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As of Apr 15, 2024, 91 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.1 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Abbey Flooring's customer reviews analysis

Abbey Flooring appears to possess a disparate reputation based on collected customer reviews. While there are numerous accounts of exceptional service, including praise for quality flooring, competitive pricing, and commendable installation, the company also faces serious allegations regarding customer service and post-sale support. Positive reviews frequently commend the quality, range, and affordability of the products alongside customer-friendly support. A few customers even note exceptional attention to detail, expressing satisfaction with the willingness of staff to go beyond standard expectations. However, negative reviews center on issues such as improper installation leading to rapid degradation of the flooring, miscommunication concerning the product delivered vs. product ordered, and an alleged lack of accountability post-purchase. Given the polarity of experiences, Abbey Flooring's overall reputation seems contingent upon improvements in consistency within service delivery and aftercare.

Positive Feedback

A significant portion of customer feedback for Abbey Flooring highlights several commendable aspects of the business, suggesting areas where the company excels. Many customers report high satisfaction with the quality and aesthetics of the flooring products, mentioning the beautiful and perfect condition of their purchased items. Competitive pricing, often described with terms such as 'excellent value' and 'affordable,' suggests that Abbey Flooring is able to provide good deals for their buyers. Customer service is perceived as a strong aspect of the company, with frequent mentions of friendly and helpful staff, and efficient communication. The shop's capability in facilitating quick installation, alongside the professionalism and dedication of fitters, is also emphasized, with particular notes on their willingness to go above and beyond—for instance, returning to replace a defective plank voluntarily.

Concerns and Threads

Despite several positive reviews, Abbey Flooring has received critical feedback suggesting areas where the company is underperforming. A primary concern among dissatisfied customers is the poor quality of installation services, with reports of flooring lifting and tearing shortly after fitting. Issues with customer service post-installation are troubling, whereby customers describe the company’s refusal to acknowledge or rectify complaints and problems with flooring products and fitting services. Miscommunication or delivery of incorrect products has also been highlighted, with at least one case not resolved even after an extended duration. These negative experiences paint a picture of a company that struggles with consistent quality control and customer satisfaction, particularly in managing post-sales service and accountability.

Frequently asked questions about Abbey Flooring

Does Abbey Flooring offer a range of flooring options?

Yes, Abbey Flooring has received positive feedback for offering a good range of quality and affordable carpets and flooring options.

What do customers say about Abbey Flooring's installation services?

Feedback is mixed; some customers praise the installation service for being quick and professionally executed, with fitters frequently going the extra mile. However, there are reports of poor installation quality, leading to damage shortly after fitting.

How does Abbey Flooring handle post-sale customer service issues?

Customer experiences vary; some find the post-sale service to be fantastic, while others have encountered significant difficulties getting the company to address and resolve issues related to incorrect product delivery and installation complaints.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Abbey Flooring

Abbey Flooring
Linda McGowan
2 months ago
Beautiful rugs 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 excellent prices and customer service. Coloured patterned rug for bedroom £60 🌟Grey and white rug for living room £89🌟
Abbey Flooring
Anna Fletcher
2 months ago
Absolutely terrible company and horrific customer service. I purchased flooring for my kitchen from Abbey flooring who arranged fitting. Within 2 days the flooring was starting to lift and becoming baggy causing it to rip within 2 weeks the flooring was full of rips and baggy around all the edges. I contacted Abbey flooring with photographs telling them how the the flooring waste fit for purpose and in my opinion hadn't been fitted correctly. Abbey flooring didn't want to know and just kept stating it was fine when it left the shop and the fitting had nothing to do with them (even though they had arranged it and I was never even given the name of the company who had fitted it). They just kept telling me it must have been my fault as I was using it incorrectly. After getting absolutely nowhere with this company I made a claim with the Scottish courts and won my case. Its very easy to do I would recommend if anyone else is having the same issues with this company and getting nowhere to do the same.
Abbey Flooring
Maddie McCrossan
4 months ago
Brilliant company! Flooring is absolutely perfect, communication was great and done within a day. Can’t recommend enough. The shop staff and fitters were so lovely and done a fantastic job! Very happy customer!!!
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