East Dallas Veterinary Clinic
Amber Lovelady
3 weeks ago
Do not go to this vet if you care about an intentional experience with a vet. They are a decent budget vet, but expect inconsistent custom service and undelivered promised. I took my senior dog for his annual visit and had a less than satisfactory experience. I paid 190 dollars for his vaccines, some medicine for his paws, and for a 3-5 minute conversation with the vet. When I expressed my concern regarding the quick "annual physical," instead of really listening to me and my concerns, my experience was challenged. The front desk wanted to see how my story measured up against the vet tech who was new instead of just wanting to just remedy my experience. I was made so uncomfortable that I simply paid and left - planning to just find a new vet who could provide me a better experience. The following week, someone called to see if my questions had been answered - not even calling to address the issues at my visit. Instead, only when I told them that I was looking for another vet was my concern addressed. I was promised that the head vet would call me within a few days to address my questions. Did I get a call? No. I got an email that looked like some tech just rewrote what the vet verbalized to write. Nothing was personalized, my experience was not addressed, and instead I was yet again not given the opportunity to have an meaningful conversation with a vet.
East Dallas Veterinary Clinic
Will House Walker
3 weeks ago
Our experience and customer service has dwindled since our initial visit almost a year ago. We were moving in the area so changed our vet care for both our dogs. Our first visit was great, but during that appointment we asked about a bump on our dogs lip. The vet told us oh it’s nothing to worry about, but if you want to get it removed you can. Fast forward, we’ve been in for grooming sessions, other visits, etc. There is a huge downfall in customer service, a lot of the times the phones don’t work. When we do talk to the front desk the customer service isn’t always great; the staff makes you feel like you’re bothering them when in reality we don’t want to be on the phone any longer than you. Now the final straw was just recently the bump that was on our dogs lip from the first appt grew within a short time span. We got it removed and it came back cancerous. We were recommended to an oncologist which we appreciate, but when we called back following that to ask additional questions or even referrals and to speak to our dogs vet, we never got a call of follow up. We had to call back to see if she was able to answer our question and the front desk staff relayed a message to us that the vet was uncomfortable…. Needless to say that was VERY off putting, and our final straw. We did our own research and found an awesome vet that will work closely to the oncologist!! The customer service has been a dramatic change from constant communication, empathy, and care. If you want someone to really hear you and go the extra mile with your fur babies this may not be the location. This is better fit for quick exams and vaccinations.
East Dallas Veterinary Clinic
Amparo Reyes
9 months ago
Scheduling was a breeze! Judy took my call and set me up with an appointment. It’s a nice, cozy clinic for all pets. Staff members are really nice and helpful! They show such joy to each and everyone of their patients. Doctor answered all my questions and concerns. Definitely sticking with them for all my dog Saturns needs!
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