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As of Mar 05, 2024, 352 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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District Veterinary Hospital's customer reviews analysis

District Veterinary Hospital Brookland appears to cultivate a positive reputation through the personalized and professional care its staff provides. Key factors contributing to customer satisfaction include detailed and caring communication from vet techs such as Dr. Raftery and Anastasia, who are praised for their proficiency and compassionate approach. The facility itself noted as clean and with convenient amenities like an online portal and parking. However, the perception of value for money is mixed, with some clients feeling services are pricey, although not necessarily unreasonable for routine care. The experience with lab result turnaround times has left certain clients dissatisfied, citing delays and generic responses from staff. Additionally, a concerning allegation of unprofessionalism and implied discrimination may indicate a need for the hospital to assess and address inclusiveness and customer service practices.

Positive Feedback

Clients of District Veterinary Hospital Brookland generally have high regard for the level of care provided. Staff members like Dr. Raftery and Anastasia receive specific commendations for going above and beyond in patient care, displaying strong professional skills, and offering detailed advice which resonates deeply with pet owners. The environment is regarded as welcoming due to friendly receptionists and a clean office space, which contributes to a positive impression. Features like the online portal and convenient parking are appreciated for adding ease to the client experience. Moreover, clients have expressed gratitude for the clinic's ability to accommodate their pets even during busy times, which demonstrates a commitment to patient care.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, District Veterinary Hospital Brookland has faced criticism for certain aspects of its service. A notable grievance involves the perceived high cost of care, with mention of nonrefundable deposits for exams that may deter some. Turnaround times for lab results are another pain point, with clients comparing unfavorably to other practices and expressing frustration at seeming delays and a lack of proactive communication. An isolated incident alleging unprofessional remarks by a vet and a possible racial undertone underscores a serious concern that could tarnish the establishment’s reputation if not properly addressed. Such feedback suggests that while many experiences are positive, there are areas where service consistency and sensitivity could be improved.

Frequently asked questions about District Veterinary Hospital

What kind of professional qualifications do the staff at District Veterinary Hospital Brookland have?

The staff at District Veterinary Hospital Brookland includes vet techs and veterinarians who have displayed strong professional skills and knowledge. Reviews suggest that individuals like Dr. Raftery and Anastasia are adept at handling various treatments and providing detailed advice.

Does the clinic provide emergency care for pets?

While specific emergency care services are not detailed in the provided reviews, clients have noted that the clinic has been accommodating for pets with urgent health issues like upper respiratory infections. It is recommended to contact the clinic directly for information on emergency care availability.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of when booking an appointment?

Yes, some clients have mentioned there is a $90 nonrefundable deposit for exams required when scheduling an appointment. It's advisable to confirm any additional fees and payment policies directly with the hospital before booking.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for District Veterinary Hospital

District Veterinary Hospital
a month ago
I took my cat Shiro for her digestive issue. The vet tech, Dr. Raftery was incredible. She gave me plenty of time to address all of my concerns and took time to explain everything to me, including suggestions on my cat's diet and treatment plans. Dr. Raftery has strong professional skills, is knowledgeable, and offers detailed advice on future preventive care. Great experience! I look forward to my next visit. Thank you, Dr. Raftery!
District Veterinary Hospital
Montana Monardes
4 months ago
Anastasia, the vet tech who was there to help us during our cat Moo's recent dental surgery, deserves a glowing review. From the moment we arrived at the clinic, her warmth and professionalism put us at ease. She patiently and thoroughly answered all of our questions, alleviating any concerns we had about the procedure. Anastasia kept us updated on Moo's progress and made sure to follow up with us afterward, providing essential information on post-surgery care. Her communication and genuine concern for our pet's well-being were truly exceptional. Her dedication to her work and her compassionate approach made a challenging situation much more manageable for us. We can't thank her enough for the care she provided to Moo and the peace of mind she gave us. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine kindness make her an invaluable asset to the clinic. We are grateful for her outstanding service and support during this time. Thank you, Anastasia!
District Veterinary Hospital
Lisa D
2 weeks ago
So I brought my dog here because he was having seizures and these people are about 10 minutes from my house. When I got there, the receptionist were really friendly and nice. The office is nice and clean. However, the vet did nothing at all and wanted to charge us $200 just for him to call my dog a cat and pepperoni. He never examined or touched my dog. He then insinuated that we couldn't afford treatment from him - keep in mind this is before he told us that he was charging us $200. The nerve right... I ended up taking my dog to another vet that actually wanted to help us. Oh - did I mention that we were the only 2 black woman there. Don't know if that made a difference or not but I did notice it.
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