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Published on
March 24, 2024
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March 24, 2024

What do customers think about Spa Logic?

Analysis of reviews for Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa reveals a mixed but predominantly positive overall reputation, with customers speaking highly of their experiences at the salon. The positive reviews frequently highlight the professionalism and skill of the staff, particularly mentioning Cynthia, Kathy Luu, Mandy, Nina, and Sam for their outstanding service in nail care, and the high praise for a massage done by Ms. Dalia. The salon is commended for its cleanliness, the quality of its pedicures, and its ability to accommodate clients' needs promptly. Moreover, clients have been returning for years, proving customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, there are significant concerns raised in the negative reviews, which depict a less flattering image of some services, particularly junior stylists' haircuts, suggesting inconsistencies in service quality and room for improvement in the staff's training and attentiveness during treatments like facials.

Positive Feedback

Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa is well-regarded for its exceptional nail services and tranquil spa treatments, with customers specifically pointing out the clean environment, reasonable prices, and the ability to provide last-minute appointments. Noteworthy is the long-standing customer loyalty, exemplified by one patron's ten-year patronage praising both hair and ancillary spa services. The staff's professionalism and talent are recurring positive themes; customers are naming individual employees as reasons for their repeated visits. The nail artists Mandy & Nina, in particular, are lauded for their de-stressing services. Furthermore, the quality and durability of the pedicures are lauded, which, along with a divergent selection of color choices and relaxing leg/foot massages, contribute to what some describe as the 'best pedicure ever.'

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa has received several criticisms that point to areas requiring immediate attention. A significant negative experience highlighted is a client receiving a highly unsatisfactory haircut from a junior stylist that necessitated corrective action, inflicting unwanted losses in hair length and the imposition of unwanted bangs. Another noteworthy negative feedback pertains to the lack of attentiveness from an esthetician who, instead of engaging with the client during a facial, chose to watch videos on her phone, resulting in an unrelaxing experience. These incidents suggest an inconsistency in staff training and professionalism, particularly among junior staff members, and emphasize the need for stringent quality control measures to ensure every customer receives the high standard of service expected from a reputable salon.

Frequently asked questions about Spa Logic

What services are highly recommended at Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa?

Customers have highly recommended the nail services, specifically mentioning pedicures and the work of nail artists Mandy & Nina, as well as the massages – with Ms. Dalia’s services being particularly praised.

Are there any concerns to be aware of before booking a hair service at Spa Logic?

While many clients are satisfied with their hair services, there have been instances of unsatisfactory haircuts, particularly from junior stylists. It's advisable to inquire about the stylist's experience level or request a senior stylist when booking.

Can I book a last-minute appointment at Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa?

Spa Logic appears to be adept at accommodating last-minute appointments, based on customer feedback citing prompt service for spur-of-the-moment visits.

What are customers saying about Spa Logic

Spa Logic
Alexandra Simbulan
3 months ago
I booked an appointment through ClassPass and I was SO impressed. I’ve been looking for a nail salon I would like to frequent in the area and I think I’ve found it! The prices are very reasonable compared to some other locations in the area! The location is easy to find and the space is very clean. Cynthia did a fantastic and relaxing pedicure. I can’t wait to come back :)
Spa Logic
Taylor Hoffman
3 weeks ago
when I received my facial, the esthetician applied my mask and walked away - then she proceeded to watch television/videos on her phone while in the same room. it was disturbing & absolutely not a relaxing experience. i will not be going back for a facial again.
Spa Logic
Anna Reid
9 months ago
Do not get your hair cut here. I left here with a haircut so bad that I genuinely questioned whether the person who did it had been trained. I’m including a photo of the haircut I first left with (this photo was taken ten minutes after leaving the salon) and the photo of the haircut I had asked for (blonde girl). The haircut I got was actually so bad I went back and to their credit they did have a different stylist spend about an hour fixing it for me, but I can’t stress enough how BAD the original haircut was. Between the initial cut and fixing it, I ended up losing about four inches of hair (after I had come in asking for as little length as possible to be cut off). I also have bangs (which I did not ask for) that are too short to be pulled back, so I will be dealing with those the entire humid summer. They did fix it and were very apologetic about it, but the original haircut was so bad I want to warn others to not go here or at the very least do not get a cut done by a junior stylist!
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About Spa Logic

Spa Logic Hair Salon & Day Spa is a stylish and fashionable hair salon and day spa situated in the heart of Washington, D.C.'s Dupont Circle. Our full-service hair salon and day spa are located in a four-story, historic building that blends classic architecture with modern amenities. As a woman-owned establishment, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment for everyone. We offer an extensive range of services, including haircuts, coloring, nail care, massages, facials, spray tans, body scrubs, skin peels, microchanneling, and more. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly frontdesk team.