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What do customers say about Dumbo Moving And Storage?

As of Jan 16, 2024, 3381 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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January 16, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dumbo Moving And Storage's customer reviews analysis

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC presents a mixed reputation according to the customers' feedback. Reviews highlight both exceptionally positive and deeply negative experiences. Notably, timely service and professionalism resonate as recurring positive themes. Customers praise the company’s efficient, careful handling of belongings, the courtesy and teamwork of certain moving crews, and good customer service, particularly when addressing issues mid-move. In stark contrast, there are serious allegations including theft of belongings, movers’ unpunctuality, and unapologetic attitudes along with reports of additional, unexpected charges that appear exploitative under time-sensitive circumstances. The stark dichotomy in customer experiences suggests that while some teams within the company perform to high standards, others significantly underdeliver, which taints the overall company reputation and raises concerns about consistency in service quality.

Positive Feedback

The strength of Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC lies in several consistently praised aspects. Firstly, customers consistently commend the movers' efficiency and their ability to handle items with care to avoid damage. The capability of the movers from teams such as truck 108 and 030 in completing moves swiftly and safely is frequently mentioned. Moreover, the responsiveness and helpfulness of customer service, especially during the preliminaries of moving, are positively noted. Cases such as meticulous packing and going the extra mile to protect items during bad weather are also commended. Additionally, positive customer interactions with polite and hardworking teams that exude professionalism are highly valued, which underscores the team members' impact on the overall positive customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback for Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC centers on a few critical areas. A concerning number of customers report severe issues with lateness and a lack of accountability from movers. This caused significant inconvenience, including financial penalties and logistical complications in some cases. Further, there are alarming reports of theft of valuable possessions, which coupled with poor follow-up when issues are raised, severely undermines customer trust. Multiple narratives also depict resistance from movers to accommodate reasonable requests such as carrying items up stairs, as well as individuals within the company pushing for disproportionately large tips. These instances paint a picture of a company not only inconsistently aligned with its professed standards but also one failing in its fundamental duty of care and trust with customers.

Frequently asked questions about Dumbo Moving And Storage

What should I expect in terms of punctuality and reliability when booking with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC?

While many customers report on-time services and efficient moves, there have been instances of movers arriving late without adequate communication or accountability. This inconsistency suggests that experiences vary, and while many customers find the service reliable, others have had problematic experiences with punctuality.

How does Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC handle the packing and unpacking of belongings?

Dumbo Moving is commended for its meticulous packing, with customers reporting that items are handled carefully and wrapped well to prevent damage. If you require unpacking services, they are known to assist in this regard as well, although it's important to discuss and confirm these details beforehand.

What support can I expect if issues arise during my move with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC?

The company provides customer service that is often described as helpful and responsive. Customers are encouraged to contact the customer service team immediately if any issues arise during the move. Some reviews report satisfactory resolutions and support through the customer service line, although others have mentioned less than satisfactory follow-up on more serious claims.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dumbo Moving And Storage

Dumbo Moving And Storage
Bradley Marcus
2 weeks ago
I've left only a handful of business reviews in my life, and my review for Dumbo Moving will likely be the worst one I'll ever write. In fact, if I can give them negative stars, I would. After getting a recommendation from someone, I called Dumbo to move us from a very large house in CT to a 3 bedroom apartment on the UWS. I was given a quote over the phone and I hired them. Because we were closing on the sale our house and also had very strict guidelines about when we were permitted to move into our apartment building, I made a clear point that timing was crucial. The movers showed up FIVE hours late to my house to begin packing the truck. They were not apologetic at all. When they began wasting valuable time by counting and placing numbered stickers on each box, I became irritated about time being crucial. The foreman did not care. It became very clear to me that all that Dumbo cares about is upcharging to make more money over their initial quote at every opportunity they can. It became apparent after just 1 hour that the truck that they brought was not even close to being large enough for our belongings. It was full and I told the movers that they needed to move the rest of our things to my garage since our house was being sold the next day and I could not leave it furnished. They complained and whined about it, but finally moved the rest to the garage. By this time, it was late afternoon, and we needed to be in the city and moved in within an hour. Impossible after them showing up late and wasting time at my house. My wife and I drove to NYC, and then the guys disappeared for hours with the truck and our things. What they were doing, I'll never know, but I had to pay the doormen and porters in our new apartment hundreds of dollars out of my pocket to allow us to move in late and to work overtime. Finally Dumbo shows up with half of our stuff, again no apologies. When the men realize that certain items will not fit in the elevator, they flat out refuse to walk them up the stairs. They left our couch and bookshelf in the basement of the building. Hours later, and years off my life they complete bringing the other items up. I ended up paying a porter to carry the other furniture up the stairs with me. On and off the phone with Dumbo office 10x, and they agree to send another truck back the next morning to pickup the rest of my things - but only after I agree to give them another $1750. What choice do I have? My house was being sold that day! F'ing robbery and Dumbo knew it. They make you sign a disclosure that says that you will not dispute any credit card charges with them. The same moving guys show up and pack the rest of our things and deliver them to NYC. They are rude, ungrateful and miserable people. Moving out of a home after 15 years is stressful enough, but dealing with this company put me over the edge. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!!
Dumbo Moving And Storage
Julie Swiatkowski
4 months ago
Dumb movers was excellent start to finish. Kevin responded in a prompt manner and was very efficient with setting up the move. Stefan and Stevan from truck 108 were extraordinary. They did an amazing job! The move was from the Bronx to Buffalo in one day. They handled our move with extra care. They were very efficient, quick and just amazing. We highly recommend Dumbo movers!!
Dumbo Moving And Storage
Mariela Mendoza
a month ago
My husband and I were feeling very skeptical about what our experience would be like despite reading all the negative reviews on Dumbo Moving webSite. I have to say we were very pleased with the service Irakli, George and Alex provided. They were very professional very efficient and worked very hard! They handled our furniture and our electronics with care. They placed all our items where they belongs and even went above and beyond to tighten the treadmill. They were respectful and courteous. They work well as a team, I recommend that if you need to hire Dumbo for your move you ask to get them as they are a very good team. Thank you guys for everything!!!
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