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What do customers say about Best Fit Service Centre?

As of Apr 23, 2024, 233 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Seriously impressive guys, am very grateful


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April 23, 2024

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Best Fit Service Centre's customer reviews analysis

The reputation of Best Fit Service Centre, based on recent reviews, presents a mix of both commendable service for urgent and tricky car issues and criticism regarding their communication and pricing transparency. They are often praised for their responsiveness, especially in emergency situations, which is a valued trait for customers in urgent need. However, there is a notable concern about overpricing and poor communication, which could impact their reputation negatively. The mixed feedback suggests that while Best Fit Service Centre has the capability to address complex mechanical problems effectively, their customer service consistency requires improvement. Highlighted trends from the customer experiences include their willingness to accommodate emergency repairs and the technical competence to fix a range of issues, balanced against criticisms of communication and pricing concerns.

Positive Feedback

Best Fit Service Centre is frequently commended for its prompt and accommodating service, particularly in situations requiring immediate attention. Customers appreciate the swift turnaround time, especially when compared to the waiting periods offered by other local garages. The reviews denote a strong capability in handling a wide array of mechanical issues, from turbo malfunctions to puncture repairs and more complex system fixes like Airmatic suspension. A recurring theme of gratitude is evident from customers who faced emergencies and were able to rely on Best Fit for rapid and effective solutions. Additionally, the garage's competitive pricing, when compared to more mainstream outfits like Halfords or Kwik Fit, has been positively noted.

Concerns and Threads

The principal criticisms levied against Best Fit Service Centre revolve around transparency in pricing and communication. Several customers reported communication gaps, particularly relating to the provision of quotes and updates on service progress. An alarming account mentions a significant overcharge on downpipes, which was identified as a price significantly higher than what was found elsewhere. This comes alongside an instance of purported dishonesty concerning parts ordering and the readiness of a vehicle for pickup. Complaints also include an issue of cleanliness, with one customer reporting rat droppings on the engine, implying neglect in vehicle care during service. These negative experiences suggest a need for Best Fit Service Centre to improve their communication practices and ensure transparency in order to maintain trust with their clientele.

Frequently asked questions about Best Fit Service Centre

How quickly can Best Fit Service Centre typically address emergency repairs?

Based on customer feedback, Best Fit Service Centre has shown a propensity for promptly addressing emergency repairs, often accommodating customers with urgent needs quicker than other local services.

Is Best Fit Service Centre competitive in their pricing?

While experiences vary, there have been several instances where Best Fit Service Centre's pricing for certain jobs has been more favorable than mainstream competitors like Halfords or Kwik Fit. However, potential customers should seek quotes and possibly compare with other service providers for assurance.

Does Best Fit Service Centre provide clear and timely communication throughout the service process?

There is a split in customer experience in this area, with some reporting satisfactory interactions, while others have faced issues with delayed communication and a lack of transparency. It's advisable for customers to clearly discuss communication expectations upfront.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Best Fit Service Centre

Best Fit Service Centre
Christine MacArthur
a month ago
Our car developed an engine issue on the way to Glasgow. AA came out, charged a fortune and couldn't help. We kept going on limited power and had a diagnostic test at Halfords. The issue was to do with the turbo and after speaking to numerous garages, they all either said they wouldn't touch a turbo issue or they couldn't look at it for a week or two. We have 3 babies/toddlers and couldn't get home (drive + ferry) without our car. Best Fit were the only ones willing to look at it quickly due to our circumstances. They looked at it the following day, unblocked one pipe and repaired another. It will require more work to fix properly but they only charged us £50 and we were so grateful that they managed to fit us in and do some repairs. Would highly recommend them.
Best Fit Service Centre
Anna C.
2 months ago
Great service, helpful and friendly staff and very quick turnaround. My partner car wasn't starting, he called several Ford garages in Glasgow and was told the first appointment was after 7 days. Phoned Best Fit, and the car was sorted very quickly. Definitely recommend.
Best Fit Service Centre
a month ago
Took my car to this garage I have never taken my cars to this garage before but a friend recommended as my garage was closed at the time. I thought I’d give them a shot. I dropped my car start of November to get new downpipes, service, gearbox service, back brakes and alignment done. After a couple weeks we kept asking for the quote as we wanted to see the price for the job but terrible communication. Mid November we received a quote finally and told them to start the job but we have suspicion that the downpipes was overpriced (£1600). After 3 weeks of no communication we were told that they have completed 1/2 of the job and they are closing for Christmas, told us to take the car for 2 weeks but it was un drivable as the exhaust was making a loud Rattling noise. They also informed us there’s another issue but I don’t know how they never spotted this from the beginning. Also we were told the car downpipes was ordered. I decided to leave the car there until they return from there Christmas break as it was un drivable. Start of January I come to see the progress when they are back and they assured me car will be ready in 7 days. I went and got some advice from another garage and was told that the downpipe was very overpriced they are charging me £1600 when it’s £500 part. So I went and seen the job wasn’t even started so I picked the car up and the battery was dead (they never moved it from the spot for 2 months) and there was rat leavings on the engine. They never ordered the exhaust so they just lied. AVOID THIS PLACE they have terrible communication, they are not honest, they do not do the work and they overprice the work. I was threatened by the owner to remove this review.
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