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What do customers say about Bonnie Burrito?

As of Apr 25, 2024, 86 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

A ripper burrito and some kind service

Absolutely amazing. Well worth a visit.

The food was amazing, the team super nice

Have had four burritos this week and enjoyed everyone

Really tasty burrito bought with the ‘Too good to go’ app

By far the best burrito not to mention service

Amazing, tasty and veggie.

Best Burrito I have had! Everything was fresh

looked like a health hazard shocking

avoid ordering online as they keep delivering the wrong stuff.

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April 25, 2024
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April 25, 2024

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Bonnie Burrito's customer reviews analysis

Bonnie Burrito's overall company reputation is predominantly positive, characterized by strong customer satisfaction due to the quality of food and service, although concerns regarding cleanliness and accuracy in online orders have been noted. Analysis of the customer feedback indicates that the food quality, particularly the flavorful burrito offerings, has been consistently praised across multiple reviews. Friendly and helpful staff, alongside the customization of services for events, further contribute to the positive perception of the brand. However, a substantial concern about the hygiene of a food van has been raised, with a call for improvement in cleanliness. Additionally, inconsistencies with online orders have been a source of frustration for some customers, suggesting a need for better operational processes in this area.

Positive Feedback

Key positive feedback for Bonnie Burrito includes high praise for the quality and taste of their burritos, evident from the recurring descriptions such as 'amazing', 'tasty', and 'best burrito'. Enhanced customer satisfaction can be attributed to the customized catering service that appeared to exceed expectations, as well as the variety of sauces and generous portion sizes. The staff's friendliness and readiness to assist customers have also stood out as a significant positive touchpoint, fostering a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience. Positive receptions regarding value, particularly highlighted by offers like ‘Too good to go’, suggest customers find the offerings worthwhile despite certain comments on premium pricing.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the generally favorable reviews, key negative aspects emerged concerning hygiene and service consistency. A serious complaint regarding the cleanliness of a food van, perceived as a health hazard, is an alarming piece of feedback that could hinder the establishment's reputation, indicating a crucial area for improvement. This isolated report, however, contrasts with overall customer sentiment and requires attentive addressment by the brand. The second issue involves the reliability of online orders, where customers reported receiving incorrect items, pointing to a lapse in order fulfillment. This inconsistency not only diminishes the customer experience for those affected but also could lead to decreased trust in the brand's online services.

Frequently asked questions about Bonnie Burrito

What are the price points for Bonnie Burrito's offerings?

Prices at Bonnie Burrito are considered by some customers to be slightly high, with large burritos costing about 9.50. However, the general consensus is that the portion sizes and quality of the burritos justify the cost.

Does Bonnie Burrito provide catering services for special events?

Yes, Bonnie Burrito offers personalized catering services for special occasions, such as pre-wedding parties, and is highly recommended by clients who have availed of their catering services.

Is there any concern I should be aware of when ordering from Bonnie Burrito?

There have been reports of cleanliness issues with a specific food van, which could be a concern for some customers. Additionally, some have experienced inconsistencies with online orders, so you may want to ensure the order details are confirmed when ordering digitally.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Bonnie Burrito

Bonnie Burrito
Mike Mon
3 months ago
I went to the stall to order food and on ordering I noticed how un clear the van was it looked like a health hazard shocking vans that give food should be clean and tidy unacceptable contacted council for hygiene Update the one am talking about is not on newtington its the one next to blood clinic at laursion place the same address as this review the same location also you are same company as I've checked company house and under the same name u advertise the van for events in your shop maybe clean the van and ill think about removing not going lie to people but clean it and ill remove as this is advise to improve the food is great though but people like a clean shop or van
Bonnie Burrito
Lauren and Scott
7 months ago
A ripper burrito and some kind service from the young man and woman. Very helpful with ordering. Size of the burrito is generous and the flavours were really tasty. A little pricey though! 9.50 for a large..
Bonnie Burrito
Lawrie Neilson
5 years ago
Went last Friday to try it, was good. Went back today and got a large Burrito....chicken/pork with everything on it and the sweet/chilli (can't remember the name) sauce. Absolutely amazing. Well worth a visit.
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