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What do customers say about American Thermal Window?

As of Apr 13, 2024, 81 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024
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April 13, 2024

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American Thermal Window's customer reviews analysis

The reviews for American Thermal Window Products suggest a generally positive company reputation, with a series of compliments focused on professionalism, reliable service, and the quality of their installations. Many customers appreciate the detailed work performed by the installation teams, noting the improvements in energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal in their homes. The company receives acclaim for their commitment to customer service, exemplified by Iver's hands-on approach and willingness to address unique requests, such as custom doorframe adjustments and stepping in to assist customers who have been previously scammed by other companies. There are strong indications of customer trust, based on recommendations from friends and industry professionals, and positive interactions with various team members including Iver, Colleen, Dee, Ruby, and installation technicians like Stanley, Jerry, Vitaly, Dema, Bruno, and Victor. However, there is a notable critique regarding poor communication and delays in service experienced by a customer working with Colleen Byrne. This specific review contrasts sharply with the positive experiences shared by others and suggests an area where there might be room for improvement in terms of project timelines and proactive communication.

Positive Feedback

Customer feedback for American Thermal Window Products is categorized by several recurring positive aspects. Key highlights include the high-level craftsmanship and attention to detail that the installation teams bring to every job. The company's service is regularly described as professional, quick, and efficient, with specialized notes on their ability to customize projects to homeowners' needs, such as fitting standard doors into non-standard doorframes and aiding a customer victimized by another company. The interpersonal skills and helpfulness of the staff are frequently mentioned, enhancing customers' overall experience. The products themselves, including windows and storm doors, are recognized for their quality and contribution to enhanced home aesthetics and energy efficiency. Additionally, the company's approach to pricing is viewed as reasonable, striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and value.

Concerns and Threads

Analyzing the negative aspects within the customer feedback, there's a particular strain surrounding communication issues associated with one of the company's service representatives, Colleen Byrne. A customer reports experiencing project delays and a lack of proactive updates or follow-through on delivery and installation timelines, resulting in dissatisfaction with the service. This accounts for a significant blemish on a predominantly positive record. Such feedback underscores the importance of consistent and transparent communication from the company. These issues may not be indicative of the company's performance as a whole but rather point to isolated service mismanagement that suggests an area for improved customer engagement and project coordination.

Frequently asked questions about American Thermal Window

How does American Thermal Window Products handle non-standard installation projects?

American Thermal Window Products is known for personalized service, providing custom solutions like adjusting doorframes to fit standard doors. Their installation teams are proficient in handling unique challenges, ensuring proper fit and finish regardless of the project's complexity.

What kind of customer service can I expect from American Thermal Window Products?

Customers can generally expect knowledgeable and caring service from American Thermal Window Products. Staff members, including Iver and Colleen, are recognized for their expertise and helpfulness. However, it is advised to maintain clear communication to avoid any potential delays.

How do customers rate the pricing and value received from American Thermal Window Products?

Customers typically find the pricing to be reasonable, with American Thermal not being the cheapest nor the most expensive option available. They believe that the quality of the product and service provided by American Thermal represents a good balance of cost-effectiveness and value.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for American Thermal Window

American Thermal Window
Matthew Corcoran
a year ago
We got several quotes to replace 2nd floor and basement windows, as well as 2 doors. American Thermal was not the cheapest, but definitely NOT the most expensive. They came highly recommended to us by multiple people including a realtor/building manager friend. Iver was great through the entire process, making recommendations and suggesting ways to even save money to reinvest in other areas. They did a fantastic job on our 1926 Arts & Crafts home. We highly recommend this family owned business.
American Thermal Window
Ryan Sanderson
a year ago
They did an excellent job with our front door installation. They were able to customize our doorframe to fit a standard size door. It was well installed, we no longer have a draft by our front entryway. Colleen was very helpful with answering questions, she’s very knowledgeable. I was a little nervous about the red color of the door, but the door honestly looks beautiful!
American Thermal Window
Bonnie Birren
5 months ago
Hi,just had two of the nicest guys here to fix the locks on four of my windows. One was Kevyn,but I didn’t get the other gentleman’s name. Both were very helpful. Just wanted you to know good service is always appreciated. Excellent employees.
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We are your local authority in window, door, siding, and roofing replacement with over 35 years in business. We are licensed as a General Contractor with the City of Chicago. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.