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What do customers say about Broadway Carpets & Flooring?

As of Apr 23, 2024, 172 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

delighted with my new flooring

looks excellent

very professional

absolutely amazing service

service was excellent

very pleased with the standard

immaculate fitting

excellent job

both laminate and carpets fitted was great

fitting was excellent

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April 23, 2024

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Broadway Carpets & Flooring's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Broadway Carpets & Flooring is consistently reflected as positive through recent customer reviews. The feedback emphasizes a seamless experience from measurement to installation, underlining expediency and professionalism throughout the process. A recurring theme is the company's willingness to accommodate customers' needs, such as removing old flooring or offering in-home sample selection for better decision-making. This adaptability extends to their problem-solving approach, seen in the example of repairing unstable stairs without additional charges, an act going beyond standard service expectations. Efficiency is another highlighted aspect, with several reviewers impressed by rapid yet thorough job completion, often noting the speed of fittings. The staff's demeanor, described as polite, friendly, and helpful, strengthens the company's customer-centric approach. Cleanliness and respect for customer properties are also consistently noted, as the teams are commended for their tidiness post-installation. Overall, Broadway Carpets & Flooring appears to cultivate a reputation of reliability, excellent workmanship, and a customer-first attitude.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Broadway Carpets & Flooring focuses on several key aspects of the service experience. Firstly, the speed and efficiency of their work are frequently praised, with installations described as quick, precise, and performed within set timeframes. The professionalism displayed by both the in-store staff and the fitting teams contributes significantly to customer satisfaction, as does the high quality of the finished work. Customers repeatedly commend the company for going above and beyond typical service expectations, which is showcased through gestures like providing additional samples for better choice flexibility and performing unplanned repairs at no extra cost. The fitters' conduct is viewed favorably; they are seen as respectful, clean, and attentive, ensuring that homes are left tidy post-work. Clients also appreciate the value for money offered, suggesting that the pricing is reasonable and competitive within the market.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews about Broadway Carpets & Flooring are overwhelmingly positive, pinpointing negative aspects from the provided feedback is challenging, as no overt criticism or dissatisfaction has been expressed in the reviews. However, from an analytical stance, even the absence of explicit negatives can provide insight into the company's operation. For instance, isolated incidents such as the delay in stair carpet fitting due to unexpected staircase repair might cause minor inconveniences to customers that have strict schedules. This suggests that while the company adeptly handles unforeseen issues, there is potential for disruptions in the planned workflow. Additionally, the reliance on individual staff expertise and the swift nature of the work may concern those who prefer a more deliberate pace. Nonetheless, these observations are speculative rather than evidence-based criticisms, indicating a scarcity of negative customer feedback in the reviews analysed.

Frequently asked questions about Broadway Carpets & Flooring

Does Broadway Carpets & Flooring remove old flooring as part of the installation process?

Yes, Broadway Carpets & Flooring is willing to remove old flooring and replace it with new flooring, as noted in customer reviews. This service is particularly helpful for customers who are unable to do it themselves due to various reasons, like health issues.

How does Broadway Carpets & Flooring handle unexpected complications during installation?

The company demonstrates a problem-solving approach by providing solutions like repairing unstable stairs, often without additional charges. They show adaptability to handle complications that may arise during the fitting process.

Are the installation services provided by Broadway Carpets & Flooring completed in a timely manner?

Customer feedback overwhelmingly indicates that Broadway Carpets & Flooring completes installations efficiently and within a short timeframe. Many reviewers have mentioned quick fittings, sometimes as fast as within a day for more extensive work.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Broadway Carpets & Flooring

Broadway Carpets & Flooring
michelle wall
a month ago
I am delighted with my new flooring that was done yesterday. Paul came to measure and quoted me a price at the same time after choosing the colour i wanted. Three days later the flooring was fitted. I had quotes from other companies who refused to take up the old flooring for me and wanted to put new flooring on top of old. Along with moving everything. I explained I have spinal problems and unable to do it. The fitters came ripped up the old and replaced with the new all within a couple of hours also helping with moving the furniture. Paul, dad and lad (fitters) thanks so much for my lovely new flooring. Excellent job and no mess whatsoever. Polite, friendly and helpful.
Broadway Carpets & Flooring
Cameron Hessey
a week ago
Stairs, landing and porch fitted carpet and vinyl, looks excellent and the 2 guys fitted it in around 40 minutes and were nice, tidied up the off cuts/rubbish as well making it easy for us. Reasonable price as well. Would definately recommend.
Broadway Carpets & Flooring
9 months ago
Amazing company and very professional. I originally picked my carpet from the shop but when they came out to measure they brought more samples of the price of carpet I picked this picking a totally different carpet .The fitters was fantastic as I had had issues before on my stairs going through my alarm cable . If you are looking for value for money , reliability, professional and approachable don’t go anywhere else !!
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