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Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services
Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services

Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services Reviews Summary

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Published on
January 9, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services?

Customer feedback for Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services paints a positive overall picture of their general reputation. Clients have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the cleanliness and clarity of their windows post-service. There are notably consistent mentions of the professionalism, efficiency, and politeness of the cleaning staff, particularly highlighting an individual named Cameron and his teammates. The company appears to cater to various cleaning needs including interior, exterior, and specialized cleaning like skylights, with notable attention to detail given to the unique requirements of different window types, such as sash windows. The service is often described as punctual and thorough, with an emphasis on their respectful demeanor and no-mess procedure. Price is frequently mentioned as reasonable, contributing to the notion of good value for the services provided. Repeat business and recommendations to friends and neighbors suggest strong customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Positive Feedback

Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services is frequently commended for its professionalism and the efficiency of its cleaning teams, with many customers highlighting their punctuality and courtesy. The effectiveness of the cleaning process itself is a recurring theme in the feedback, with numerous clients specifically noting that their windows were left 'sparkling clean'. The company's ability to handle difficult-to-reach windows with ease and care, particularly with delicate fixtures like old sash windows, stands out as a positive aspect. The friendly demeanor of the staff, combined with their prompt and meticulous service, leaves a strong impression, enhancing the customer experience. Customers also praise the affordability of the service, suggesting that Apple Shine delivers excellent value for money.

Concerns and Threads

While the bulk of customer reviews for Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services are overwhelmingly positive, the dataset provided does not offer any explicit negative aspects of customer feedback. Given this, it's not possible to offer a balanced viewpoint on the shortcomings or areas for improvement within the company's service offerings. It should be noted, however, that the absence of negative comments in the current dataset might not represent the full scope of all customer experiences and perceptions of the service.

Frequently asked questions about Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services

Can Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services handle specialty window types, such as old sash windows?

Yes, several reviews mention the company's capability and care in handling special window types including old sash windows, ensuring that they are cleaned to a high standard without causing damage.

Are the cleaning staff of Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services professional and courteous?

Customer feedback repeatedly compliments the staff's professionalism and politeness, with particular praise for punctuality and the cleanliness of their work with no residual mess.

Is Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services considered affordable?

Many reviews describe the service as reasonably priced and great value for money, indicating that customers are satisfied with the cost relative to the quality of service received.

What are customers saying about Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services

Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services
Clare Turner
2 months ago
Windows cleaned inside and out and some internal mirrors. Super happy with Cameron and his mate. Very efficient, polite, professional and great value. Will definitely use him again and happily recommend. Services: Interior & exterior window cleaning, Glass & mirror cleaning
Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services
paul teigh
a year ago
Finally found a friendly quick and quality service for some hard to reach windows. Great attitude, really nice guys. Massively recommend. Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning
Apple Shine Window Cleaning Services
Josephine Thomas
2 years ago
This pleasant young man did an excellent job cleaning my (very dirty) windows leaving them sparkling clean. Nobody has ever got my windows really sparkling clean as Apple Shine do. Impressed with his high standard of work, excellent service and a reasonable price too. Highly recommended to friends and neighbours . Service: Interior & exterior window cleaning
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Apple Shine Professional Window Cleaning provide outstanding Window Cleaning Services - pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutters and more. ... A SPOT FREE, STREAK FREE SHINE THAT Leaves windows 100% clean WITH NO TRACE OF DIRT. ... available for your convenience in and around London - BEST Price & Service GUARANTEED!