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What do customers say about Arifs Autofix?

As of Apr 22, 2024, 212 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Extremely pleased with the service

All my problems were sorted

Shaz took great care and fixed them all

always ready to help

experts who know what they are doing

saved the day

great service,great prices

been a happy customer every time

just great service every time

unable to fix my van

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April 22, 2024
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April 23, 2024

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Arifs Autofix's customer reviews analysis

The overall company reputation of Arifs Autofix appears to be highly positive based on the client testimonials provided. Customers consistently praise the garage for their honesty, reliability, and reasonable pricing, singling out Shaz for his trustworthy and effective service. The garage's ability to perform timely and economical repairs is frequently mentioned, with several reviews indicating that Arifs Autofix offered far better prices than competitors for similar services. Customers feel confident they are not being overcharged, contributing to the perception of integrity and fairness associated with the garage. The readiness of the team to address various car issues, from MOTs to engine repairs, is also highlighted, and the communication with clients receives commendation, with clear explanations offered regarding the services provided. It is noteworthy that there is a specific mention of the facility handling a clutch replacement during a customer's holiday, showcasing their capacity to handle urgent requests. Despite their busy status, there is a consistent narrative of customer satisfaction with the workmanship and service quality.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for Arifs Autofix include the transparency and honesty in their pricing and services. Customers express great relief and satisfaction at not feeling cheated, particularly when comparing the cost of services with other garages. The personal attention and care provided by Shaz and his team are also repeatedly acknowledged, instilling trust and encouraging repeat custom. Additionally, the swift and accurate diagnostics, followed by efficient resolution of car issues, have generated a significant level of customer appreciation. Clients are impressed with the garage’s ability to rejuvenate vehicles and return them to an almost new condition. The open lines of communication are also a notable positive, as is their flexible service, accommodating unexpected breakdowns and urgent repairs. These factors collectively create an image of a customer-centric garage that prioritizes both service quality and customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive elements, there are rare instances of dissatisfaction among some reviews, which slightly tarnish the overall customer experience. One negative aspect focuses on cleanliness after service; specifically, a customer received their white van with oily hand prints left on it, suggesting a need for improved measures in maintaining vehicle cleanliness post-repair, such as using gloves. This isolated incident implies that while their mechanical services are commendable, there might be room for enhancement in terms of personal touch and attention to post-service vehicle condition. Another point of contention is the inability to perform a specific repair due to the lack of qualified staff, in this case, to handle timing belts. This incident could indicate limitations in the garage's service capabilities and suggests a potential area for improvement in terms of staff training or recruitment to cover a broader range of mechanical issues.

Frequently asked questions about Arifs Autofix

Can I trust Arifs Autofix with major car repairs?

Yes, according to customer testimonials, Arifs Autofix has a reputation for handling major car repairs, even accommodating urgent requests with efficient service and affordable pricing.

Does Arifs Autofix communicate clearly with customers about service details and pricing?

Yes, customers have positively highlighted the clear and honest communication from Arifs Autofix, particularly regarding service details and pricing.

Is there a risk of my vehicle being returned dirty after service at Arifs Autofix?

There has been at least one report suggesting that vehicle cleanliness post-service could be improved. However, this seems to be an isolated event, and prospective customers can likely address any concerns about this with the garage prior to service.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Arifs Autofix

Arifs Autofix
A.I. I
3 months ago
Handed car in for an MOT. Extremely pleased with the service from these guys. Honest and reliable. Great prices too ! I know I won’t be getting ripped off by coming here again.
Arifs Autofix
Filip “Krygel” Mikulec
5 months ago
I'm amazed with Shaz and his garage. I thought I would have to scrap my 2009 Kia ceed as another garage that I have used before and asked 3x more for the same job. All my problems were sorted for an honest price and everything was clearly communicated with me over the phone, including the potential of the caliper replacement if they can't fix them. Another garage would replace them without trying and charge me. Not this garage. From now on, this is my default garage for servicing and MOT.
Arifs Autofix
Arafaan Awan
5 months ago
10/10 had loads on things wrong with my merc that was making think of getting rid of it. But Shaz took great care and fixed them all and my merc feel brand new again and pricing was honest which is very hard to come by these days. Keep up the great work.
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