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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Tempositions Group Of Companies?

The TemPositions Group of Companies exhibits a mixed reputation based on recent reviews. On the positive side, some temporary employees and job seekers share sentiments of satisfaction with certain coordinators’ professionalism, responsiveness, and support during the job placement process. Recruiters like Natasha O'Connell and representatives such as Lisa Solas are praised for their compassion and efficiency, which helps sustain the company’s image as a credible staffing agency. Conversely, there are notable challenges faced by temporary employees, predominantly related to job assignment management, including inconsistent availability of work, last-minute cancellations, and geographical assignment issues. In addition, there are serious concerns revolving around internal communication, payroll errors, and perceived lack of professionalism from certain staff members. The non-compete clause among TemPositions’ subcontractors is particularly contentious, limiting job flexibility and access to better opportunities for temporary employees. The intensity of these issues varies within different company departments, indicating discrepancies in operational consistency.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for The TemPositions Group of Companies primarily illustrates satisfaction with specific staff members who exhibit professionalism, prompt communication, and a supportive role in assisting job seekers. Employees find value in the agency's ability to provide employment opportunities, particularly during early career stages or to augment income. Some temporary assignments are commended for their rewarding experience and reasonable compensation. Incentives, timely payment, and referral bonuses stand out as beneficial features. Exceptional coordinators, as highlighted in some reviews, are perceived as passionate and efficient, which contributes to a positive image and a sense of reliability. The perceived empathy and encouragement during difficult personal times is also cherised by candidates, amplifying the company's reputation for humaneness and client care.

Concerns and Threads

Negative customer experiences at The TemPositions Group of Companies reflect concerns about job assignment management, unprofessionalism, and operational inconsistencies. Employees express frustration over the lack of stability in work assignments, with some experiencing last-minute cancellations and geographical inconveniences, leading to dissatisfaction and joblessness during critical periods like the holiday season. Concerns over internal communications are evident, with reports of unresponsive coordinators and perceived rudeness. Significant payroll issues, refusal to pay accrued sick leave, and obstructions in receiving owed payment contribute negatively to the company's reputation. Moreover, the restrictive non-compete clause among subcontractors hinders job flexibility, affecting morale and limiting growth. Data privacy issues raised by some reviewers, along with the inability to have personal information removed upon request, intensify concerns about the company's operational integrity.

Frequently asked questions about The Tempositions Group Of Companies

Does The TemPositions Group have flexible job options available for temporary employees?

According to recent feedback, while The TemPositions Group provides a range of temporary job opportunities, flexibility can be limited due to certain non-compete clauses among its subcontractors and issues with inconsistent job assignment availability.

How professional and responsive is the staff at The TemPositions Group?

Staff responsiveness and professionalism seem to vary within The TemPositions Group. Some coordinators and representatives receive high praise for their exceptional service, while others are criticized for perceived unprofessionalism and communication issues.

Can I trust The TemPositions Group to handle my personal information securely?

A few reviews have raised concerns regarding the handling of personal information, with some individuals experiencing difficulties in having their data removed upon request. Prospective customers should inquire directly with the company about their data security and privacy policies.

What are customers saying about The Tempositions Group Of Companies

The Tempositions Group Of Companies
Jean Grullón
2 months ago
In the NYC asylum project some subcontracting staffing companies under Tempositions are struggling to meet demand (On Call Counsel) while others are struggling to give people enough work/overtime (Equiliem). However, due to a non-compete clause between Tempositions subcontractors, the ability for a TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE to transfer from one company to another is restricted. This restriction prevents individuals from accessing additional, higher-paying opportunities, even when it would not adversely affect these companies. Such a change could promote balance and benefit all parties involved. I have been qualified and selected for a position at On Call Counsel on two occasions, and both times they’ve prevented me from moving forward after they see I’m already in the project. Consequently, I find myself in a situation where I am fully qualified and willing to take on more work, including overtime, but I am unable to do so due to factors beyond my control.
The Tempositions Group Of Companies
3 months ago
Great company to work for when you are starting out to be a teacher assistant. Have most assignments are good, however during the summer there’s not a lot of assignments and sometimes they don’t have assignments available which I feel like it’s not school professionals fault as we get paid through the schools for example one director told me she had to pay school professionals to have a substitute teacher assistant come in, so really it depends on the schools need. My personal representative was good she tried her best to give me a long assignment however you would have to pick up assignments quickly as you would have to put yourself on the waitlist. Every company haves pros and cons. Some cons are sometimes not having assignments available, being waitlisted which doesn’t guarantee that you get the assignments, schools can cancel your assignments it can also be last minutes, some of the schools they send you are not good, they send you assignments which are far away, if you make a complaint about a school try not to do it don’t pick up the assignment that they send you to a school you don’t like it is not worth complaining to them as they would cut access to assignments which happen to me keeping me out of work for weeks even if you deny an extension to an assignment which it is your choice. I see some people dress up unprofessional and use their phone as the company have a strict policy not to do so but no one follows which is not fair as they give work to those people leaving me out of work when I follow their policy which is not fair and ridiculous basically gives work to the people they want to that was something I dislike about the company other than that it is okay to work for the company if you are starting a career in education or to make extra cash not a good option for a permanent job unless if a company is interested in hiring you or you’re a permanent sub. Be prepare to work hard and feel burnt out as some school take advantage of you for example your not allowed to be by yourself in a classroom, do openings or closing but schools mostly daycares don’t care about that policy. You can’t be late or call out or cancellation as you will have three warnings you either be on probation or terminated which is annoying, if you want to cancel an assignment you would have to call them and they act like you’re dumb and the tone of the person voice was so unwelcoming and rude.Some pros are you get paid on time, the second week on Friday, you can refer someone and get money for it, there are incentives, some schools are good and show appreciation, you kind of get paid more for example I accepted an assignment which was for 3 hours and got $80 for it, so you should really look and choose assignments wisely.
The Tempositions Group Of Companies
Brathwaite Oddia
2 months ago
This is the worst company I have ever worked at zelean and Donna are rude and don’t know how to speak to people you ask a question and before you can get an answer the will hang up the phone 2 the always making mistakes on payroll . I would not recommend temp position . There are other temp agencies much better and professional than dealing with those two women I left and can’t get paid for my 50 hours in sick time . I called out for two days and they need a doctors note and Donna send a an email saying she can terminate me for calling out for two days .. worst company
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Founded in 1962, The TemPositions Group of Companies is a privately owned full-service staffing firm offering temporary, contract temp-to-hire and direct hire services. Bring on skilled professionals for fixed-term assignments, ensuring flexibility and immediate impact while managing short-term vacancies, peak workloads, and special projects. Evaluate candidate fit and minimize hiring risk without making a permanent commitment.Scale quickly and focus on growing your business while we manage your hiring pipeline from sourcing to onboarding. Implement large-scale staffing programs on a local, regional, and national basis with our managed staffing services. Leverage our expertise to ramp up your workforce effectively.