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Village Gym Edinburgh

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Published on
April 3, 2024
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April 3, 2024

What do customers think about Village Gym Edinburgh?

The overall reputation of Village Gym Edinburgh is a mix of longstanding loyalty and current dissatisfaction among some members. The positive reviews commend the courteous and approachable staff, exemplary customer service, and excellent instructors ensuring motivational fitness experiences with a variety of classes. There is specific praise for the recently renovated spa area and the willingness of staff to go above and beyond in instances such as the return of lost property. Conversely, there are troubling reports concerning the cleanliness and maintenance of facilities, notably the pool, showers, toilets, and issues such as broken or improperly functioning gym equipment. Additionally, customer service lapses are mentioned, particularly at reception and with the administrative handling of membership cancellations. These highlight a discrepancy between customer expectations and service received.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects highlighted by customers include the Village Gym Edinburgh's dedicated and compassionate staff, with a special mention of their responsive and helpful nature even during stressful situations. The renovated spa area has been appreciated along with the range of available fitness equipment and the variety of classes, which cater to different interests and schedules. The facility seems to have a loyal base of members, some of whom have appreciated the gym's atmosphere and culture enough to remain with them for many years. Additionally, new members have felt welcomed and supported by patient and attentive staff.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative feedback from several members indicates recurring issues with hygiene and maintenance within the gym. The state of the toilets, shower doors, and pool cleanliness are repeatedly criticized, with reports of these areas being regularly dirty or in disrepair. The frustration is amplified by the fact that these issues persist despite raised membership fees. Complaints also extend to inadequacies in customer service, notably inattentiveness at reception and the sale staff's handling of membership cancellations, suggesting systemic operational oversights. Broken equipment and lack of gym etiquette—like occupying machines without actively using them—further contribute to the negative impressions.

Frequently asked questions about Village Gym Edinburgh

What are the gym facilities and cleanliness like at Village Gym Edinburgh?

While many customers commend the equipment and the variety of classes offered, there are significant concerns regarding the cleanliness of the pool, showers, and toilet areas. Complaints of regular maintenance issues have been noted, such as broken shower doors and unclean environments.

How is the customer service at Village Gym Edinburgh?

Customer service experiences seem to vary, with highlights on courteous and exceptional service from the staff. However, there are grievances concerning neglect at the reception, issues with staff responsiveness, and the handling of administrative tasks such as membership cancellations.

Is the Village Gym Edinburgh suitable for busy individuals who can only attend evening or weekend classes?

Yes, Village Gym Edinburgh offers an extensive selection of classes, including many options in the evenings and weekends to accommodate those with limited daytime availability.

What are customers saying about Village Gym Edinburgh

Village Gym Edinburgh
Sharon Baer
5 days ago
I have been a member of the Village gym Edinburgh for 9 years and have never made a complaint in that time. The staff have always been courteous , approachable, respectful and friendly during that time. I recently miss placed my mobile phone whilst in the gym, during that anxious period both the manager and assistant manager demonstrated exceptional customer service, the situation with dealt with the utmost respect & diligence. Thankfully with a positive outcome. If you are looking for a gym that puts its customers first I would highly recommend the Village Gym Edinburgh.
Village Gym Edinburgh
Caolan Harrigan
a month ago
Great gym with, great staff. The negative reviews on this page are written by entitled people. End of the day If you want a gym with good equipment, classes with great instructors that will motivate you to do your best and a very decent spa area that's just been renovated then join, if not then go elsewhere.
Village Gym Edinburgh
Katarzyna Fix
2 months ago
I would like to share with you that I am disappointed with this gym. I have been with them for 2 years and I am about to sign a contract for another year, but I don't know if I will do it because I appreciate the fact that the equipment is replaced with new ones, but the basic things that I require are very neglected, especially since you increased the subscription fee and I have purchased the full package. Let's start with the fact that there are often problems with toilets, shower doors are not repaired, so they either have no locks or have curtains and you can't use them and have privacy. The pool today was so dirty I couldn't even see my feet and it smelled like sewage it was a terrible experience I don't know what's going on with this gym in Edinburgh but I'm very disappointed. I pay and demand certain things and it starts to work worse than the cheapest gym I have ever been to in my life. I can also mention that in the women's bathroom, for example, the soap dispenser has not been replaced for weeks, so only one works. The pool areas are very dirty and this happens 90% of the time and I go to this gym very often, 5 to 6 days a week. When I want to buy something at the reception, for example a protein shake, the employees see you, but they don't even serve you and you have to wait even 5-10 minutes to be served because they simply ignore the customers. I just want them to solve these problems as quickly as possible because it's really below the level. However, it is the most expensive gym in the city and sometimes I cannot use the swimming pool because it is simply dirty or take a shower because I simply have no privacy. Many lockers in the fitting room do not close, which is another problem. Often, the equipment in the gym is broken, for example the monitors that are supposed to calculate the number of repetitions. As for the scale you have there, it is often disconnected from the power supply or simply does not work, it was replaced with a new one, but I think it's because the staff simply disconnects the scale from the monitor and then you can't check anything, which is a big minus, because, for example, I weigh myself exactly every week and it is very important to me.
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About Village Gym Edinburgh

Village Gym is a popular gym in Edinburgh which is open 7 days a week. The gym has a heated swimming pool (with lessons available), Technogym kit, spin studio, over 100 fitness classes a week as well as a steam room, sauna & whirlpool. Expert personal trainers help members smash their fitness goals & 'Me Mot' Health Checks are available. Various joining offers are available as well as young person's, fully flexible & off-peak memberships. For down time there is a bar, restaurant & Starbucks and our gym members can also enjoy reduced room rates, discounts at all Village hotels as well as access to high street exclusives.