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B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. Reviews Summary

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Published on
March 3, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.?

B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. receives generally positive testimonials, suggesting a robust reputation, notably in collision repair. Customers commend the quality of the repairs, the professionalism of the staff, and the communication throughout the service process. The reviews reflect a customer base that appreciates detailed updates, thorough explanations, and efficient handling of insurance claims. Instances of dissatisfaction seem few but revolve around issues with follow-up service and attention to detail post-repair. While negative comments surface, they appear as outliers in the broader context of an otherwise positive impression of the establishment. It is pertinent to note that positive customer experience often highlighted interactions with specific employees, implying that B&L staff considerably contributes to the company’s overall favorable standing.

Positive Feedback

B&L boasts several strengths in its services. Customers frequently highlight the shop's expertise in bodywork and mechanical repairs, with work described as excellent from both a technical and cosmetic perspective. Communication is a recurring theme in customer satisfaction, with the staff, including individuals such as Jimmy, Alex, Rick, Diamond, Roddis, Liza, Daniel, Savannah, Yana, and Liz, being praised for their professionalism. The experience is reported to be pleasant, with personnel being both informative and gracious. Many customers mention quick and reliable service, the ability to deal with insurance claims effectively, and an appreciation for the added touch of car detailing post-service. This consistent acknowledgment of positive aspects in feedback reinforces the company's reputation as a leading auto repair facility in the area.

Concerns and Threads

While B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. generally enjoys positive feedback, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with specific aspects of the service. These negative experiences include missed details, such as a failure to order a necessary part, resulting in extended repair times. Additionally, there have been claims of damage due to the service provided, such as scratches from buffing machines, and concerns over the thoroughness of the repair job, with examples such as bumper sag and wax residue being cited. In certain cases, customers encountered reluctance or refusal to address these service-related damages, sowing seeds of frustration and disappointment. These negative reviews, although relatively limited, highlight areas where B&L could enhance their service quality and customer care post-repair to elevate their overall customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.

Does B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. handle insurance claims for repairs?

Yes, according to customer reviews, B&L is experienced in dealing with insurance claims and is capable of communicating directly with insurance companies throughout the estimate and payment process.

Can B&L Automotive Repairs perform both collision repair and mechanical maintenance?

Certainly. Customers have reported successful experiences with B&L for a variety of services, ranging from bodywork and collision repair to complex mechanical maintenance tasks.

Will my car be cleaned or detailed after repairs are completed at B&L Automotive Repairs?

It is common practice at B&L to provide car detailing after services. Customer reviews often express gratitude for the cleanliness and presentation of their vehicle post-repair.

What are customers saying about B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.

B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.
Peter O'Leary
4 months ago
B&L is mainly known for its collision repair/body shop business. So I was a little apprehensive when I brought my kid's Lexus RX 350 there with a list of mechanical maintenance issues ranging from easy to semi-tricky. B&L seemed like a good choice since they're right around the corner from me, though I hadn't visited them before. They dug into the engine bay and replaced spark plugs/coils (not an easy task on a 3.5L V6 Lexus), cleaned the throttle body, new air filter, and performed a beast of a job in replacing an oil line for the VVT-i supply. The communication was straightforward, the workmanship excellent, and the price was right, better than the stealership! Kudos to Jimmy, Alex and the team at B&L. Services: Carburetor cleaning, Air & cabin filter replacement, Electrical, Oil change
B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.
Nkabila Mwakyoma
8 months ago
They did a fantastic job with the repairs. My car when from looking like it was punched in the face to looking brand new 👍🏾. They did forgot to order a part which extended the repair time by a week. (Which is my only complaint). But both Rick & Diamond we’re very professional and communicated well. Service: Body & Trim
B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc.
Anthony Stompanato
a month ago
B&L is a top notch shop in both quality and service. I've had work done there previously and stopped in to talk to them about a rear taillight that was out-one that I couldn't replace on my own. They promptly replaced it without a charge. Great people and great service...
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B&L Automotive Repairs is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop covering all your auto service needs. We work with all makes, models, and dealerships as well as the top insurance agencies. Whether you need a routine oil change or full auto body collision repair, we handle it all. Call us today.