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As of May 02, 2024, 721 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

exceptional service

so easy to call and schedule

absolutely amazing job

excellent job

always do a wonderful job

worked HARD

very pleased with the quality

blessing to our family

deep clean was absolutely amazing

every corner of the house was clean

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May 2, 2024

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Amazon Cleaning's customer reviews analysis

The aggregated reviews for Amazon Cleaning illustrate a highly favorable standing among customers regarding their deep cleaning services. A pattern of high satisfaction is evident, with clients praising the company's meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive service, which often exceeds expectations. The consistency of positive experiences, underscored by the reiteration of phrases like 'not a single spot was missed' and 'sparkled,' paints a picture of a reliably thorough service. This consistent satisfaction seems to drive repeat business, with several customers indicating a commitment to ongoing service arrangements. There’s an apparent trend towards appreciating the human element of their service, highlighting the professionalism, kindness, and punctuality of the cleaning staff.

Positive Feedback

A key strength of Amazon Cleaning, as evidenced by customer feedback, appears to be their exceptional service quality. Clients have consistently highlighted the thoroughness and dedication of the cleaning teams who perform deep cleans 'above and beyond' the typical standards. The timeliness and professionalism of the staff have generated commendation, as clients note that the cleaners are 'kind' and 'on-time.' The practicality of setting appointments and the added layer of supervision with third-person reviews of completed work also stand out as positive aspects of the Amazon Cleaning experience. Customers show appreciation for the sustained upkeep through recurring cleaning schedules, which helps maintain their homes in pristine condition, thereby demonstrating Amazon Cleaning's ability to offer both rigorous and regular cleaning services to accommodate various customer needs.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming array of positivity in the testimonials, the reviews provided lack any significant negative feedback. This absence of critique may suggest either a high level of customer satisfaction or a potential lack of a comprehensive range of reviews. However, without explicit negative comments, it is challenging to identify any specific areas of improvement for Amazon Cleaning. Future reviews that may contain critiques would be crucial to offer a balanced understanding of the company's service spectrum and to help them maintain and improve their service quality.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon Cleaning

How does Amazon Cleaning ensure deep cleaning is thorough?

Amazon Cleaning has received high praise for their attention to detail, with customers noting that no spot is missed during their deep cleaning service. The company seems to incorporate a methodical approach involving a team of cleaners, and in some instances, a third-person review half-way through the cleaning to ensure quality control.

Can I set up a recurring cleaning service with Amazon Cleaning?

Yes, Amazon Cleaning offers the flexibility to arrange recurring cleaning services, as highlighted by several customers who mention having bi-weekly services or looking forward to starting their recurring service in a few weeks. You can easily schedule this by contacting them directly.

Are the cleaning teams from Amazon Cleaning punctual and professional?

Customer reviews consistently affirm that Amazon Cleaning's staff are both punctual and professional. They are commended for their kindness, efficiency, and hard work, contributing to the positive reputation of Amazon Cleaning's service teams.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Amazon Cleaning

Amazon Cleaning
John&Faith Yates
a week ago
I've had my home deep cleaned by two other companies before, but none have come close to the exceptional service provided by Amazon Cleaning. Their attention to detail was impeccable; not a single spot was missed, and every corner of my home sparkled. They went above and beyond my expectations. I'm beyond impressed with the results and can confidently say that I'll be using their services again in the future. Amazon cleaning please keep up the good work and do not change it is hard to find good genuine service, Thank you for your work!
Amazon Cleaning
Ramsey Phillips
2 months ago
Very impressed with the whole experience. It was so easy to call and schedule. The cleaning team was so kind and on time. They did an amazing deep clean of my home. I can't wait until they come back and start my reoccurring services in 2 weeks.
Amazon Cleaning
Allison Smith
3 months ago
We needed help getting our house back to base-level clean. With a one-year old rooms were taking turns being clean. We reached out to Amazon cleaning on Thursday and they were at our home Monday morning to do a deep cleaning. They were so kind and did an absolutely amazing job!!
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Looking for a reliable and professional residential cleaning service in Atlanta? Look no further! Our experienced cleaners are dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning solutions for your home. We offer a wide range of services including deep cleaning, move in/out cleaning, and regularly scheduled house cleaning. Our eco-friendly cleaning products are safe for your family and pets, while still providing effective cleaning results. With flexible scheduling options, we make it easy for you to book a cleaning service that works with your busy lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule your first cleaning appointment and experience the difference a professional cleaning service can make in your home.