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What do customers say about Camelback Toyota?

As of Mar 29, 2024, 8199 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 29, 2024
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March 29, 2024

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Camelback Toyota's customer reviews analysis

Camelback Toyota exhibits a mixed reputation based on recent customer reviews. A trend of positive feedback highlights the dealership’s ability to create a welcoming and personal connection with clients through its sales representatives, such as Robert, Samantha, and Elijah. Sales consultants like Hunter, Jimmy, Mel, and Austin are praised for their patience, helpfulness, and ability to deliver satisfying purchase experiences efficiently. Recommendations for specific employees suggest that individual performance is a strong contributor to positive customer sentiment. High regards for customer service and assistance in the purchase process are evident, with managers and finance personnel like Lon, Melanie, and Jazmin receiving commendations for their knowledge and support. In contrast, select negative feedback mainly addresses a lack of professionalism and empathy, particularly in reference to an experience with a salesman, David Johnson, and issues with credit checks and service quality. There is an implication that while certain aspects of the customer journey are well-received, there are areas in employee training and service delivery that require attention to ensure consistent positive experiences for all customers.

Positive Feedback

Many customers report positive experiences with Camelback Toyota, particularly praising the personable and enthusiastic interactions with sales staff such as Robert, Samantha, and Elijah. Staff members like Hunter, Jimmy, Mel, Yas R., and Austin are acknowledged for their exceptional assistance, patience, and quick facilitation of transactions, which led to a smooth and satisfying car buying process. Customers appreciate the detailed walk-through of vehicle functionalities and the thorough handling of financial discussions. Managers like Lon and other team members are highlighted for their approachability and eagerness to assist, reflecting the dealership's commitment to customer satisfaction as a priority.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Camelback Toyota, though less frequent, underscores issues of professionalism and empathy among some staff members, which can detract from the dealership's reputation. The experience described with salesman David Johnson includes criticisms of perceived disrespect, unnecessary credit checks, and a lack of sensitivity during a significant time for the customer. Such reviews hint at potential gaps in employee training concerning customer service and professional conduct. Furthermore, concerns over the quality of vehicle servicing, as detailed by one customer's underwhelming experience with their serviced truck, call for improvements within service department protocols and customer communication to uphold the dealership’s standards.

Frequently asked questions about Camelback Toyota

Will the sales staff at Camelback Toyota help me understand my vehicle's features?

Yes, customers have reported that staff members like Nathan take the time to thoroughly explain the technical functions of new vehicles, ensuring buyers are well-acquainted with their purchases.

Can I expect a personalized and pressure-free car buying experience at Camelback Toyota?

Many reviewers note a personal and pressure-free approach from sales representatives such as Samantha A., Hunter, and Austin, indicating that such an experience is a common practice at Camelback Toyota.

Is there a possibility I might encounter issues with professionalism at Camelback Toyota?

While most feedback is positive, there have been isolated instances where customers reported unprofessional behavior from certain sales individuals. Prospective buyers are advised to request assistance from recommended sales staff members who have consistently received positive reviews for their professionalism.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Camelback Toyota

Camelback Toyota
Fatoumata Kamano
2 weeks ago
Robert is a welcoming person in the service of helping someone choose the dream of his car. This day I wanted to go elsewhere to take another car, but he convinced me to take to your corner several times even though I wanted to go to another side. The patient and respect and the joy that gives to her clients. I recommend that you come to Robert because he is the best and an actor too. Thank you very much for making this day happy.
Camelback Toyota
Sara Lancaster
2 months ago
Yesterday I came to Camelback Toyota intending to test drive a 4Runner to make a comparison between other brands I was interested in. I was greeted by Samantha A. and immediately welcomed into the dealership. (Awesome ENERGY!) Surprisingly this huge dealership felt personal. Samantha was on top of my two top choices and went to bat with our negotiations. A completely positive experience to get this home within hours. Signed, sealed, and delivered with continuing care through the service department all setup. Ask for Samantha, she is truly the salesperson invested in your satisfaction with your experience and purchase!
Camelback Toyota
Rey M
a month ago
Salesman David Johnson(DJ) was kind enough to let me know what my problem was. According to him, my problem is that I listen to "mommy" when trying to make an informed decision. David was upset that I "wasted his time" even though he called ME to come in. He was upset that I was hesitant on the offer; I was hesitant because it would be higher than what I currently pay. During this whole interaction(~5 hours), my mom was keeping me updated on my grandfather's health as he is elderly and very ill at the hospital. She also was advising me, from her point of view, what would make more sense financially. Her advice, along with personal finances, swayed my decision. Jose ( Junior Salesman) was very friendly throughout the time he helped me. He helped me while DJ, who had set up the meeting with me, made me wait for hours showed up. Toyota should ensure employees like DJ take sensitivity training because they don't know what customers have going on in their lives. Or at least provide some professional training on empathy in the workplace. I don't think I was disrespectful at any point for him to make comments about me being a mommys boy and saying I wasted his time because I asked for more options. He also ran my credit even though I had already pulled up my transunion report with my credit, and we hadn't gotten to finalize a sale. He took my initials before checking to see if he could reach what I had asked for. I also hope the IT department can look through his phone and ensure the picture he took of my ID is gone. To end the day, I get my truck back from being serviced at the dealership, and I am disappointed with the results. I paid close to $500 in services and after a closer look with Brandon (who was amazing help in escalating the issue), we noticed the truck came out in worse conditions than it had come in. He took pictures to compare the before and after and was able to get the right help. He emailed me a copy of the escalation email that he provided his upper management with pictures-- I am now waiting for their response. On a normal day, I would have taken the bad customer service as a lesson and gone on with my day ,but with what's going on in my life right I think its adequate to let others know what to expect when coming to this dealership.
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Camelback Toyota is now hiring! We are looking for talented individuals to join our team. Our dealership has received many major accolades, including the President's Cabinet Award, the Board of Governors Award and the Pinnacle of Excellence Award. As a premier Phoenix Toyota dealer, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service in every department, from auto repair to sales and finance. We also offer perks like free Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments and a childrens play area for your convenience.