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Published on
January 24, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Regain Hearing Eltham?

The overall reputation of Regain Hearing - Eltham appears to be highly positive based on the latest customer reviews. A recurrent theme is the professionalism and expertise displayed by audiologists, particularly highlighted with Maxine and Christian Tadman earning specific commendations. The detailed explanations given by the audiologists during the assessments and procedures contribute substantially to the patients' comfort and understanding, instilling confidence in the services provided. Notably, the welcoming and accommodating nature of the support staff, from receptionists to phone service, has left a favorable impression. The environment is described as clean and comfortable, an essential aspect of customer satisfaction within healthcare facilities. The emphasis on technology and visual presentation during procedures, especially micro suction and examination using large screens, has been well received for its educational value and reassurance. While punctuality could be improved, as one appointment started late, the affiliation of comfort measures such as offering tea highlights customer care beyond the immediate clinical experience. Overall, the customer experience is characterized by friendly, personal engagement and a patient-focused approach, suggestive of a strong commitment to service quality.

Positive Feedback

Regain Hearing - Eltham excels in delivering a first-class customer experience with several strengths identified in customer feedback. Key positive aspects include the high level of professionalism and the thoroughness of assessments carried out by the audiologists. Customers have expressed particular appreciation for the detailed explanations provided, aiding their understanding of the hearing assessment process. Compliments have been directed toward the use of advanced technology allowing customers to visibly gauge the before and after results of treatments, which enhances the customer experience and trust in the service. Reception and support staff contribute positively to the company's reputation through their friendliness and readiness to assist, offering drinks and accommodating inquiries with a smile. The clean and comfortable setting of the premises contributes to an overall positive environment. Moreover, the value is seen in reasonable pricing for the treatments, indicating that the company successfully balances quality service with cost-effectiveness, contributing to customer satisfaction and high recommendations.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positivity of customer feedback, there are a few areas where Regain Hearing - Eltham shows room for improvement. One notable point is the punctuality of appointments, with a review mentioning a slight delay in starting time. While the impact of this was mitigated by hospitable gestures such as offering tea, timeliness remains an essential part of service delivery. Another aspect that is indirectly implied through the otherwise positive responses is the necessity of consistent high-quality service; the repeat visits and personal endorsements of staff members indicate that maintaining this level of service across all operational facets is critical. Nevertheless, these concerns are minor and do not detract significantly from the company's overall strong performance in terms of customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Regain Hearing Eltham

What services does Regain Hearing - Eltham offer?

Regain Hearing - Eltham specializes in hearing assessments and ear wax removal, including micro suction. The clinic utilizes advanced diagnostic technology to provide detailed examinations and treatments.

Can you explain the cleaning process for ear wax removal?

Ear wax removal at Regain Hearing is typically performed using micro suction, which is a safe and quick procedure. The process is explained thoroughly by the audiologists, and customers can view the results on a screen, ensuring comfort and understanding.

Are the staff at Regain Hearing qualified and experienced?

Yes, the audiologists at Regain Hearing, like Maxine and Christian Tadman, come highly recommended by customers for their thoroughness, professionalism, and the ability to explain procedures in detail. The support staff are also praised for their welcoming and helpful demeanor.

What are customers saying about Regain Hearing Eltham

Regain Hearing Eltham
Paul McCartney
a month ago
I arrived for my annual post-sales hearing assessment and was greeted by Maxine, who proved to be outstanding with regards to all aspects of my appointment. Deep seated wax was removed from both ears (painless!) before very thorough hearing tests were conducted. Maxine explained the results in detail and throughout maintained a friendly but professional demeanour. Regain Hearing continues to offer first-class service and comes highly recommended.
Regain Hearing Eltham
Annemarie Hayes
a week ago
The appointment was a little late starting, but I was offered tea by the receptionist. My appointment was thorough, professional but friendly. The process has only just started for me, so I cannot give an opinion as to how things will proceed, But I’m happy with the service up to now
Regain Hearing Eltham
Brenda Dunnett
3 months ago
This was my first visit to Regain Eltham - my consultant Maxine was absolutely brilliant - explained everything perfectly to me, put me at ease, the technology used was amazing. Before and after photos of my ears (with and without wax) - I was blown away by the care and expertise. Can recommend 100%. I have already booked my next check in 6 months time. Thank you for such good care and complete satisfaction.
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Welcome to our award-winning, family-run audiology practice, offering a range of services including hearing tests, tinnitus consultations and ear wax removal.As an independent audiology clinic, we have access to every make, model, and style of hearing aids available. Immerse yourself in some of the clearest and most advanced hearing products on the market, all finely tuned by our highly qualified audiologists.If you're already using hearing aids, our state-of-the-art equipment can evaluate their performance. This allows us to provide you with an ideal solution, skillfully customised to your needs, so you can experience the remarkable difference.Suffering from the challenges of tinnitus and seeking relief? Call us to find out more!