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Published on
February 12, 2024
Last updated
February 12, 2024

What customers think about Puregym

The overall company reputation of PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange, as derived from the reviews, reflects a mixed customer experience. The gym is commended for its size, space, and the variety of equipment available. Users appreciate the facility's cleanliness, modern equipment, and the ease of membership management through the app. The staff is generally portrayed as nice and accommodating, offering gym tours and maintaining a welcoming environment. However, there is noticeable dissatisfaction regarding certain aspects, such as the lack of gym etiquette enforcement and the gym being oversubscribed leading to overcrowdedness. The most severe criticisms pertain to the gym's cleanliness standards, with reports of unaddressed debris and unpleasant odors, as well as the malfunctioning showers that present both comfort and safety concerns. Technical issues with internet reception and customer service problems, including perceived staff mistreatment, also tarnish the gym's reputation.


Positive aspects of PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange highlighted by customer feedback include praise for its spaciousness and extensive range of equipment. The gym's cleanliness and state of the equipment are well-regarded, contributing to a good workout experience. The introduction of an app for easy subscription and cancellation appears to streamline the administrative experience. Additionally, the gym's availability as a 24-hour facility and the recent refurbishment improve its attractiveness. Staff members are considered welcoming, enhancing the gym's appeal as a comfortable space for regular workouts, and the gym's sense of community is appreciated.


The negative aspects of customer experience at PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange primarily focus on issues of infrastructure and customer service. Several reviews highlight serious concerns with cleanliness and maintenance, citing instances of persistent debris and unpleasant smells. Complaints about the quality of showers and their erratic temperatures add a layer of discomfort and potential risk. Overcrowding is also a significant downside, with challenges in accessing desired equipment during peak hours. A lack of gym etiquette and insufficient availability of free weights exacerbate this issue. Finally, there is dissatisfaction with internet connectivity within the facility, impacting members' workout routines, and reports of poor customer service, including unhelpful staff behavior and inefficient complaint handling, complete the picture of the gym's shortcomings.

Frequently asked questions about Puregym

Is there a trial membership available at PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange?

Yes, PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange offers short-term memberships, such as a 3-day pass for those who want to try out the facilities before committing to a longer membership.

Can I manage my membership through an app?

Absolutely. Membership subscriptions and cancellations at PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange can be handled conveniently through their dedicated app, leading to a hassle-free experience for most members.

Are there any peak hours or times when the gym is particularly crowded?

Based on customer feedback, the gym tends to become exceedingly busy between 8am to 10pm, so it might be worth considering visiting outside these hours if you're looking for a quieter workout environment or to ensure better access to equipment.

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Philip Priest
2 weeks ago
I'm a big gym goer and been to many gyms around the world as I travel for a living. I must say I was very impressed by the exchange branch, bought a 3 day membership and was impressed by the size and space, variety of equipment and friendly clientele. Well done
3 months ago
The gym is clean and extremely big. Equipment is all in great condition. Staff was nice. Subscribing to membership and cancellation both were via the app, quick and easy. There was no hassle when cancelling the membership as well. Staff is happy to give gym tour if you ask.
Olivia Y
9 months ago
The gym has got all the equipment that I need however, the cleanliness level can easily be improved. The tissue in the attached picture has been there for at least 2weeks. I have left this gym and joined Virgin for a year just because of the cleanliness issue. Maybe adding some odour scent killer will help make your clients more comfortable.
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Get way more than you pay for at PureGym Manchester Urban Exchange! Open 24/7, we offer a range of low cost, no contract memberships and over 220+ pieces of high quality gym kit - and fitness classes are included in your membership! Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, classes, or more, we have everything you need to keep fit. Need help achieving your fitness goals? Our friendly team of Personal Trainers can help.