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Published on
March 26, 2024
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March 26, 2024

What do customers think about Primary Services?

Primary Services boasts a commendable reputation based on the latest reviews, which highlight the company's strong commitment to ethics, transparency, and diligence throughout the hiring process. The feedback consistently portrays a supportive and efficient onboarding experience, underscored by personalized attention from staff members who go above and beyond to match candidates with roles that suit their talents and work schedules. Team members, including Tony, Marlene, Sally, Attiya, and Casi are frequently commended for their proactive approach and willingness to provide comprehensive coaching and advice. While most reviews are distinctly positive, noting the company's ability to foster candidate confidence and provide successful job placements, there is an isolated instance of dissatisfaction due to alleged miscommunication and perceived lack of support from one of the staff members, resulting in termination of employment.

Positive Feedback

The positive aspects of Primary Services are highlighted through the lens of the customer experience. Candidates emphasize the individualized care they receive from staff members who not only understand their needs and abilities but actively strive to ensure a successful job match. The employee-centric approach is illustrated by frequent mentions of the coaching provided for interviews and the quick execution of onboarding processes. Moreover, the staff's responsiveness and eagerness to impart useful tools and resources instill confidence in candidates while preparing them effectively for their roles. Accessibility and clear communication throughout the collaboration period with Primary Services stand out as significant attributes that have contributed to a high level of customer satisfaction and recommendability among community job seekers.

Concerns and Threads

Despite numerous positive reviews, Primary Services has had at least one account of negative experience that tainted a previously favorable impression of the company. In this detailed account, the former employee criticizes the company for a decline in support and accused one team member of manipulative conduct that led to their termination. This individual felt misrepresented and unsupported when they attempted to voice concerns or request assistance during critical times, and they believed that their dedication and track record of contributions to the company were overlooked. Such a perspective raises questions about consistency in quality of support provided by different team members and suggests potential areas for improvement regarding employee retention and management practices.

Frequently asked questions about Primary Services

How does Primary Services tailor the job search to individual candidates?

Primary Services is praised for its personalized approach, with staff spending considerable time understanding the candidate's talents, interests, and work schedules to match them with suitable roles. They also offer interview coaching to maximize the candidate's potential.

Can I rely on Primary Services for support throughout the hiring process?

Reviews suggest a reliable and ethical hiring process with strong support from the onboarding team. Potential candidates can expect proactive communication, comprehensive preparation, and ongoing assistance during the hiring and onboarding stages.

Are there any known issues with the staff or support at Primary Services?

While most reviews are positive regarding the staff's performance, issues such as perceived lack of advocacy or support by specific team members have been noted. However, these seem to be isolated incidents rather than widespread concerns.

What are customers saying about Primary Services

Primary Services
Pedro Parra
a week ago
I have had the best experience in the hiring process ever !. There were 3 persons involved in the process, all of them went above and beyond to make this possible. I would highly recommend this company because they earn my trust by been transparent and diligent throughout the whole process. I consider that this company's biggest strength is theirs ethics. I am grateful for having them supporting me. Primary Service is without doubt a great company !
Primary Services
Briley Beard
a month ago
Wow! Words cannot express how much I enjoyed working with Tony at Primary Services. He truly made it his mission to find me a role that best suited my talents and abilities. He spent ample time learning about me and my interests and strove to give me the tools necessary to succeed. Tony deserves all of the praise! I will be going straight to him the second I am hunting for a job again. Thank you, Primary Services!
Primary Services
Isdarely Valdez
2 weeks ago
I would absolutely recommend Primary! In specific Marlene whom has been extremely helpful and has found the perfect job for me. She looks out for you and communicates very well. She listens to you and what it is that you are seeking to best accommodate you! Thank you Marlene!!
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