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Published on
January 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Uncle Gussy'S?

Review analysis of Uncle Gussy's portrays a predominantly positive company reputation, with the food truck being lauded for its high-quality and flavorful Greek cuisine, consistently satisfying long-time patrons and attracting new customers alike. Customers praise the perfectly marinated meats, notably the grilled chicken, fresh ingredients such as salads with quality feta and olives, and authentic, well-crafted sauces complementing the meals. A key aspect of their service includes managing high traffic efficiently, maintaining swift and friendly interactions despite long lines, which contributes to a positive customer experience. Conversely, there have been isolated complaints regarding operational inconsistencies such as discrepancies between actual operating hours and those listed online. Similarly, concerns have been raised over the occasional food quality issues, with specific reference to dry and greasy meats, and one report of food-related illness, suggesting sporadic lapses in quality control. These incidents, while fewer relative to the positive comments, highlight areas for potential improvement within the overall highly regarded customer service framework of Uncle Gussy's.

Positive Feedback

Uncle Gussy's is frequently characterized by its exceptional food quality and authenticity in delivering a Greek culinary experience. The marinated and grilled meats receive particular commendation for their flavor, suggesting a high level of culinary skill in preparation. Customers appreciate the generous portions provided, which offer value for the price, especially in contrast with more traditional dine-in establishments. Additional praise is directed toward the fresh salads, genuine Greek olives, and the correctly garlicky tzatziki sauce. The ability of staff members to manage long queues efficiently and maintain a welcoming demeanor throughout the high-volume periods is repeatedly acknowledged, signifying a strong customer service ethic that enhances the eating experience. Moreover, the truck's cleanliness and presentation further reinforce the positive feedback loop that encircles Uncle Gussy's reputation for many of its loyal and occasional patrons alike.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive reception of Uncle Gussy's, there have been some notable criticisms. Key concerns stem from the operational accuracy, particularly the mismatch between the advertised and the actual operating hours of the food truck. Customers expressed frustration over wasted trips when the truck was not present as scheduled. Furthermore, reports of certain menu items running out earlier in the day point to inventory management issues. While less frequent, there are complaints about food quality, with mentions of overly greasy or dry meat and a tzatziki sauce likened to mayonnaise, indicating inconsistencies in food preparation. A singular, but concerning case of food-related illness was reported by a customer, emphasizing the need for stringent food handling and preparation precautions. This feedback, albeit limited compared to the truck's advocates, serves as an indicator for areas that may require attention and improvement to maintain and potentially enhance Uncle Gussy's reputation.

Frequently asked questions about Uncle Gussy'S

What kind of food does Uncle Gussy's offer and is it considered authentic?

Uncle Gussy's offers a range of Greek and Mediterranean dishes, including meats such as grilled chicken and gyro, salads, platters, and sauces like tzatziki. Reviewers frequently describe the food as authentic and flavorful, comparable to traditional Greek eateries.

Are the portion sizes at Uncle Gussy's satisfactory considering the price?

Most customers agree that Uncle Gussy's provides generous portions that offer good value for money, especially when compared to the prices of other eateries in New York City.

Is Uncle Gussy's able to handle high customer volume without long wait times?

Uncle Gussy's staff is often commended for their ability to efficiently manage long lines and maintain quick service, ensuring that even during peak times, the wait for food is reasonable and does not significantly detract from the customer experience.

What are customers saying about Uncle Gussy'S

Uncle Gussy'S
Manny Sergentakis
3 months ago
Best quality food truck in New York City. I would eat here every day if I could. Chicken was perfectly marinated and grilled. Greek salad was fresh, and they put enough good quality feta and the better Greek olives in it. The tzatziki sauce was exactly the way it should be with a bit of garlic in it. Very affordable for New York City compared to the store fronts. The staff is great and can handle the long lines, unlike the store fronts.
Uncle Gussy'S
Andrew Walker
a week ago
Uncle Gussy's is easily one of the best food trucks on Manhattan island. I can attest very firmly to this because I have been to over 50 since the pandemic struck. If we're only including food trucks that have regular hours and locations, Uncle G's might truly be the best on this island. The portions are great and all the meat they offer is excellent. I've been coming here for years and the quality has remained consistently high. I lived in the UES and Uncle G's had better kebabs than almost every single sit-down Turkish or Greek joint I went to.
Uncle Gussy'S
rio rio
3 months ago
I love this place. I usually get chicken breast over fries which comes with a little salad and pita. I add sauteed onions, and hot sauce with tzatziki. Hot sauce is spicy enough but if you aren't into heat don't get it. Also, they put a liberal amount of sauce on the food so if you don't like that add it to the side. Even if there is a long line the wait is not bad at all. The service is great, the guys who take orders and hand them out are extremely nice and friendly. Price is pretty decent for the amount of food you get. Highly recommend this truck. It's pretty much a must go if I am in the area.
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Greek food truck specializing in tzatziki sauce serves salad, platters, cheesesteak, pita & burgers.