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Published on
March 15, 2024
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March 15, 2024

What do customers think about Olympic Spa?

Olympic Spa's reputation as a high-quality Korean spa in Los Angeles is consistently echoed in customer reviews. The establishment is praised for its clean facilities, excellent customer service, and exceptional massages, particularly the shiatsu. Upgrades post-pandemic have provided a refreshing touch, though some patrons miss the previously-available cafe and mugwort bath. A theme of relatively high prices surfaces frequently, with the price tag being more acceptable for some given the quality of services. However, a recurring issue noted is the mandatory 20% gratuity not mentioned on the website. There have been instances noted where services did not meet expectations, with some customers dissatisfied with the lack or roughness of certain treatments. Furthermore, concerns about cultural sensitivity and customer experience continuity suggest room for improvement. The customer base is varied, and the spa's efforts to create a serene environment, including shushing for quietude, have been met with mixed reactions.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of the Olympic Spa experience include high praise for the cleanliness of the space, unmatched amenities, and high service quality, especially regarding massages. Patrons appreciate various updated features such as the outdoor veranda, cold rooms, and complimentary snacks and infused water made available post-pandemic enhancements. The spa's environment is seen as not too crowded with easy parking contributing to a hassle-free visit. Furthermore, the appreciation of mandatory gratuity highlights a convenience for those who seldom carry cash. The professional and friendly staff extend from parking attendants to masseuses, enhancing the overall positive ambiance of the spa.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Olympic Spa often revolves around the disappointing discontinuation of certain amenities, such as the cafe and the mugwort bath. Some customers have experienced services as rough and not relaxing, while overpriced treatments, like facials, have left clients feeling underwhelmed. There are reports of inconsistent application of the quieting rule, with instances where the 'shushing' was perceived as targeting certain groups, specifically women of color, raising concerns about potential bias. Additionally, the lack of response from management regarding these experiences has been a source of frustration. Compulsory gratuity, not prominently disclosed on the official website, combined with a lack of flexibility for using the facilities without booking a service, have contributed to the sense of dissatisfaction for some visitors.

Frequently asked questions about Olympic Spa

Is there a café or restaurant available at Olympic Spa?

Currently, Olympic Spa does not have a café or restaurant on site. Patrons may bring food or order external delivery but will need to meet their delivery drivers personally.

What types of amenities can I expect at Olympic Spa?

Olympic Spa offers a variety of amenities including a jacuzzi, salt sauna room, hot red light oxygen room, an outdoor veranda, and light snack stations with infused water. However, some amenities like the mugwort bath may no longer be available.

Does Olympic Spa require a service booking for facility use?

Yes, Olympic Spa currently requires patrons to book a service in order to use the spa facilities, a change implemented post-pandemic.

What are customers saying about Olympic Spa

Olympic Spa
Megan Williams-Lee
2 months ago
I enjoy this spa but miss the cafe and mugwort bath. Reading the other reviews are very accurate. We also notice they randomly shush people so shouldn’t be offended. It’s easy to find light conversation but sublime quiet is the best part of the experience. All sorts of woman come here and I love that, but it has become more and more pricey. Quality is high.
Olympic Spa
Helen Heinks
2 months ago
The highest quality Korean spa in LA. The prices are high to match, and you can get a better deal at other spas, but the amenities at Olympic are unmatched. The space is clean and the customer service is fantastic. You can get the same quality Korean body scrub at another spa, but the massages are at Olympic are unmatched and are totally worth it. The shiatsu is my favorite. There is a mandatory 20% gratuity that is not included in the prices on the website.
Olympic Spa
Rachel Chiang
a month ago
smaller, but quiet, clean, and relaxing. sometimes not all of their rooms are available. for example their salt rooms weren’t open when i went. food court is never open, but free little snacks like fruit infused water pretzels granola bars! prefer this place over wi spa
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About Olympic Spa

The original Korean all female day spa in Los Angeles. Try our jade steam sauna, oxygen detox sauna and himalayan salt chamber. Famous for its body treatments and massages. Remodeled and expanded.