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What do customers say about Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair?

As of Feb 22, 2024, 23 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 22, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair's customer reviews analysis

The company reputation of DC Glass Doors and Window Repair appears to be predominantly negative based on the customer experiences detailed in the reviews. Customers consistently bring up issues related to professionalism, punctuality, communication, and overall service quality. Instances of missed appointments, delayed or non-existent follow-ups, and challenges in obtaining refunds appear to be common grievances. Despite these issues, there are isolated incidents of positive feedback, suggesting some variability in experience, with praise for quick response times and satisfaction with emergency services. It is evident that the negative elements tend to overshadow the positives, generating a consensus that potential clients should approach this company with caution.

Positive Feedback

A small subset of the reviews for DC Glass Doors and Window Repair suggests that the company has the capability to provide satisfactory services under certain circumstances. Specifically, customers have valued quick response times in emergency situations, such as securing a business after a break-in, where the company’s intervention was deemed professional and convenient. Customers appreciate when services are promptly delivered, as with the same-day emergency cut, and when pricing is deemed the best for the requested service in the area. Instances of impressive service and expertise, like the successful repair of 11 townhouse windows that functioned significantly better post-service, highlight that the company can, on occasion, live up to customer expectations.

Concerns and Threads

DC Glass Doors and Window Repair has accumulated a significant share of negative feedback. Customers express severe dissatisfaction with aspects such as poor communication, including failure to follow up on service requests and to provide anticipated proposals. Charges for services such as email proposals, which were initially not communicated, have added to the frustration. Several instances of unprofessionalism have been recounted, involving missed commitments, rescheduling without valid reasons, and inadequate installations. Customers mention bait-and-switch pricing tactics, especially after deposits were made, which were not only unethical but also led to higher-than-expected final charges. The lack of timely responses, especially post-deposit, contributed to an image of unreliability, leading some customers to advise others against engaging with the company.

Frequently asked questions about Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair

What should I expect in terms of response and follow-up when working with DC Glass Doors and Window Repair?

Based on customer feedback, response and follow-up times can be inconsistent. While some customers reported quick responses, especially in emergencies, others faced delayed or non-existent follow-ups.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of before requesting a service from DC Glass Doors and Window Repair?

Some reviews indicate that customers were surprised by additional fees, such as being charged for an email proposal. It's advisable to clarify all potential charges upfront.

Can I trust the company to be professional and punctual during the service?

Customer experiences with professionalism and punctuality have varied. There are reports of missed appointments and rescheduling, suggesting that while some customers had a positive experience, others did not.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair

Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair
Sarah Potter
a year ago
The worst company. Do not use them. It took them over a month to get back to me about my door and they still did not fix it and charged me a fee to get my refund back. They are a bunch liars and terrible. Do not waste your time. EDIT: they just responded to this review 5 years later asking me to change it and that it has been resolved when it very much so has not been resolved and I still think about them to this day how much of a scam they are. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.
Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair
locksand lace
7 years ago
I set up an appointment for this company to come measure my door and give me an estimate to install glass in my balcony door. First they missed the appointment and i had to keep calling to get someone on the phone to reschedule then i asked for a written proposal and had been calling for a week. Spoke to someone on the phone and they said they would get the measurements from the technician then email me the proposal. Days went by and i still hadn't received it. Called again today and they told me i had to pay $35 just to have a proposal emailed to me. Why would they not tell me this at the beginning? I would have had no problem with it and who charges to have a proposal emailed but didn't charge to come out? If you value professionalism I recommend that you do not use this company. After i wrote this review they called my phone to tell me to don't call them while using foul language. I'm warning everyone, use this comapny at your own risk. The positive reviews are probably just some friends that they got to leave them a review to make them look good. Truly the most unprofessional company i have ever dealt with.
Dc Glass Doors And Window Repair
Brian Hillery
6 years ago
Extraordinarily unprofessional, I have no idea how they stay in business. After placing down a deposit on March 31st for a commercial glass door, and being told the door would arrive and be installed two weeks later, I was informed today, May 4th, that I would be receiving a refund of my deposit, with no explanation as to why the contracted work would not be completed. Stay away from this company. The owner will run you around in circles. They rescheduled more times than I can remember at this point. Terrible way to treat clients.
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DC Glass Doors and Window Repair is the marketing brand connecting you with local DC Glass Contractors. We work with local businesses that are very likely to have served you or your neighbors at some point. With a focus on Residential services, We have superior expertise the fields of window repair/replacement, Patio door repair/replacement, and Emergency 24 hour service for all glass related residential incidents. Cracked and broken glass are a great risk to the security of your store and merchandise. Make sure you hire a reliable company to install your glass panels and take care of your immediate needs.