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January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Café In The Crypt?

Café in the Crypt enjoys a varied reputation marked by customer appreciation for its unique historical setting beneath a church, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city above. The ambiance is frequently noted for being atmospheric and cozy, with many customers finding the crypt theme intriguing rather than discomfiting. The quality and selection of food receive mixed feedback, with some patrons enjoying the offerings and considering them flavorful, while others find the menu items bland, overpriced, or inadequate, particularly during breakfast hours. Service speed is generally portrayed as efficient, and staff training processes are observed positively, contributing to overall satisfactory customer service. Despite this, there are concerns related to operational aspects such as lift functionality, affecting wheelchair accessibility, and menu pricing, which some patrons deem too high.

Positive Feedback

Many customers report positive experiences at Café in the Crypt, particularly praising its unique location and historic ambiance. The café's setting below a church adds to its charm and grants patrons a respite from London's bustling city life, frequently described as atmospheric and relaxing. Feedback about staff service is largely favorable, with efficient service often highlighted, acknowledging the café's suitability for quick meals before events. Guests also appreciate the variety of events held at the venue and the café's contribution to social causes like supporting the homeless. Specific menu items, such as the classic beef pie and pastries, receive compliments for their flavor, adding to the café's appeal as a worthwhile visit within Trafalgar Square.

Concerns and Threads

Despite its atmospheric setting, Café in the Crypt faces criticism on specific fronts. Patrons indicate dissatisfaction with the taste and pricing of the food offerings, suggesting that some items are bland and require additional seasoning, while others consider the menu overpriced. The range of available food, particularly at breakfast, is sometimes noted to be underwhelming, with limited options that fail to meet expectations for quality and taste. Additionally, operational issues such as the non-functioning lift have posed accessibility challenges, particularly for wheelchair users. There is also a sentiment that the prices have increased unjustifiably, which customers believe detracts from the value proposition of what is otherwise considered an iconic dining location.

Frequently asked questions about Café In The Crypt

Is Café in the Crypt wheelchair accessible?

Accessibility at Café in the Crypt varies; there have been reports of the lift being out of service, limiting wheelchair access. It's best to check the current status of their facilities directly with the café before visiting.

Does Café in the Crypt offer options for quick meals?

Yes, Café in the Crypt offers quick meals and is known for its efficient service, making it a convenient option for those seeking a fast bite, especially before attending nearby events.

Is the food at Café in the Crypt expensive?

Opinions on pricing vary among patrons; some consider the café to offer reasonable value for being located in a tourist area, while others find the prices to be on the higher side compared with the food quality and portion sizes.

What are customers saying about Café In The Crypt

Café In The Crypt
Stephanie Davis
2 days ago
We discovered this fast casual cafe many years ago and always make a stop while in this part of London. Love the atmosphere beneath the church. It offers a nice respite from the drizzle and the crowded streets above. We noticed that the lights are brighter than before and must be LED now. This time, I was in a bit of a hurry and opted for pizza and a latte. The servers were very busy and seemed to appreciate a smile and a thank you. The young man at the coffee station was being trained and it was nice to see his mate walk him through the process of making a latte. Mine was delicious. Be sure to stop by the gift shop on the way out.
Café In The Crypt
Laura Alexandra
a month ago
Decent place to eat in such a busy area plus interesting since it is the actual crypt of the church there. But the food was not great, pretty bland and needed a lot of seasoning. Also pretty expensive for what you get. So if you are just looking for a quick bite it’s ok, but I would come here for a nice meal.
Café In The Crypt
Rainer Hartmann
2 months ago
We had a pre-concert dinner at the Crypt and had a most enjoyable experience. The cafeteria-style food is not Michelin-level, but honest. The atmosphere is unique and set the mood for a wonderful concert that followed. I would definitely do it again.
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Self-service cafe in underground, brick-vaulted church crypt with gravestones and Wednesday jazz.