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February 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Renters Warehouse?

Renters Warehouse's reputation appears divided based on analyzed customer reviews. On one hand, there are significant grievances concerning inadequate tenant screening, poor property management, lack of responsibility for mistakes, and an absence of effective communication, especially for out-of-state property owners. Complaints include landlords being pressured into unfavorable leases, lack of regular property inspections, and failure to handle issues, such as unauthorized lease renewals and insufficient move-out coordination. On the other hand, sentiments from satisfied customers highlight commendable leasing agents who provide valuable services, including thorough tenant placement, advance rent collection, professional and knowledgeable interactions, and efficient handling of rental listings. These polarized experiences suggest an inconsistency in Renters Warehouse's service quality, contingent on individual agents' performance and adherence to company practices.

Positive Feedback

Among the positive feedback for Renters Warehouse, several key themes emerge. Customers have praised certain leasing agents for their exceptional service, including thorough tenant screenings, professional demeanor, consistency, and timeliness. Agents like Chris Cunningham, Glenn Jones, and Rod Sanders receive singular acclaim for their efforts, with customer experiences emphasizing their ability to secure tenants quickly, apt management of properties, and attentive customer service. These positive interactions often reflect scenarios where the agent not only met but surpassed client expectations, as with obtaining advance payments of rent or facilitating seamless rental processes. The convenience of technology, like electronic signature tools, also garners appreciation, adding to the smoother transaction experiences brokered by capable agents.

Concerns and Threads

Negative customer experiences with Renters Warehouse are notably impactful. A prevailing theme among dissatisfied customers is a sense of mismanagement and lack of consideration for the client's interests. Issues include inappropriate tenant placement, where unqualified renters are allegedly chosen, and poor handling of property management duties, such as the absence of regular inspections and inadequate responses to property damage. Communications with the company are described as challenging, sometimes leading to significant oversights like neglecting to honor a lease or charging unwarranted fees. Moreover, some clients find that the company's actions, like withholding security deposits without justification or charging application fees for unavailable properties, are disreputable. These grievances suggest systemic problems within certain facets of the company's operations, potentially undermining its reliability.

Frequently asked questions about Renters Warehouse

How does Renters Warehouse ensure quality tenants?

Renters Warehouse advertises comprehensive tenant screening processes through its leasing agents. However, some customer feedback indicates variability in the thoroughness and effectiveness of these screenings, suggesting that your experience may vary depending on the specific agent managing your rental.

Can I expect Renters Warehouse to manage all aspects of my property?

While Renters Warehouse offers property management services, some reviews suggest that the level of involvement and quality of management may not always meet expectations. It is advised to clearly communicate your requirements and expectations with your assigned agent.

What can I expect if I need to contact Renters Warehouse regarding issues with my rental?

What are customers saying about Renters Warehouse

Renters Warehouse
Chareva Cleveland
a year ago
Horrible company! My family and I was renting a home for almost 4 years just to be told randomly one day the owners wanted to Sell. Apparently they had us sign another year lease that wasn’t honored by the owners. Instead of being honest about this mistake early on they waited until the last minute and we had to move . They tried to force us to sign a new monthly lease to Avoid telling the homeowners what happened. They didn’t cover moving expenses or compensate us for the huge inconvenience. They gave us the security deposit back “early” but we were gonna get that anyway because the property was well taken care of. No money for application fees either! All We got was a letter of recommendation that’s not even signed. The letterhead of the business wasn’t even on the letter. I had to make it myself so the letter looked official otherwise it was just an email typed up. We are still Looking to take legal action. Don’t trust Renters Warehouse ! They don’t even deserve the one star !
Renters Warehouse
Mahelet Tilaye
7 months ago
Do not hire. Back to back bad tenant placed in my property. They push landlords into 3 year leases with unqualified tenants under the guise they are qualified just so they can get more money up front. Nobody every checks on your property...ever! If an issue comes up they just call a service company, same as anyone can do. They have no affiliate relationships or handy people on retainer. I've had to do so much to manage my property while they are being paid. So disappointed.
Renters Warehouse
Brynn Alexander
a year ago
Horrible experience for us. We are military family and we had them since 2017 for our townhouse in Northern Virginia. They are very difficult to get a hold of and they have never been in the house even after the upstairs got flooded. They seem like a great company until issues come up.This year instead of renewing we decided to go to another management company. We notified them in June and the lease was over September 1st. They took a renewal fee anyways and they have not returned the tenant security deposit nor the copy of the keys. I have called and emailed as well has our new property manager. Please if you live out of state do not choose this company. I have no idea what condition my property is in because they do not do anything but take your money.
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