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Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc
Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc

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What do customers say about Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc?

As of Feb 18, 2024, 163 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc's customer reviews analysis

Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC exhibits a dichotomous reputation based on the available customer reviews. A pattern of scheduling inconsistencies and customer service challenges is evident, as multiple reviews recount experiences of last-minute cancellations, no-shows, and inadequate responses to customer communication, with references to unprofessional behavior from customer support representatives. On the flip side, there are accounts of prompt and effective service, particularly in emergency situations, along with praise for specific technicians and the quality of the carpet cleaning service provided. While some clients recommend the company for its professionalism, pricing, and excellent results, others admonish potential customers to seek alternative providers due to scheduling and customer service concerns.

Positive Feedback

Among the positive feedback, Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC has been applauded for their prompt and effective response, especially in emergency scenarios requiring urgent water extraction services. Technicians such as Montgomery are celebrated for their professionalism, understanding, and attention to detail, generating exceptional results in stain and odor removal. Clients appreciate the courtesy calls before arrival, reasonable pricing, and the polite and respectful demeanor of the staff. The company has been commended for accommodating scheduling on short notice and for their ability to restore carpets post-flooding, reinforcing their reputation for offering quality carpet care.

Concerns and Threads

While Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC has received some commendations, there have been significant critiques concerning their reliability and customer service. Clients have expressed frustrations over scheduling mishaps such as repeated cancellations and unexplained no-shows that result in wasted time. Negative encounters with customer service, as personified by the experiences with Veronica, highlight a dismissive and unprofessional attitude towards customer concerns, including instances of being spoken over and hung up on. Moreover, the refusal to accept previously sold Groupon vouchers without adequate notice has contributed to clients feeling misled and inconvenienced.

Frequently asked questions about Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc

What should I do if my carpet cleaning appointment is canceled last minute?

If Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC has to cancel your appointment last minute, it is advisable to contact them directly to reschedule at your convenience. Always ensure you have a confirmation of the new appointment time and date.

Are technicians from Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC punctual and respectful?

According to several customer reviews, technicians are often praised for being on time, well-mannered, and professional. However, experiences may vary, and promptness has sometimes been an issue reported by other clients.

What is the refund policy if the company does not accept a Groupon voucher upon arrival?

If Best Carpet Cleaning Services, LLC does not accept a Groupon voucher, customers are advised to contact Groupon for a refund, as per the company's directive. It's recommended to clarify payment options before scheduling a service to avoid any misunderstandings.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc

Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc
Yvette Abrego
2 months ago
I've had this appointment booked for weeks. I canceled appointments to be at home in the allotted window and they text me half an hour late that they're not coming due to an emergency.
Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc
Eric Sanchez
a year ago
I scheduled an appointment and they called me last minute to cancel. They rescheduled for the next day and guess what, they didn’t show. I called and spoke with Veronica, she’s great at talking over you and dismissing your concerns. She’s extremely unprofessional and condescending. She said there was no manager, and said they didn’t need my business, then proceeded to hang up. Do yourself a favor, find a better company for your carpet cleaning. This company is NOT the one. Service: General carpet cleaning
Best Carpet Cleaning Services , Llc
Jack Higgins
11 months ago
Scheduled appointment online then at the minute the appointment was set to occur they canceled and instantly rebooked me for the next day at a different time citing unable to contact. I was waiting by the phone for them to call and never received anything. Big waste of my time. Edit response: love the customer blaming. I called your office minutes after the scheduled appointment had been canceled. From the same number you were supposed to call. Was told too late! Crew had already moved onto the next. Reading other negative reviews seems whenever you have scheduling issues it’s curiously never your fault.
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