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Published on
February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Blind Guy?

The overall reputation of The Blind Guy Manchester seems to be strongly positive, based on the latest customer reviews. Clients speak highly of the quality of both the products and the service received. Reviews frequently signify satisfaction with the luxurious look and high quality of the blinds. The fast and reliable services for quotes and fittings, along with the professional demeanor of the staff, are recurrently mentioned. Another theme that stands out is the appreciation for the comprehensive assistance provided, from clear explanation of options to accommodating special requests and offering design advice. The company's ability to fit a variety of blind types, including faux wood, plantation shutter, and real wood Venetian blinds, is noted as a factor that enhances the room aesthetics, with particular mention of the transformation of spaces such as bay windows. Despite the noted long lead times, which appear to be an industry-wide issue, the company's promptness once materials become available is praised. The responses from Michael, Owen, and their team are described as honest, trustworthy, and professional. This is complemented by the aftercare service, such as the provision of free replacement toggles for the blinds. Overall, the feedback suggests that customer experience with The Blind Guy Manchester is exceptionally positive, contributing to its commendable company reputation.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from customer feedback for The Blind Guy Manchester include the perceived high quality and luxurious appearance of the blinds offered. Reviews indicate that customers appreciate the fast turnaround times for quotes and fittings, which, despite occasional long lead times for materials, does not seem to detract significantly from the overall positive experience. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff are highlighted consistently, contributing substantially to customer satisfaction. Another positive dimension is the consultation process, during which customers report receiving honest advice, including product recommendations and design suggestions tailored to their needs. Post-installation support is also a notable positive, demonstrated by actions like providing replacement parts at no extra charge. The ability of the team to work around clients’ schedules and accommodate special requests, such as returning to fit a blind post-kitchen renovation, also receives commendation. In summary, professionalism, product quality, customer-oriented service, and responsive aftercare form the crux of the positive experiences shared by clients of The Blind Guy Manchester.

Concerns and Threads

While overwhelmingly positive, the reviews provide a minimal amount of negative feedback, which mostly concerns external factors rather than direct service deficiencies. The long lead times mentioned by customers are attributed to industry-wide delays in obtaining materials. Although these delays are apparently not unique to The Blind Guy Manchester and are somewhat beyond the company's control, they are nonetheless a point of friction for customers. However, it is worth noting that once the materials were in stock, service was executed promptly, mitigating the impact of this issue to some extent. No other specific negative patterns or concerns are evidenced in the current set of customer reviews. The lack of negative comments suggests that any dissatisfaction is atypical or that customers do not have major issues with the company's services.

Frequently asked questions about The Blind Guy

What types of blinds does The Blind Guy Manchester offer?

The Blind Guy Manchester offers a range of blinds including faux wood, plantation shutter, and real wood Venetian blinds, catering to different aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Can I expect a quick installation after ordering blinds from The Blind Guy Manchester?

Customers generally report fast and reliable quote and fitting services. However, there may be industry-wide delays concerning material availability. Once materials are available, the company is prompt in arranging installation.

Does The Blind Guy Manchester provide aftercare service?

Yes, the company is noted for its post-installation support, including replacing parts at no extra cost and accommodating special requests even after the initial installation is complete.

What are customers saying about The Blind Guy

The Blind Guy
Yasmin Gulcicek
a month ago
Would highly recommend these guys! Really fast and reliable for quotes and fittings. Both me and my mum have had the faux wood blinds fitted for all windows in our houses and are so happy with them! They look luxurious and are high quality. Have never let us down and would definitely not go to anyone else for blinds again. They are so friendly and professional too!
The Blind Guy
lydia smith
5 months ago
Yesterday we had our plantation shutter blinds fitted by the Manchester Blind Guys. We had 4 people come and quote us (both high street retailers & independent businesses). From the minute Michael and the team arrived they were honest, trustworthy and I felt I wanted to give them our business. The lead time is quite long, but this was the same with all suppliers due to getting the materials. However, as soon as the materials were available Michael fitted them the next day. The blinds have transformed our room and our bay window. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough!
The Blind Guy
Peter Lloyd
5 days ago
I had some Real Wood Venetian Blinds fitted in my lounge. The options available were explained to me clearly and once I had made my decision the blinds arrived quickly. The fitted blinds are exactly what I wanted and as described. Peter - Brooklands Manchester
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