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As of Apr 18, 2024, 92 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Allstaff's customer reviews analysis

Analyzing the reviews for AllStaff, it appears that the company has built a commendable reputation through efficient, prompt communication and personalized support for job seekers. Testimonials repeatedly note the professionalism, helpfulness, and caring nature of the staff members, with several reviewers specifying individuals like Beth, Gordon, Emily, Gillian, Jennifer, Jake, and Emma for their exceptional assistance. Recurring themes include quick responses to CV submissions, prompt scheduling of interviews, and suitable job placements. Furthermore, many reviewers appreciate the follow-ups post-job placement, continual shift opportunities for temporary positions, and the genuinely supportive attitude of the AllStaff team. However, there is a mention of unprofessionalism regarding a late notice for an induction, hinting at potential isolated incidents where the company’s service might falter.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for AllStaff predominantly highlights the agency's rapid response to job inquiries and exceptional support throughout the job seeking process. Clients commend individual consultants for their understandability and caring approach, ensuring that the job placements align with the candidates' preferences and skills. The company is praised for its proactive engagement, where staff members like Emily and Emma maintain contact and support even after successful placements. Testimonials emphasize AllStaff's ability to provide immediate work opportunities, flexibility in scheduling, and an overall personal approach that accommodates individual needs and aspirations. This level of personalized attention and efficiency seems to be a key driver of client satisfaction and the agency's positive image.

Concerns and Threads

While the breadth of positive feedback for AllStaff is substantial, an isolated review suggests a lapse in professionalism, specifically citing a very short notice given before an induction, only two hours prior. This incident, while singular among the reviews provided, indicates that there may be instances where the company's high standards of communication and service are not consistently met. Such experiences can negatively impact the reputation of the agency and can be crucial areas for improvement to ensure all clients receive the same level of service excellence that AllStaff is generally known for.

Frequently asked questions about Allstaff

How quickly can AllStaff help me find a job?

Based on customer experiences, AllStaff is known for their rapid response times to CV submissions and has a track record of scheduling interviews and securing job placements swiftly, often within a matter of days.

Do AllStaff consultants provide support after I've been placed in a job?

Yes, reviewers have noted that AllStaff consultants, such as Emily and Gillian, often continue to offer support and check in with candidates even after a successful job placement, reflecting their commitment to the candidates' long-term satisfaction.

What types of jobs does AllStaff specialize in?

While specific job types aren't detailed in the reviews, clients mention placements in administrative/office work, temporary shifts, and various roles suitable for recent graduates. The agency seems to cater to a diverse range of employment opportunities.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Allstaff

Colin Linskey
2 months ago
Spotted job similar to what I had been doing, forwarded my CV online, then Allstaff got in touch within a few minutes that my experience was ideal, and applied online. Call back short time later, asking to register with them the next day, Passport ID checked and Induction day after. But waiting from client as when to start. Helpful chat with Beth (and Gordon), in the meantime. Finally started work, obviously doing okay as I'm still with client, temporary position, but constant shifts, with notification from Allstaff, asking to confirm I could work the shifts offered the following week. Enjoying working there too...
Cyriacus Amaechi
a month ago
Working with Allstaff was a great Experience. I must appreciate Gordon, he's so understandable and caring. I'm delighted working with them.
Lyndsey Kerrigan
a year ago
After uploading my CV to various sites I was contacted by a staff member at AllStaff. Had an online meeting with Emily Harrison who was lovely and friendly from the very start. The very next day she called me with details of a company who would like to interview me. Attended my interview the next day and was lucky enough to be offered the job. Emily was so helpful, and even after I started my new position, she still contacted me to see how I was getting on. Cannot recommend AllStaff/Emily enough.
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