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What do customers say about Affordable Pet Clinic?

As of Apr 07, 2024, 1584 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Affordable Pet Clinic's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Affordable Pet Clinic appears to be positive based on recent customer reviews. Recurring themes from the feedback include the appreciation for the lifesaving treatments provided to pets, accommodating service for walk-in clients, and an acknowledgment of the caring nature of the clinic staff. However, experiences with wait times are mixed; some patrons feel the wait was worth the attentive care received, while others note frustration with long waits and perceived inattention. Additionally, communication via phone is identified as an area for improvement. Despite these concerns, the overarching sentiment is one of gratitude for the affordable and compassionate care offered to their pets.

Positive Feedback

Notable positive aspects of the Affordable Pet Clinic based on customer feedback include the clinic's life-saving treatments and effective care for various health issues in pets. Many reviewers emphasize the friendly and responsive nature of the staff and the willingness to accommodate walk-in clients without appointments, which is highly valued. The clinic staff are commended for their patience and ability to provide thorough knowledge to pet owners, which enhances customer trust. Affordability of services is repeatedly mentioned as a key advantage, aligning with the clinic's name and mission. The empathy and dedication displayed by the clinic are frequently cited, leading to strong recommendations from pet owners.

Concerns and Threads

While the Affordable Pet Clinic has numerous strengths, the customer feedback points to some areas for improvement. A recurring concern among some patrons is the long wait times experienced during visits, occasionally coupled with observations of staff seemingly not fully engaged. In several instances, customers expressed dissatisfaction with the clinic's phone communication, reporting difficulty in getting through to discuss their pet's needs. Also, there is feedback suggesting minor post-treatment issues, such as a cone not correctly sized for a pet's requirements, indicating a need for attention to detail in all areas of service provision.

Frequently asked questions about Affordable Pet Clinic

Can I walk in without an appointment?

Yes, Affordable Pet Clinic seems willing to accommodate walk-in clients, adding them to the schedule if possible. However, be prepared to wait, as walk-ins are typically seen based on availability and urgency.

Are the services really affordable compared to other clinics?

According to customer testimonials, the clinic lives up to its name by providing affordable services. Clients have expressed appreciation for the cost-effective care their pets receive.

What should I do if I'm unable to contact the clinic via phone?

Customers have reported difficulties in reaching the clinic by phone. It may be more effective to visit the clinic in person if immediate communication is necessary.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Affordable Pet Clinic

Affordable Pet Clinic
Jazmin Peña
a week ago
They saved my baby boys life!!! I have a 11year old Dachshund mix and I was afraid that it was time to put him down. He was not his normal self. I walked in on a Friday without an appointment which they added me to the schedule without any issues. It was a wait but worth it for my baby boy. They drew blood turned out he had an infection. They gave him IV fluid and antibiotics. The doctor and staff were amazing and careful with my baby boy 🙏🏽thank you sooo much for helping my baby boy return to his normal self 😭😭 🏽 May God continue to bless this clinic 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Affordable Pet Clinic
Jennifer Garcia
6 months ago
We’re so happy for the service we got in this clinic everyone is friendly they do answer any concerns you have , I initially took my baby Dino since he was having some eye issues I suspected that it could be some infection but it end up just been some allergies with his medication it got so much better he looks much happier now. Thank you definitely coming back for his future appointments! I drove over an hour but totally worth it for the service!
Affordable Pet Clinic
Kara Myvett
a week ago
They have great service and the nurses really care about your pet and making sure you have the knowledge, you ask for. Only reason why it's not 5 stars is I've had to wait over 2 hours one visit in the room and when I came out to ask what the hold up was, I noticed everyone just standing around talking. They hurried and helped me out afterwards me saying something. But service was still good, LONG, but good. Also they NEVER answer the phone. Don't call, you have better luck just going up there and talking to them if you can.
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