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Published on
March 23, 2024
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March 23, 2024

What do customers think about Cat Cafe Liverpool?

Cat Cafe Liverpool has garnered a reputation for providing a unique and enjoyable experience for cat lovers and patrons seeking a relaxing atmosphere with the added charm of the company of cats. The staff is consistently praised for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing significantly to the positive customer experiences. Visitors appreciate the inclusive beverage offerings, particularly noting the free drinks and the quality of the coffee. The various levels of the cafe offer different engagement opportunities with the cats, although some guests have mentioned a preference for the ground floor due to more frequent feline interaction. Families and individuals alike seem to find value in the experience, with some guests using visits as therapeutic escapes. The concept of pre-booking and varying entrance fees based on time slots is generally well-received, deemed as good value for money, especially given the inclusion of unlimited drinks.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for Cat Cafe Liverpool underscores several commendable aspects. Firstly, the cafe is seen as a go-to destination for cat enthusiasts who cherish the opportunity to interact with various friendly cats in a cozy environment. Many visitors celebrate the ambiance and the staff's warm welcome and attentive service. The free drinks policy, especially hot chocolate and chai latte, receive specific compliments for adding to the experience's overall value. Furthermore, the quality of the food served, including cakes and paninis, enhances the positive impression for customers. Special occasions are catered to with personalized touches such as balloons, cards, and birthday tables, which customers find to be delightful additions. The cat cafe concept seamlessly weaves in therapeutic aspects, as noted by patrons who visit to assuage symptoms of anxiety and depression, finding solace and calmness in the presence of the feline inhabitants.

Concerns and Threads

While the overall experience at Cat Cafe Liverpool seems to be positive, some areas have room for improvement based on customer feedback. A recurrent issue pointed out by visitors is the distribution of cats across the cafe's three levels, with a prevalence of cats on the ground floor leading to less interaction on the upper floors. This layout occasionally necessitates patrons moving downstairs to engage with the cats more fully, which could hinder the experience for those who prefer or are limited to upper-level seating. Accessibility is highlighted as another concern; the lack of lifts in the building restricts wheelchair users to the ground floor, potentially limiting their experience. Lastly, the limitation of children's visiting times, while understandable from a management perspective, restricts flexibility for families planning visits during non-holiday periods.

Frequently asked questions about Cat Cafe Liverpool

Does Cat Cafe Liverpool have an age restriction for visitors?

Yes, there is an age restriction in place, principally for the well-being of both the children and the cats. Children are only allowed in the cafe during certain times which the establishment deems appropriate and safe.

Are drinks included in the entrance fee at Cat Cafe Liverpool?

Yes, all drinks are included in the entrance fee. Patrons can enjoy unlimited hot chocolate, coffee, and other beverages during their allocated time in the cafe. Any food items, however, must be purchased separately.

Is Cat Cafe Liverpool accessible for wheelchair users?

The building does not have lifts, which limits access for wheelchair users to the ground floor. This may affect the experience for those who cannot move freely between the multiple levels of the cafe where cats are present.

What are customers saying about Cat Cafe Liverpool

Cat Cafe Liverpool
owen burns
a month ago
Slaked my son's thirst for cats and had a lovely chill. As he is 6, he is only allowed in between certain times, which is fair, but he got his fill of our furry feline friends. Half-term is the only time we can make it, so it was busy, but they're very accommodating. Nice coffee - so important - and chilled cats to drink alongside. He wants to go again. And again. We will, it is well worth the visit. Thank you to all the staff and kitties for a lovely time 😽
Cat Cafe Liverpool
martin kelly
2 months ago
We booked online and turned up for our hour allocation on a Saturday morning. We were let in and there are 3 levels, with plenty of cats all over and seating on each level. The drink and food service is on the ground floor and they will bring what you want to you once you told them your table number. Drinks are free which is great (we paid £15 for the hour) and the hot chocolate with marshmallows was great. They also do food but you pay for that separately. You can also book tables which seemed alittle odd to me but overall a good experience and very friendly staff.
Cat Cafe Liverpool
Ly park
a month ago
A cat lover ? Then u must visit. I had the most beautiful moments with them spent 2 hours there and wasn't even aware of time. Lovely staff and drinks are nice.
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